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Nov 9, 2012 8:33pm
Medium lingzi 1454 posts

The Winnipeg Goldeyes remain firmly in control of their own destiny and are
taking full advantage of it. Ryan
Clark Womens Jersey
. A three-run third inning helped the Goldeyes
beat the Sioux City Explorers 5-3 Tuesday night in front of 7,012 fans at Shaw
Park. Winnipegs magic number is now four to clinch the American Associations
wild card spot with six games remaining and the lead in the wild card race
remains three games over the St. Paul Saints, who beat the Gary SouthShore
RailCats 13-6 on Tuesday night. After Sioux City took a 1-0 lead in the first
inning, Josh Mazzola led off the second inning with his 18th home run of the
season to tie the game. The Explorers went back up 2-1 in the top of the third
inning before Winnipeg took control of the game. The Goldeyes scored three times
in the bottom of the third to go up 4-2. Yurendell de Caster singled in Jose
Duran, Barbaro Canizares singled in Price Kendall and de Caster scored on a
Mazzola double. Each team scored a run in the fifth inning to complete the
scoring. Mazzola paced the Goldeyes at the plate with a three-for-four night and
two RBI. Goldeyes starter Todd Privett gave up three runs over four and
two-thirds innings, while striking out three. Kaohi Downing pitched an inning
and a third of scoreless relief for his fourth win of the season. Brian Beuning
pitched the eighth and ninth innings for his sixth save of the season. Sioux
City starter Aaron Correa allowed all five of Winnipegs runs in the game over
four and two-thirds innings and takes the loss. Antonio Brown Jersey . While shorthanded,
Visentin corralled the puck behind his own net and lofted the puck down the ice
into the vacated 67s goal for the games final goal. “Its tough to play the puck
with these huge corners in this rink but my main objective was just to get the
puck out and it was honestly just luck that it went in the end,” said Visentin.
Marcus Gilbert Jersey . The cause of the pain
was not immediately clear. A Magic spokesman says Richardson is with the team
and in the arena, and indicated that the problem is not believed to be serious.
. Instead, things only got worse. Canadian international Julian de Guzman
blasted a stunning left-footed volley home in the final seconds of stoppage time
Saturday as FC Dallas stunned the Whitecaps 1-0. It was a defeat that left
Vancouver (10-12-7) hanging on to the final playoff position in the Western
Conference by one point over Dallas (9-12-9). Troy Polamalu Womens Jersey . —Athletics
right-hander A. Jerricho Cotchery Jersey . Goodell ruled
Tuesday that Vilma, a linebacker, would remain suspended for the season, while
Smith, a defensive end, still would face a four-game ban. The two players, among
four whove been wrangling for months with the league, scoffed at the
commissioners latest decision. WASHINGTON —Brian McNamee finally got to name
names in front of the jury. Andy Pettitte. Chuck Knoblauch. Mike Stanton.
Roger Clemens accuser also apologized for the medical condition that caused him
to take frequent breaks. He came across as a sympathy figure in the final
moments of some 26 hours on the stand, a small counterweight to three days of
brutal cross-examination. The governments case got a needed boost as it hit the
homestretch Monday in the sixth week of the perjury trial that will determine
whether Clemens lied to Congress in 2008 when the 11-time All-Star pitcher
denied using performance-enhancing drugs. McNamee, Clemens former strength
coach, is the only person to claim firsthand knowledge of Clemens using steroids
and human growth hormone, and his integrity and credibility were attacked
relentlessly last week by Clemens lawyer. The government embarked on a
rehabilitation job with its key witness during follow-up questioning Monday,
then moved on to a beer expert who put a date on the infamous Miller Lite can
that became a key piece of evidence and a witness who placed Clemens at a pool
party at Jose Cansecos house in 1998. Lawyers indicated to the judge that the
government might wrap up its case this week, even though Tuesday will be a day
off because of a conflict with U.S. District Judge Reggie Waltons schedule.
Clemens lawyer Rusty Hardin then said he would need seven or eight working days
to present the defences case. Both sides are working to finish before June 8,
when further conflicts with Waltons schedule could cause the trial to go on
recess for a month. Before Monday, McNamee had not been allowed to say that he
provided former Clemens teammates Pettitte and Knoblauch with human growth
hormone, or that he helped ex-Clemens teammate Mike Stanton obtain HGH from drug
dealer Kirk Radomski. The judge had ruled that such information could prejudice
