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Jan 3, 2008 4:11am
Img_missing_medium huli 5 posts

I love this project, I’m excited with new things like Android and iPhone and when I found buglabs I got even more excited. I have a question, sorry if it has been asked:

why not using a j2se small VM and a j2se class path like openjdk, gnuclasspath or harmony ?

have you thought about the similarities with Android? could it be possible to find a way to run some applications both in android and in buglabs? not any application of course but may be some common framework?

thank you.

Jan 3, 2008 3:57pm
Img_missing_medium Shawn 14 posts

FYI I am not affiliated with Buglabs, so this is just a bystanders view of things…

While the SDK states it’s PhoneME it is the Advanced version not the Feature version. What that means is you have much of the JavaSE support, such as Classloader, awt, and some more freedom than ME.

As for Android it is a different framework type and would be difficult to model the Bug to follow it. (again personal opinion here, and maybe Ken is thinking of doing that.) IMHO the Bug and Android are for different audiences/uses.