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Dec 27, 2012 3:41am
User_img_not_found_03_med ssigeamd 9 posts

Whether Arsenal winter window signings? Recent stance on Wenger gun fans do not hold valid too much hope this. Whether to sell the people? The answer is relatively sure. According to the “Mirror”, “Daily Mail” News, Arshavin leaving the team has entered the countdown stage. At the same time, Arsenal still seek Chamakh and quickly deal with.
Arshavin worth 15 million pounds in January 2009 from Zenit switch to Arsenal, came to the Premiership giants after Arshavin had once with an outstanding performance against Liverpool Luckiest Man until today will gun fans relish. However, more often, Arshavin failed to hit its status to the level of phase contrast.
Salary paid for Arshavin Arsenal called the squad’s top (Note: “Mirror”, the weekly earnings of £ 90,000, the “Daily Mail”, compared with 85,000 pounds), and his contract with Arsenal will be Mingxia maturity. In order to save money, and let the players extricate himself from the predicament, Arsenal decided to proceed with the sale of its intention to acquire the most concentrated Club is the season deep Premiership relegation mire Reading.
The Reading boss of Russian wealthy Anton – Singa Tipsarevic, he very much hope that Russia’s number one player able to Redding and help the team to complete the a relegation great cause (Note: Reading is currently ranked 19), Reading’s bid for £ 4,000,000, Arsenal asking price of £ 5,000,000, the differences between the two sides. However, the Daily Mail also pointed Zenit still take a wait-and-see attitude on the acquisition of Arshavin, Fulham is also true, can not exclude the possibility of these two clubs later bid.
Regardless of the “Daily Mail” or “Mirror”, reports are there mentioned, chamak also Arsenal players urgently deal with Moroccan striker weekly earnings of £ 60,000 the number of clubs want to sign him many, were: Juventus, Bordeaux, Florence, West Ham, Norwich, Cardiff City. Chamakh can get so many clubs favor, this is weird, after all, he is this season in the Premiership far failed to playing Champions touches battle 1, 0 goals 0 assists.
In addition, “Mirror” There are disclosed, Arsenal and Chelsea are watching Zambian striker grade Houweisongzu, now 23 years old, his upcoming expedition next January’s African Cup of Nations on behalf of the Zambian national team. Now, however, a more promising the Songzu snare is Reading McDermott, the team coach, is now himself said: “He m