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Dec 27, 2012 7:51pm
Medium lingzi 1454 posts

NEW ORLEANS —Suspended Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma has amended his
lawsuit against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league, asking a federal
judge in New Orleans to overturn his suspension and issue a preliminary
injunction that would allow Vilma to work while the case is pending. Patrick Willis White Jersey . Vilmas latest
legal manoeuvr Thursday came shortly after Goodell filed a motion to dismiss
Vilmas defamation claims in connection with the leagues bounty investigation.
Vilma has said his suspension is without merit and Goodell has made false public
comments that have damaged Vilmas reputation and hurt his ability to make a
living. Goodells motion says Vilmas claims are barred by dispute resolution
procedures outlined by the NFLs collective bargaining agreement. Vilma wants an
immediate injunction so he can continue rehabilitating a knee injury at Saints
headquarters. Roger Craig Womens Jersey . The Canadian
Gymnastics Championships run from May 22-26 in Regina. The championships will
host four gymnastic disciplines: mens and womens artistic, rhythmic and
trampoline. Aldon Smith Youth Jersey . Coverage begins
Friday, Nov. 9 at 3pm et/Noon pt live on TSN with No. 13 ranked Canada going
head-to-head against No. 10 ranked Samoa. Later that evening, TSN will also
re-broadcast the match-up in prime time at 8:30pm et/5:30pm pt. http://www.teamshopsanfrancisco49ers.com/frank-gore-jersey
. Kvitova said she wasnt sure what she was suffering from, but that she had a
sore throat and stomach problems. She was scheduled to see a doctor later
Wednesday. The Czech player lost her opening match Tuesday, falling 6-3, 6-2 to
Agnieszka Radwanska. Aldon Smith Limited Jersey . The 27-year-old
veteran from Laval, Que. struck the board on Tuesday evening while executing an
inward 3.5 somersault in the tuck position. In a release, communications firm
National said Despatie suffered a “significant laceration on his scalp,” and
needed surgery to close the wound. Justin Smith Red Jersey .C. Boscan from
Triple-A Gwinnett. Jones, who plans to retire after the season, is hitting .307
with five homers and 24 RBIs. The DL move was retroactive to Thursday.If I was a
head coach in the Canadian Football league, I would remind my players what they
are playing for. When you have clarity and purpose, you have resolve and focus
and at this point of the season, with colder weather, routine days and the end
in sight, you tend to forget how much fun and what a great experience it would
be to play in the Grey Cup. No team is mathematically eliminated so going into
Week 16, anyone can still win it all. I played in two Grey Cup games and those
games were the highlights of my CFL career because there is so much emotion,
pride, effort and atmosphere that memories are locked in your mind forever and
detail becomes crystal clear. If I was a head coach right now in the Canadian
Football league, I would tell my guys to chase a feeling; not a game but a
feeling. There is the emotion of being individually introduced in front of a
sold-out Rogers Centre with all your family in the stands. There is the feeling
of the National Anthem being played, associating yourself, regardless of whether
youre Canadian or American, with a country of the quality that Canada is. There
is the thought of possessing a Grey Cup ring that would more than represent that
game, that year or that moment. It would represent your entire career and
eveything you sacrificed to experience this moment. And, how significant it
would be to play in not just the Grey Cup, but the 100th Grey Cup, as there will
only be one in everyones lifetime. As much as people strive for material success
and security, people also desire adventure and intense emotion. Often it is the #1 battle for people: which is more important to me? That which is practical and
beneficial, or that which is a dream and feels good. Playing and winning a Grey
Cup is a feeling rarely repeated and a childhood dream realized and lived in the
present. Aldon Smith Authentic Jersey. The money you
earn will come and go, the people you played with will move on, but the moment
lives forever in your mind. Many years have passed but the amount of detail I
can remember from the two Grey Cup games I played in is remarkable. Much more
than any regular season game, any playoff game and definitely any practice, I
remember it all from my two championship games. Even the first one that I lost.
Details like who you were playing against, the weather, the atmosphere, the
introductions, how you played, the lockeroom before, the lockeroom after,
winning and losing, a night and day difference. Chasing feelings is motivating
because youre chasing a feeling that you hope feels good. Chasing feelings is
very natural and normal because we all are biological, not mechanical, and
therefore react with more energy to that which is an emotion compared to that
which is based on logic. If you want to focus and motivate, give and create what
makes the collective feel good and they will follow. Sometimes the best thing a
coach or leader can do is paint a picture of what if. What would it be like if
we did win it all and what would that experience feel to be a part of? If you
can describe it in detail, the players imagination will take over and be drawn
into making it happen. Eveyone has goals, thing they desire; some are vague,
others crystal clear. And with those goals, if and when accomplished, they give
the goalee a sense of satisfaction or accomplishment. And often what determines
whether you get it or not is how much your want it; a desire, a feeling. With
only four games left in this CFL season, it is time to re-ignite what youre
playing for, who youre playing for and what it will be like. I guarantee you
will never forget it. ’ ’ ’ 

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