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Dec 20, 2012 7:41pm
Medium lingzi 1454 posts

Got a question on the latest news and rumours? E-mail Hockey Insider Darren
Dreger and hell answer your emails at dregereport@tsn. T.Y. Hilton Womens Jersey .ca! Hi
Darren, With all the speculation as to who will be the next head coach for
certain teams, I was wondering how the interview process works with general
managers and what types of questions they ask their candidates.  Obviously,
every team has their own methods and how their team operates but it would be
kind of interesting as to how the whole process works as to how each team picks
their guy. Cheers,Travis A:  Travis, teams and general managers handle the
hiring process differently. For example, the relationship that Brian Burke has
with Randy Carlyle, coupled with the success they shared in winning a Stanley
Cup in Anaheim, made it very easy for the Maple Leafs to make a coaching change
with very little interviewing necessary. By comparison, Marc Bergevin and the
Montreal Canadiens continue to work through an exhaustive process in an effort
to determine their best candidate. Speculation suggests Michel Therrien will get
the job and if he does, it will conclude a series of no fewer than four
interviews. Bergevin, Rick Dudley and Larry Carriere have all been involved,
while other teams will include ownership in the process as well. Management and
coaching hires are obviously very important and greatly influence the direction
of the organization, while sought-after head coaches can command big money
contracts ($1 million-$2 million per year), so financially, its also important
to make these decisions based on thorough research.  —— Darren, You went to
the GM meetings on Wednesday – any word on whether trade talks have picked up?
Are there any names being bandied about? Jordan Landon  A: Jordan, yes I would
say trade talks have picked up, although its still relatively early.  We (media)
like to focus on the big names such as Roberto Luongo or Jordan Staal, but
moving players of this magnitude is a complicated business. Canucks GM Mike
Gillis says teams are calling on Luongo, but he hasnt engaged in any “real”
trade discussions. Gillis says he will map out a plan after next weeks scouting
meetings and work forward from there. Its quite possible Luongo remains in
Vancouver next season, although with Schneider ready and eager to take over the
starters role, its believed Luongo would prefer a fresh start elsewhere. As for
Staal, Pittsburgh will try and re-sign him, but if they cant come to terms, Pens
GM Ray Shero will have to consider trading him. There will be many teams keenly
interested in acquiring Staal who is a very versatile player. Im sure there are
many players in play as we approach the NHL Draft, so expect TSNs coverage on
June 22 and the days leading up to it to be filled with trade speculation.
 Darren, How long were you stuck in that elevator in Game 1? LOL! Did you
see Helene Elliotts photo of Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr cozying up together
after their media discussions yesterday? Quite funny! Its anyones guess how the
CBA talks will go, but have you gotten any feelings about it from players and
league executives this week? Colin HammondToronto A: Colin – We were stuck in
the elevator for aproximately 10-15 minutes. A tad alarming, but far from an
emergency. Worth a few tweets and a couple of laughs, but not that big of a
deal. Its a good sign both Bettman and Fehr are ready to engage in CBA
negotiations. Discussions will commence in late June, but dont expect any
significant progress until late in the summer. Hammering out the revenue split
between the players and the owners will be among the top contentious issues and
one of the primary reasons some in the hockey community are predicting a work
stoppage. Neither Bettman nor Fehr are willing to consider the possibility of
next season being in peril, but both sides have lists of changes they intend to
fight for. Lets hope the fight starts early and a compromise is met before
September, otherwise a shortened season will become a very real possibility. 
—— Hey Dregs, Glen Sather said Wednesday that he, “would like to have a
60-goal scorer, a defenceman that could play 25 minutes and get 25 goals and a
goaltender that could be under one goal-against per game.” Okay seriously, what
is he looking for this summer? Leah Hawson A: Hi Leah
  Sather needs a top line
winger and a top four defenceman. Assuming Devils captain Zach Parise opts to
test the free agent market, you can be sure the Rangers will be among the
contending teams aggressively in the bidding. As for a D-man, New York is
looking at many options. If Ryan Suter stays in Nashville, its conceivable
Shea Weber may be made available. The Rangers, like most teams, would pay a
premium to acquire Weber. New York will also show considerable interest in
Justin Schultz, who is a hot commodity coming out of college.  ——- Mr.
