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Dec 20, 2012 7:43pm
Medium lingzi 1454 posts

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have placed linebacker Abraham Kromah and wide
receiver Jordan Sisco on the nine-game injured list. Haloti Ngata Elite Jersey . The team
announced the moves on Wednesday. Both players were hurt during the Roughriders
24-5 loss to the B.C. Lions in Vancouver on Sunday. The team said that Kromah
suffered a fractured right fibula, while Sisco fractured his right scaphoid. The
team also announced on Wednesday that they have added non-import wide receiver
Aaron Hargreaves to the clubs practice roster. The Riders return home with a 3-4
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Blocks – The Cardinals defence showed a lot of improvement as last season went
along. Ray Rice Elite Jersey . “Youve got two teams
that have been in the league forever,” said Wendel Clark, who is among the
former players lined up to represent the Maple Leafs. “Its a great idea to have
the second one to open up the option to have more guys to be a part of it. http://www.nflravensfansstore.com/nike-torrey-smith-Ravens-jersey/
. 14, 2012. Ghoneim, a first-year liberal arts student from Toronto, scored six
of the Lions eight goals last week as York posted back-to-back shutout wins over
UOIT, 2-0, and Brock, 6-0. The 5-foot-7 forward accounted for all the scoring
last Wednesday against the Ridgebacks, and then exploded for four goals on
Sunday against the Badgers, including a natural hat trick with the matchs first
three markers. Ed Reed Authentic Jersey . The English were
fortunate to take Sundays quarterfinal match to a penalty shootout, which they
lost, after being outclassed in Kyiv. It wasnt an isolated incident. Despite
holding France and beating Sweden and Ukraine, England spent a great deal of
time on the back foot at Euro 2012. Jacoby Jones Camo Jersey . The Oceanic
(2-0-0) trailed 3-0 midway through the second period, but goals from Peter
Trainor, Loiseau and Francis Beauvillier tied the game and forced overtime. The
shootout was scoreless through three rounds before Loiseau scored the winner in
the fourth.So the word is out: the Raptors want Rudy Gay. While its hardly news
to anyone that follows the Raptors that they are willing to sell their pick in
the upcoming draft to secure a veteran talent at small forward, the internet was
abuzz yesterday when Gays name was linked to the Raptors by ESPNs Marc Stein and
Chad Ford in a late-afternoon blog post. Gay is rumored to be on the trading
block this offseason after he failed to mesh with the style of play that drove
Memphis to their unexpected Playoff success in 2011, which Gay missed while he
was rehabbing a season-ending shoulder injury. Gay has the most lucrative deal
on the Grizzlies roster (with $53.7-million owing over the next three years) and
for a team that is highly reluctant to pay the leagues luxury tax, his salary
may simply not make sense for them going forward. Right now the Grizzlies have
three players that make in excess of $10-million per season (Gay, Zach Randolph
and Marc Gasol), with point guard Mike Conley just a notch below that threshold.
In todays NBA, under the new, more restrictive collective bargaining agreement,
that simply isnt tenable for a club that isnt on the precipice of winning an NBA
title. Plus, Memphis has three key free agents to deal with this summer
(O.J. Mayo, Darrell Arthur and Marreese Speights) and lots of little holes up
and down their roster that could use some attention. Shedding Gays salary would
go a long way towards easing the financial burden being felt in Memphis right
now, and it is expected that, as much as anything, cap relief is a must for any
deal involving Rudy Gay. The Raptors, then, are uniquely poised to acquire Gay,
because they have just under $12-million in cap space right now, a decent
lottery pick and some cheap assets that they can use to fill out an offer. If
they hand Memphis their eighth pick, Ed Davis, James Johnson and Solomon Alabi,
the Raptors dont lose any of their key roster pieces and Memphis gets some
flexibility and young assets to play with and evaluate. The Grizzlies can choose
to keep or ditch certain free agents based on the incoming players and they get
a lot of breathing room between their salary obligations and the luxury tax. Its
possible the deal could include one of Torontos pricier players (like
Amir Johnson, Jose Calderon or Linas Kleiza) if Memphis took a shine to any of
them, and its also possible Toronto could package their two second round picks
for the 25th pick that Memphis owns, but thats all speculation and not really
worth breaking down at this point. Just know that there are lots of workable
combinations that these teams could manufacture if they are motivated to get a
deal done before the draft. And make no mistake, both sides would want this done
before the draft. On the one hand, Toronto wants to configure this deal under
Gays 2011-12 salary of $15-million, not the $16.5-million figure that kicks in
