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May 28, 2008 9:47am
Img_missing_medium afritz 24 posts

In a few threads I’ve seen reference to forth coming instructions for using integration or other random builds in a custom root fs. I have a keen interest in this since I want to use the accelerometer and I will probably need a full JVM with swing for an app I’m porting.

In any case, I’m a very experienced linux user (have been professional sys admin, written kernel modules – not that I liked doing it, and have assembled micro distos for embeded products) so I feel like I could take a shot at it even with only rough docs.

In fact, I’m happy to alpha test the procedure knowing full well it is probably incomplete/wrong and give feedback.

Any word when it will be out or if a rough version is available somewhere?

I know you guys are probably chasing your tail with a totally new product and you’ve done a great job so far. I’m glad to help out on this one to further my own goals as well!

May 28, 2008 11:23am
Medium Bug Labs team kgilmer 215 posts

Hi Afritz,

We’d like to get integration and testing builds of our pre-release kernel and root filesystems out in the wild soon. Currently we are migrating our build system, and so this is fairly hard now but should get much easier soon. All our sources and build scripts are available at cvs.buglabs.net, however as they are now I imagine i would be a good deal of work to get them running outside of Bug. We’re moving to open embedded and are working to add all our stuff as OE packages. This will allow anyone to (fairly) easily rebuild a rootfs and kernel from scratch and add their own packages. I’ll let you know when we have our existing internal images available to try out as well as when the migration to OE is working.

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