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Nov 15, 2012 5:37am
User_img_not_found_03_med glabe 15 posts


This looks to me like a future winter classic jerseys. Had the Stars just put their classic logo on the front and put the Texas logo on the shoulders, this would have been a nice update to the winter classic jerseys they wore when the team moved from Minnesota. If it paves the way for a green one, I’ll support it. Do you think it’s sad that the team is moving so far away from any connection to the old North Stars? As a Stars fan, i knew it was gonna look bad. I was never a fan of their current winter classic jersey, and to make a white version of it, makes no sense. They should have made a winter classic jersey, and at least their current road jersey is ok looking. The Star logo is perfect. It’s a simple, yet elegant logo. it makes sense b/c it is the lone star state, and it hearkens back to the Minnesota days. To go completely text and not have anything with a logo would be sad. Watch they end up with a winter classic jerseys that has Stars written in white. Easily the worst winter classic jerseys there is. As if their home wasn’t enough garbage. Now we have to deal with this. Man, I really want to yell at Tom Hicks or whoever it was that gave the okay on this winter classic jersey. It is such as shame that we have such a disappointing third when so many awesome, different thirds have popped up in different parts of the league.

Does anyone find the number of white winter classic jerseys red wings a little bit odd? Now with the Stars, Leafs, and one of the winter classic Hockey jerseys being white, we’re going to start seeing the same problem again with teams being forced to bring 2 sets of clothes with them on the road. I know it’s all about marketing and stuff, but why is it so hard to just do a colored third to keep things sane? My feeling when the NHL went to the home colors a few years back was that so many teams had third jerseys that were colored that it was becoming a hassle for teams to bring two sets of uniforms on the road, and this way they could just bring the one set of whites and leave the colors at home. probably took them 10 minutes or less to slightly change the colour of the lettering and slap it on the front. Well, basketball jerseys do need an away jersey to go with them. That will be the winter classic jerseys for the Stars in a couple of years most likely shudder. It is a clean jerseys but lazy, uninspired and so easy to design, even I could do it. Thrashers I guess could get away with it as just a third since it says the team name and not the city on the front. Just saying its great and original as a one team thing, don’t overdo it. I’m disappointed. I’m a Stars fan and I’ve been really looking forward to the new winter classic jerseys. I wasn’t thrilled when I heard a while ago that it was going to be white with green and black trim and look exactly like the home, but now I’m really disappointed. They could taken so many different directions for the third, but they didn’t. I love the away jersey and I like the away one too, but taking the winter classic jerseys and pretty much slapping the away jersey’s front on is not cool; it is down right depressing. They could have at least taken the Texas emblem or at least an updated version of it and used it on the front and use green and black stripes instead of green and gold. Ugh, I’ve been a little depressed all day because of this, and I will probably continue to be.

Looks like someone put this together in a week. I’d have much rather seen a green jersey with their logo on it. I don’t know why they need two boston bruins winter classic jerseys. This is boring, but at least it’s not ugly. At least those that did not know, will find out that the Stars are from Dallas. If the Dallas fans are ok with it, that’s fine, but I still believe they should be able to root for a team with a logo on its chest. I am just happy that my Sharks will have an awesome new winter classic Jerseys similar to their last awesome 3rd jerseys. Way better and more original than oilers, isles, flyers, sabres, leafs, and penguins. those authentic pavel datsyuk winter classic jerseys aren’t used anymore for a reason. let the ones that ran their course fade isles, oilers, flyers, and pens. So how are the Pens dwelling in the past success of a jerseys when they sucked for all those years that they wore blue and white? At least sabres and leafs are just trying to please their fan base, the others are just dwelling in the past success of the jerseys. Only dallas should use this style of winter classic jerseys thrashers since they were the first they deserve to be the only unique ones with this jersey style. I love them and their originality for a one team only jersey.


Nov 23, 2012 5:52am
User_img_not_found_02_med linking 41 posts

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Dec 26, 2012 6:12am
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Mar 1, 2013 1:03pm
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