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Jan 14, 2013 4:53am
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A lot of users in the maintenance of ink jet equipment, only pay attention to maintenance machinery itself, but ignore the ink cartridge. In fact cartridge is a high technology content of products. We want to ink cartridge peace “live” to it’s birthday limit, you need to take it to the maintenance. In fact ink-jet printer ink cartridge and the service life, not only the quality of its own, and at the same time and tell us how at ordinary times is “treat” relationship.

The length of the human life, first of all, and our living environment has a great relationship. toner cartridge is the same, the use of ink cartridge length of life, the most basic depends on the working environment. If a long time in damp working environment, ink print nozzle will most likely from corrosion, will seriously affect print effect and cartridge life, in the low temperature drying conditions, the operation of machinery for oil dry and appear not smooth.. So, work environment from the temperature requirements. In addition, the work environment change shoulds not be too fast, or parts of the heat bilges cold shrink effect also can cause mechanical parts wear too much, especially the ink cartridge plastic components and nozzle aperture produce changes will also affect the effect of printing.

Ink is important to “maintain” to such as porosity and nozzle. The ink cartridge porosity and nozzle are easy to jam, so use of ink-jet printer, in order to protect the ink cartridge, had better be in no dust or dustfall minimum environment, but also to keep the environment clean, in addition, printing paper also need to keep clean and dry surface. So, want to try to make the printer in the clean environment work.

There are many users may not have realized, ink cartridge replacement also influence the service life of the printer. When the ink light show run out of ink cartridge, but not sure you want to replace the new cartridge before, had better not take the old cartridge, because although the old cartridge can’t print job, but ACTS as a barrier dust into the “cover” can. The author here again to remind you, dust is cartridge first killer! Even if a clean environment, also can have dust fall, so the printer if not print, generally in a week should boot time, the purpose is to prevent dust and nozzle place stay ink produce solidification phenomenon. When are you sure you want to change the ink cartridge, in order to guarantee the ink will not leak, please tear the new cartridge hole seal (namely yellow sticker), but must not optional the other place. Then make sure that each hole completely clear. Change the ink cartridge button after ink cartridge clip, according to the cleaning process is complete until the key filling ink is ok.

Install the new cartridge, “nozzle testing” is not omit steps, meets the test print pattern break or a color display a proof, still need to cleaning the print head, or print pattern will serious partial color even lack of color. In addition, once the ink cartridge into the printer, don’t easily to take out its, because in the process of take out ink cartridge, the air may enter the ink cartridge into the printer mouth, when again, the air will be drawn into the print head and make the print appear blank, like the doctor gave the patient an injection before will discharge the air in the needle, or liquid can’t well as injection.

Then, the author put forward the ink cartridge friends kept a personal opinion.

1. New buy not kaifeng’s ink: newly purchased ink cartridge is sealed package, the best place in the sunless shade, shelf life of the general packaging said, there will be a year or even longer. The ink cartridge is in liquid exist, flow is the basic attribute of liquid, so in place, should is put, avoid inverted, inversion can cause nozzle place ink is insufficient, can affect in ink mount unit printing effect.

2. Already open ink: this kind of situation should be less, general is in use process change down the ink cartridge but unused. At this time, you’d better find a a sealed box the ink cartridges are made to put good, but not place too long, the ink is liquid chemicals that evaporation or contact with air and metamorphism, may cause nozzle blockage.

3. In addition, the printer in the long-distance move or transport process, should try to maintain a level, it’s best to stay in printer cartridges and fixed in the tape. Avoid by all means to prevent the extrusion collision and inversion.

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Forums Applications The practical skills cartridge maintenance methods

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