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Dec 24, 2012 3:59am
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How do I find lost iPhone backup password? I forgot my “find my iPhone password” and my iPod touch is locked. I try to restore it on my iTunes but I won’t let me.
Help ME PLEASE!!!!! What can I do? I tried several times and I set to disable mode…

This connect / freeze / restore cycle goes on a few times. Finally yippee! The apple logo comes up and I have a nice newly restored iPhone.  Next step is to change encrypt iPhone backup password to restore from my backups so I can get my pictures back… what? ... Where the backup of my pictures? Where is my app data? Where are my videos?  *!!! The most recent idevice backup password were made during the connection, restore, freeze cycle so no data.  (Oh, but it was smart enough to save my iTunes, no music lost.  Effecting GREAT! Just what I need)

Every time I plugged the iPhone in at the end of the day, I see the sync and backup notifications so I think all is well. WELL ITS NOT!  A year of family photos and videos lost, gone, erased, overwritten.

There must be a way….I know that when something gets deleted, iPhone backup password does not really get deleted, just the OS marks that space as available for use.  I’ll use a file recovery program!!! Yeah!   So I run the tool, recover a few folders in the users\appdata\roaming\apple computer\mobile sync\backup folder.  One of them has 167 files and is 92 MB (the recent backup folders are only 9mb) this must be the one I will restore it!  Saved!  Not so fast, I restore the folder but have no way to the encrypted iPhone backup point to this folder as the backup to use.

Now, take it easy, things will be easy if we refer to pro iPhone Backup Password Recovery tool. If we did backup before lost data, the application will help us find lost pictures, contact address, videos, and etc important files for us. Have a look at the following steps to open iPhone backup.   

1: Get tool “Tenorshare iPhone Backup Password Recovery” from site http://www.windowspasswordsrecovery.com/product…, set it up and run it. The software will guide you find backup password for iPod and import your saved iPhone backup password incorrect file firstly.

2: Choose your right Attack Type and do the appropriate settings

Totally, there are 3 modes to select: Brute-force Attack (try all possible character combinations), Brute-force with Mask Attack (If you know some symbols of the password) and Dictionary Attack (your own dictionary or use import default dictionary)

3: Change iPhone backup password iTunes 

After choose your suitable attack mode, you then cost the least time to find password and get lost data on your phone!

Now, how to remove iPhone backup password from iTunes should never be annoying for our Apple users! Just pick the professional iPhone Backup Password Unlocker software, to retrieve lost iPhone backup password will likely be OK!

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Forums Applications how to reset encrypted iPhone backup

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