the jury against Clemens. But Hardins grueling cross-examination tipped the
balance in the other direction, prosecutors argued. Hardin suggested before the
jury last week that McNamee had solely or primarily targeted Clemens, and that
no one had been charged in connection with McNamees accusations, raising the
issue of McNamees credibility. Walton therefore ruled that McNamee could name
Knoblauch and Stanton as receiving HGH in 2001 when they were with the New York
Yankees, and Pettitte in 2002 when he was with the Yankees. The judge instructed
the jury that the names could only be used to help establish McNamees
“credibility as a witness” and cannot be used to “infer Mr. Clemens guilt.” The
government took full advantage, with prosecutor Daniel Butler using all three
names repeatedly. McNamee said he was present when all three players used their
HGH. Pettitte already has testified that he used HGH in 2002, so now the jury
knows that McNamee was the source. Butler also worked in quick time to build all
the sympathy he could for McNamee. The jury had heard last week that McNamee has
a medical condition that he wanted to keep secret, but now he revealed what it
is: He is a Type 1 diabetic who uses an insulin pump, particularly when under
stress. He then looked at the jury and apologized for the extra breaks. McNamee
also said “I lost my job, lost myy clients” after he and Clemens were cited in
the 2007 Mitchell Report on drugs in baseball. Mike Wallace Womens Jersey. McNamee said he
was led to believe that the report would not contain names when he began
co-operating with its investigators. He cited his lack of work, saying the only
athletes he trains now are two college students who dont pay him. McNamee also
said his marriage is over, in part due to the fallout from the Clemens case. He
is going through a contentious divorce, and he said he sees his children only
twice a week and that it will be “rocky road” to rebuild his relationship with
them. While the defence got McNamee to acknowledge that parts of his story have
changed over time, he has not deviated from the core of his testimony—that he
injected Clemens with performance-enhancing substances in 1998, 2000 and 2001.
With McNamee finished after five-plus days on the stand, prosecutors called a
Miller-Coors manager to testify about the beer can McNamee says he used to store
waste after an alleged steroids injection of Clemens in August 2001. The
witness, Anthony Manuele, looking at markings on the bottom of the can, was able
to confirm that it would have been on shelves between August 2001 and Nov. 15,
2001—coinciding with McNamees timeframe. Hardin, on cross-examination, jabbed
prosecutors by asking Manuele: “You dont sell these beer cans to keep needles,
do you?” The judge sustained a government objection, but not before Manuele
could answer: “No, sir.” One of the charges against Clemens is that he
obstructed Congress when he stated in a deposition that he “was not at
Jose Cansecos house on or about June 9, 1998.” Thats the date McNamee says he
saw Clemens and Toronto Blue Jays teammate Canseco talking to a mysterious third
person at a pool party at Cansecos Florida home, a person McNamee said he felt
had a connection to steroids. McNamee said he first injected Clemens with
steroids a few days later. So the government called Alexander Lowrey, who said
he was at the party as a starry-eyed 11-year-old boy and posed for photos with
both Clemens and Canseco. Prosecutors showed jurors the photos: One shows the
boy on the deck of the pool, next to a smiling Clemens standing in the shallow
end of the water. The former pitchers hair is bleach-blonde, which is how
Lowrey, now 25, said he recalled it. Clemens lawyer tried to play with the
potentially faulty memory Lowrey might have of a party that happened 14 years
ago. Lowrey couldnt remember some details and said he had to estimate the times
he arrived and left, but he said he had a clear memory of meeting the two major
leaguers. Clemens, in his congressional deposition in February 2008, said: “I
never was at the party.” Later in the deposition, he said: “I wasnt here at this
—at a party that he had. I could have gone by there after a golf outing. So—
but I was not at this party.” The days final witness was FBI fingerprint expert
Elizabeth Fontaine, who testified she couldnt identify Clemens fingerprints on
the waste associated with the beer can. But she also said that doesnt
necessarily prove that Clemens never handled the evidence. ———Associated
Press writer Frederic J. Frommer contributed to this report. ’ ’ ’ 

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Forums BUG SDK Clemens lawyer tried to play with the pote

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