Dreger, Regarding pending UFA Justin Schultz – is his first contract still
constrained by the rules governing entry-level contracts or is all of that moot
in his case? Thank you,Chris (Atlanta) A:  Chris, as I touched on in answering
Leahs question, Justin Schultz is a quality prospect and every GM weve spoken to
believes hes a “cant miss” prospect. When he signs his first NHL contract, it
will include two years of standard entry-level restrictions. Bob McKenzie talked
about Schultzs future Thursday in our Insider Trading segment and suggested the
Ducks could trade his rights prior to July 1. Got a question on the latest news
and rumours? E-mail Hockey Insider Darren Dreger and hell answer your emails at
dregereport@tsn.ca! Reggie Wayne Youth Jersey . Introduced to
IndyCar in 2009, the push to pass allows a driver to add turbocharger boost and
additional RPM with the press of a button, located on the steering wheel, to
complete a pass. The additional boost is added for a pre-determined amount of
time, which is set by IndyCar race officials for each road/street course. Coby Fleener Womens Jersey . PETERSBURG, Fla.
. For a change, April suited CC Sabathia. The notoriously slow starter shook off
early trouble to get his first win of the season and backup catcher
Chris Stewart had a career-high three RBIs that included a go-ahead, two-run
single in New Yorks 8-3 win over the Minnesota Twins on Tuesday night. Pat Angerer Womens Jersey . Before missing
the Yankees 6-4 win in Fridays series opener, Teixeira thought he would need a
day or two off. “Hes a little bit better today,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi
said Saturday. “Well see in the next couple days if we can get him back. Andrew Luck Blue Jersey . —Oakland Raiders
linebacker Rolando McClain has been sentenced to 180 days in jail for assault
and other charges stemming from a fight in his hometown when he allegedly
threatened to kill a man and fired a gun next to his head. TEMPE, Ariz. —
Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt says hes not quite ready to name a
starting quarterback but indicates a decision could come soon. It has to,
because the Cardinals open their regular season in a little more than two weeks
at home against Seattle. Speaking at his usual day-after news conference on
Friday, Whisenhunt said he would think about it over the weekend. “Im sure Ill
get asked that question again,” he said. “The next time I think maybe Ill have a
little more information.” John Skelton and Kevin Kolb have been competing for
the job, and neither has been outstanding. Skelton started Thursday nights 32-27
loss at Tennessee and completed 4 of 10 passes for 41 yards and was intercepted
once. Kolb saw more extensive action and was 17 of 22 for 156 yards, including
his first TD pass of the preseason. But he was intercepted twice, with one of
them returned for a touchdown. Whisenhunt said he was not ready to say whether
the competition would continue into next Thursday nights preseason finale at
home against Denver but that the decision might await the outcome of a few more
practices. The Cardinals have the weekend off, then resume workouts on Monday.
“Weve still got some practice days left,” Whisenhunt said. “Since were not game
planning, weve still got an opportunity to do some competitive practices with
our defence so you get a chance to assess their play.” The coach said that with
the teams late arrival back from Nashville, then meetings with players on Friday
and making decisions on roster cuts, he hadnt had time to put the appropriate
amount of thought into his quarterback decision. He said part of the evaluation
is how the two candidates respond to corrections that need to be made from their
mistakes Thursday night and in previous games. Whisenhunt noted that Kolb had a
tough week after Oakland defensive tackle Tommy Smith criticized the quarterback
for being “scared” and “skittish. T.Y. Hilton Jersey. ” Kolb responded by
saying hes never been scared on the field in his life and that Smith was
“clueless” about the difference between staying in the pocket under a severe
rush or trying to get out and make a play. “I thought that he responded like a
pro does,” Whisenhunt said of Kolbs performance, particularly with how he
responded following the interceptions. “He made some plays, did a nice job. That
was a good two-minute drive.” Kolb directed Arizona on a seven-play, 86-yard
scoring drive in the final 1:45 of the first half. After his first pass of the
second half was intercepted by Tennessee linebacker Colin McCarthy and returned
for a touchdown, Kolb was 8 for 9 before leaving the game for the night.
Whisenhunt said that, no matter who it is, “the one thing weve got to get
corrected is we cant turn the football over.” The Cardinals had five turnovers
against the Titans. “The reason we didnt win the game last night was because we
turned the ball over,” the coach said, “and thats not going to cut it going
forward.” It is hard to evaluate the quarterback play when the offensive line is
struggling so much. Arizona, as expected, put starting left tackle Levi Brown on
season-ending injured reserve on Friday. D.J. Young started in Browns spot at
Tennessee and had a difficult night. While Whisenhunt pledged to continue
working with Young—who spent his rookie season a year ago on the practice
squad—he said that the lines play seemed to get better when DAnthony Batiste
was shifted to left tackle and rookie Bobby Massie moved in at right tackle.
Whisenhunt has said that the team will be looking for help at the tackle
position as other squads make roster cuts. The Cardinals reached the 75-man
roster limit three days ahead of the NFLs deadline for doing so. Among the dozen
players released was cornerback Marshay Green. ’ ’ ’ 

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