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Oct 23, 2012 8:03am
User_img_not_found_03_med glabe 15 posts

Usually Cheap Beats by Dr Dre headphones used in the home environment more, mostly based on earlier headphohne USB interface transceiver designed specifically to be used with computer and laptop listening, even now also have a lot of Cheap Beats by Dr Dre Pro headphones still separate USB interface transmitter. Formed in the previous main Bluetooth headphohne, Cheap Beats by Dr Dre Pro headphones main approximate situation. However, Bluetooth also has quite some inconvenience, such as compatibility in addition to phone audio listening there is a big problem, However, with the requirements for portability and convenience, beats by dre headphones are constantly improved.

Cheap Beats by Dr Dre headphones biggest benefit is the use of the transceiver connected to transmit data using the relative Bluetooth headphohne more than one device, but its transceiver can be designed as a variety of interface types, in order to adapt to the needs of people to go out and listen to, the use of the 3.5mm interface transmitter become a good choice, it is a good way to solve the compatibility problem. Today we review products Bingo Cheap Beats by Dr Dre is a multi-purpose portable Cheap Beats by Dr Dre headphones, it uses the ultra-small structures, can take-home and portable audio.

Cheap Beats by Dr Dre Pro headphones has a black and white two colors to choose from, it has a multi-compatibility and very compact multi-function transmitter can be adapted to the 3.5mm audio and computer listening. The design of the headphohne is also very lightweight, very suitable for portable use. We from many aspects of its appearance and sound quality of this headphohne detailed introduction.

Cheap Beats by Dr Dre Pro headphone the ultraportable structure design, it has a black and white two colors to choose from, we get the evaluation prototype for black models. The headphohne overall look is very compact, lightweight structural design, very light in hand. Pro Detox Beats by dre headphones appearance looks very simple, do not have too many fancy, whole body black with its frosted shell, top with polished words printed bingo iconic Little Mermaid pattern and product English logo seems very delicate, the headphones below left and right channels identifies user-friendly distinguish wear.

This Cheap Beats by Dr Dre headphones with a collapsible design arm rotary device with a silver shell connection with the rotating connection part played a very large role. It not only makes the the headphone unit can be bent to the inside of the first beam, but also allows the shell itself folding flip 180 degrees to ensure excellent portability. The headphohne first beam part with a rubber material made to ensure effective non-slip grip stability, and wear well maintained stability. The top of the first beam of bingo products logo printed with big, very eye-catching.

headphohne unit is relatively compact, earmuffs part is made of a soft sponge material, fit to wear comfortable, breathable mesh between which effective heat dissipation, making the long-term use are not easy to produce fatigue. headphohne function keys are integrated in the left ear shell, from top to bottom indicator, multifunction dial device, USB charging port and charge indicator and microphone design. All focused on one side is also very easy to operate use.

When we use the 3.5mm audio listening, 3.5mm connector access transmitter in the source, while the transmitter switch dial to “A-IN” mode, open the headphones, the headphohne indicator lights, you can normal use, the headphohne factory default transmitter has been paired, turned on can be used. Transmitter indicator is normally slow flash work status, the headphohne indicator light is solid blue.

When we use USB mode, we need to use the bundled USB cable to one end connections are on the transmitter, the other end of the access to the computer, the first computer will automatically recognize and install the drivers. Similarly, the opened state of the headphone can be used, the headphones and transmitter are paired by default.

Normal connection state, we can use the function keys on the headphones to operate the music, multifunctional the trackwheel long one second boot, while long by 4 seconds after shutdown, short pause/playback operation performed by state. Trackwheel on/under fluctuations respectively control up and down a switch, and a long dial to control the volume size, it is more convenient to use.

This black and yellow Beats by Dr Dre Pro headphones transmission distance of 10 meters while we the transmission distance test it, in the actual test, we found that the transmission effect of this headphones is ideal, 10 meters in open area There is no pressure in the range, the signal is only a slight loss in excess of 12 meters, but not serious, meet daily to go out to listen very easily.

headphohne microphone transmission effect was also detected this Cheap Beats by Dr Dre headphones microphone pickup effect and clear call effect, fully adequate to meet the voice of the general user. Headphones built-in lithium battery power supply, a single charge can be used seven hours, with automatic power-saving mode, no signal will automatically shut down after 10 minutes to better conserve energy.

Cheap Beats by Dr Dre Pro headphones have high upgrade in sound quality, we totally do not have to worry about the sound quality performance. The actual audition, we found the sound of this headphones is quite satisfactory, it has a moist alcohol IF performance grasp in place for the human voice, a good sense of low volume, the warmth of the overall sound, is the more likable and easy-to-let accepted. The headphone extension in the treble slightly lacking, but this does not seem to affect their grasp of pop music, go out to listen to your needs, or enough to satisfy the average user.

Designed as a portable listening Cheap Beats by Dr Dre headphones, Cheap Beats by Dr. Dre Pro not only on the transmitter uses a multi-compatibility ultra-compact design, it’s also very lightweight fuselage structure, makes the overall portable excellent performance. Thanks to its multi-function receiver, the headphones is compatible with a variety of the 3.5mm audio listening and computer use, is widely used. The sound quality of the headphones is warm and mellow, vocal grasp of place, listening enough to satisfy the average user, it is a good group of young people carry convenient listening.

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