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Mar 10, 2008 7:51am
Img_missing_medium alain.muse 9 posts

Hi everybody,

I read in a previous thread that BugLabs uses JamVM (which release ?).
After reading the welcome page of the website of JamVM, it appears that it relies on GNU Classpath 0.96 (for JamVM 1.5).

After donwloading and unpacking GNU Classpath, it appears that Swing and some useful classes like BufferedImage are available.

Does it mean that we can use Swing inside the frame provided by the LCD module ?
If not, where can we find an exhaustive list of the available classes delivered with BugLabs device ?
BTW, I tried to guess it by unpacking the jar files stored in com.buglabs.dragonfly.bug.kernel_1.0.0.277\phoneME-fp of the plugin without success.

Many thanks for your help,

Best regards,