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Mar 20, 2008 9:52am
Img_missing_medium tevslin 16 posts

When I launch a virtual bug from the SDK (32 bit Windows XP version), it usually is non-responsive. Clicking on it causes Windows to complain that the task is not responding. However, if I type anything into the console window – even an invalid command – the virtual bug is susbsequently alive and responsive.

Is this something I’m doing wrong or a a "feature" of the SDK used with Windows?

Mar 20, 2008 4:35pm
Medium Bug Labs team agordon 74 posts

Hi, Tom.

We’ll take a look at it here and get back to you.

Mar 21, 2008 12:53pm
Medium Bug Labs team agordon 74 posts

Do you know which build of the SDK you have installed, Tom? If you followed the installation guide on our wiki you probably have the latest "Test" build.

Perhaps you should, for the moment, try switching to the latest Integration build, which is what our development team runs. To do this, uninstall Eclipse then go through the steps listed on the installation guide again, this time using "http://www.buglabs.net/sdk/integration/current/" in step B5 rather than the "testing" URL that's given on that page. You may want to name your Update Site "BUG Integration" or something like that in step B4, to leave a visual clue for next time you go into the configs.

Currently, our latest Integration build is #1512, built March 19th.
Mar 21, 2008 9:40pm
Medium Bug Labs team agordon 74 posts

Tom, please disregard my previous post about moving to Integration. There’s now a new Test build on the updatesite that may work better for you than transitioning over to Integration.

To upgrade:

  • Start Eclipse
  • Go to Help > Software Updates > Find and install…
  • Click Search for new features to install, then click Next
  • Make sure that your BUG SDK field is selected, then click Finish
  • Under "Select features to install", click on Dragonfly. This will select this node and its sub-nodes
  • Make sure to have set "Show the latest version of a feature only", then click Next.
  • Accept the licensing terms and click Next
  • Click Finish

The update to your Test build will be downloaded and applied to your Eclipse installation. You will need to click "Install All".

When asked to restart Eclipse, choose No, then manually quit and restart Eclipse. Following these procedures will have you upgraded to testing build #291.

Mar 22, 2008 9:00am
Img_missing_medium tevslin 16 posts


Did all this and verified that I’m at .291 for Bug components. However, appears to have no impact on the problem; the virtual bug is unresponsive until I type something in the Console window. However, since I can easily do this, it is not a blocking problem.


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