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Jan 22, 2013 1:50am
Medium lingzi 1454 posts

First off, there are no excuses for Team Canada. Vernon Davis Jersey . This is a lockout year,
so that means Canada had its absolute best players available and didnt get the
job done. Its inconceivable that two years in a row they would lay an egg like
they did in the semifinals, and this year was even worse because there was no
glorious near-comeback. So this one is on everybody, from head coach Steve Spott
and his staff, to every man in the lineup. That certainly includes Ryan
Nugent-Hopkins. Hes the best junior age player world and he had a marvelous
tournament prior to this game, but he didnt have it Thursday. Then there was the
number one defence pair – Scott Harrington and Dougie Hamilton – on the ice for
that first American goal. It looked like a fire drill. The defence was breaking
down all over the place. Then there is Malcolm Subban, giving up four goals on
16 shots. Was he the only reason – no, not at all. The offence had so many shots
and kept missing high and wide. There wasnt any area of the game that Canada
executed well. They didnt have any jump, they didnt have any emotion from the
get-go, and while they tried to make a comeback in the third period it was not
to be. Bad puck management was a big problem. We mentioned in the pre-game that
Canada had to move the puck well; they had to get pucks deep, play below the
goal-line and put pressure on the American defence. Instead, the Canadians made
turnover after turnover and created all kinds of offensive opportunities for the
Americans. That bad puck management really sucked the life out of Team Canada.
It prevented them from gaining any momentum, and it didnt allow them to get any
sense of flow. It also let the Americans to capitalize with their speed game,
and Canada really looked slow. Canada has offensive players who can move the
puck really well, but they didnt do it in this game. Canada also failed to pick
up the U.S. defencemen, who like to jump into the rush, come off the blueline
and shoot the puck. Early on, Jake McCabe jumped up and scored a pair of goals
as Canada really struggled with its defensive zone coverage and seemed oblivious
to the fact that the Americans had been generating so much offence from the
blueline. Collectively, U.S. defencemen have eight goals and 27 points in the