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Nov 7, 2012 10:07pm
Medium lingzi 1454 posts

One misstep cost Canada a medal in the mens 4×100m relay final at the London
2012 Olympic Games. Mewelde Moore Jersey .Jared Connaughton, the
third leg of the Canadian team, was disqualified for stepping outside of his
lane, after Canada had finished third in the race behind the Jamaican and
American teams.The determination was not made until after the race and the
celebrations were on. ”It was my fault. We ran a great race, Justyn (Warner) ran
a great anchor leg. As soon as I saw the replay I saw I stepped on the line. Im
sorry for costing my teammates a medal,” Connaughton said after the race. “As
soon as I saw the replay I had a sinking feeling it might be a DQ. Its tough.”We
dont have the medal to show it, but we finished the race and we showed the world
that were the top three relays (teams) in the world.”The official decision, rule
163.3a, states: ”In all races run in lanes, each athlete shall keep within his
allocated lane from start to finish. This shall also apply to any portion of a
race run in lanes.”An appeal by Athletics Canada was rejected, determining the
decision made by the offical on the track would stand.”Im really, really
devastated and disappointed. I just dont know,” said Gavin Smellie, who ran the
lead leg for Canada. “Thats what you work for, just to get the medal. To feel
like that and then to have that moment taken away is really harsh.”While Usain
Bolt was powering the Jamaicans to a world record win over the Americans, Warner
had stormed Canada from fifth to third, passing France and Trinidad and Tobago
and what looked like a bronze medal.The Canadian team – Smellie, Oluseyi Smith,
Connaughton and Warner, huddled and celebrated their victory for a few minutes,
before they were stripped of bronze.Upon discovering the news, Smith, who
moments earlier had the Canadian flag draped over his shoulders in jubilation,
was in tears, while Warner laid on his back, stunned at what had just
transpired. “I dont know what happened. We put everything into that and then it
just showed up on the board,” Warner said. “We ran a great race and we did
everything. This is unfor