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Oct 9, 2007 8:44am
Img_missing_medium mineson 2 posts

I’ve had some trouble installing/downloading the buglabs package from the software updates menu. Please forgive me for not having the details in front of me (I’m on the train now) but all day long on Friday the eclipse installer was trying to download com.buglabs.kernel package and it never finished.

I’m running on 32 bit vista home premium on a core 2 duo laptop with 2GB ram. I got through the eclipse 3.3 and jdk 1.6 installs fine, added the (non-sdk) graphics package and tried to download buglabs without restarting eclipse. that was running in the background when it raised an error about buglabs.kernel, so I restarted eclipse and tried it again in the foreground which is where it would now hang indefinately on downloading the same kernel package.

So, did I mess it up by not restarting/rebooting? Is there some file I need to clear out before trying again? Do I need to add buglabs/bugbeta to my ‘trusted sites’ or some other MS port manipulation? Was Friday just a bad server day?


Oct 10, 2007 11:28pm
Medium Bug Labs team kgilmer 215 posts


:) Hmm, not sure why you are having trouble installing the SDK. I know there is some work involved in telling Vista to let Eclipse get to the internet. Perhaps firewall settings? You can verify network connectivity to our site by loading http://buglabs.net/sdk/current/site.xml from a browser. If you see an XML document you can be pretty sure it’s not a network issue. LMK if turning off the Vista firewall does not resolve your problem.

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Forums BUG SDK Buglabs kernel package download fails (vista 32 )