after July 1st. While obviously they would have to pay his future salary
regardless, they dont want to have to find more salary ballasts to make the deal
work. Memphis, too, would want this done before June 28th because they would
want to be the ones making the eighth pick on draft night. Thats why, one way or
another, were going to know whether or not this deal gets done within the next
21 days. Now comes the question that haunted my Twitter feed yesterday: Should
the Raptors make this deal? Well, thats a difficult question to answer,
especially without knowing the specifics of what would be going out and what
would be coming back in any configuration. All you can really speculate on is a)
Does Gay fit the Raptors? b) Is his salary too onerous to take on? Or c) Is he a
better option going forward than whomever the club could select with their
eighth pick? So, lets break it down. Gay definitely fits this Raptors squad, and
would yield immediate results if he were brought on board. Hes averaged nearly
20 points per game over the last four years, he can create hiss own shot off of
the dribble, he can hit shots from anywhere on the floor and he is an underrated
defender on the wing. Joe Flacco Camo Jersey. The Raptors
desperately need a player that can pull defenses off of Andrea Bargnani, that
can hit the three and can operate with the ball in his hands at the end of games
- all of which Gay can do. Hed also allow DeMar DeRozan to slide into the third
scorers role and would make Torontos wing position as athletic as its been since
the late 90s. That salary, though, is gruesome. $16.5-million next year,
$17.9-million in 2013-14 and $19.3-million in 2014-15. He would be making 50 per
cent more than the next richest Raptor going forward (Bargnani), and that
disparity only increases over the life of the deal. Understand, there is a
reason such a talented player is on the trading block, and this is it. Heres
what Ill offer as a counterpoint, though. Bargnani, relative to his production,
is a bargain. Well, actually hes probably paid exactly what he should be paid,
but on the open market hed be paid more. Put it this way, if Danilo Gallinari is
making the same money as Bargnani, then Bargnani is a bargain. Him, combined
with the rookie-scale deal of Jonas Valanciunas, help balance-out the cap debt
of Torontos frontcourt with Rudy Gay on board. It doesnt totally account for
Gays astronomical contract, but it makes it (a little) easier to swallow.
Basically, acquiring talent that you didnt draft is expensive. Thats always the
hard choice for a team in Torontos position. You want to take the next step as a
franchise, but to do that you need an injection of talent, and that usually
means signing or trading for an expensive asset. There are thresholds that make
such expenditures prohibitive, and one could make a compelling argument that Gay
crosses that threshold, but in my eyes his fit is so ideal (and not everyone
will agree with that sentiment) that I can see the logic behind Torontos pursuit
of him in a trade. Which brings us to the eighth pick—the one asset that
would almost assuredly need to be in any deal involving Gay and the Raptors.
This becomes a philosophical debate, one that revolves around the seductiveness
of building through the draft—of having those highly-valued rookie-scale
contracts on the books and hoping that each pick pans out—set against the
reality that the draft offers no guarantees and that every serious franchise
needs a healthy mix of young talent and veterans. People will argue until theyre
blue in the face that one way or the other is the only way to go, but the truth
is that both are gambles and neither one is guaranteed to pay off. As an
organization you have to make certain choices, certain sacrifices, and make sure
that those decisions are part of a logical, well-established plan of attack that
has subsequent steps in place to justify them. I know that there is no one at
the eighth pick that Im in love with, but I would have said the same thing in
2006 when Rudy Gay was selected there. So take that for what you will. Until we
know more specifics about whats actually on the table for this potential deal,
theres no point in breaking it down any further. There are potential parts of
this deal that make tons of sense for the Raptors and there are potential parts
that make a lot less sense, and its in the minutia that those distinctions will
be revealed if such a trade is ever consummated. Colangelo, though, has a
history in Toronto of forcing deals through when he becomes fixated on them (and
some wound up being very poor pursuits in the end), and if hes fixated on
bringing Gay to Toronto, you can expect him to fight tooth-and-nail to make that
happen. If he wildly overpays for Gay, or any asset, then these last two years
of patience and development may wind up having been for naught. If he can
manufacture a mutually-beneficial trade, though, then the Raptors could take a
serious step forward next season. Well find out which way this all plays out in
21 days. Stay tuned. ’ ’ ’ 

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