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Oct 30, 2007 1:32pm
Medium Bug Labs team kgilmer 215 posts

The URL for source is svn://bugblade.com.

Oct 31, 2007 11:33am
Img_missing_medium koolatron 52 posts

Here's a quick writeup on how to get the source and docs into eclipse so that the Eclipse's context-sensitive documentation kicks in:

Setting up Subclipse
Since we're dealing with a subversion repository, and Eclipse doesn't have "built-in" SVN support (only CVS), we're going to need to install the de-facto standard plugin for handling the BUG source, Subclipse.

- Open Help -> Software Update -> Find And Install like you did when you were installing the Dragonfly SDK. Choose "Search for new features" and add a new remote update site to the list. The name doesn't matter, as long as you can identify it as the Subclipse repository in the future. The URL for this new update site is:
- Go ahead and let it snag the information from this update site. When it's done, it'll ask you what you'd like to install from Subclipse; ignore the Integrations and just go straight for the Subclipse plugin.
- Click through the license agreements and let Ecl