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Oct 22, 2012 10:41pm
Medium lingzi 1454 posts

Camille Jones remembers when sons Jon and Arthur found out there was just one
oatmeal cookie left in the house. J.J. Watt Jersey . The two boys decided to
wrestle for it. Younger brother Chandler had a different idea, however. “And
while theyre wrestling, Chandler would come up and eat the cookie and watch them
wrestle,” Mrs. Jones recalled. Years later, all three Jones boys are at the top
of the sporting food chain. Arthur Jones, 26, is in his third season with the
Baltimore Ravens. The six-foot-three 315-pound defensive end was taken in the
fifth round of the 2010 NFL draft. Jon (Bones) Jones, 25, is the reigning UFC
light-heavyweight champion. The six-foot-four 205-pounder will defend his mixed
martial arts title against Brazils Vitor (The Phenom) Belfort in Toronto at UFC
152 on Sept. 22. And 22-year-old Chandler Jones is a rookie defensive lineman
with the New England Patriots. The six-foot-five 260-pound first-round pick made
the highlight reel in the Pats season opener Sunday when he stripped the ball
off Tennessee quarterback Jake Locker, allowing teammate Donta Hightower to run
it in for the touchdown in a 34-13 win over the Titans. The Jones boys will be
front and centre later this month. The day after Jon (16-1 as a pro fighter)
defends his UFC title at the Air Canada Centre, the Patriots and Ravens square
off at M&T Bank Stadium. “Im really stoked about that,” said Jon. “Ill be
leaving the next morning (after the Toronto fight) bright and early, hopping a
flight straight to Baltimore for that.” The star fighter says he will have no
split loyalties watching the game. He will just cheer on both defences. The
Jones grew up in a strict household. Father Arthur Sr., 54, is a pastor at the
Mount Sinai Church of God in Christ in Binghamton, N.Y. The kids werent allowed
to stay over at friends houses or be outside after dark. Sunday was a day for
church or Sunday school. “We did not have time to watch TV because we kept them
busy,” said Camille. The Jones parents tried to discourage Jon from fighting for
a living. “I tried to get him to go to Bible college,” said Arthur Sr. “I still
think hes taking a long way home,” he added when asked what he thinks of his
sons career choice now. Arthur Sr. has also spent time with young offenders and
says that helped him how to interact with boys. “They need a lot of praise and
affirmation and redirection. A lot of redirection.” Arthur Sr. ran
cross-country, played football and was a Catholic high school champion wrestler
as a senior when he went 24-2-1. Camille was briefly on the swim team as a girl
but was never too interested in sports. Arthur Sr. is six foot one while Camille
is a little over 5-8. Her father was 6-7, however, and there is also size on
Arthur Sr.s side of their family. Born in Rochester, Jon grew up in Endicott,
N.Y. The parents say their three boys were very close. “I think theyve always
been each others best friends,” said Camille. “We lived in a rough
neighbourhood,” added Arthur Sr. “They had to back each other up.” The family
also had to survive tragedy together. Daughter Carmen died in 2002 of brain
cancer. Camille has had her own share of health issues. All three boys were good
athletes with Camille saying Chandler was good at every sport he tried, from
fishing to golf. Jon says he “sucked” at football, but perhaps only in
comparison to his brothers. A skinny defensive end, he didnt start until his
senior year in high school when he made the local all-star team. “I really was a
late bloomer,” he recalled. “I was kind of starting to get good at it but I
never really developed a love for the game because I was so terrible at it no
matter how hard I tried.” Plus he loved wrestling, a sport he took up in the
seventh grade. “I lost way more than I won at first, but I stuck with it. I was
just passionate at it and ended up becoming really good at wrestling.” He got
his nickname at high school. “Everyone called me Bones because I have really bad
chicken legs and Im a thin guy. Im really strong, deceptively strong but you
cant see it,” he explained. “Im just really skinny.” Camille remembers fondly
one year when Arthur and Jon were on the high school varsity football team and
Chandler was promoted from the junior varsity squad for the final game. “I got a
picture of all three my boys on the varsity team together,” she said. All three
boys were different away from the playing field, according to their parents. Jon
was a scrapper, who always wanted to be the boss. Arthur was the laid-back,
easy-going brother. And Chandler was an “independent thinker,” said Arthur Sr.
“He was the boss but he allowed them to think they were the boss,” Camille added
with a laugh. “He was the baby. He out-thought both of them,” added Arthur Sr. A
junior college wrestling champion at Iowa Central, Jon was headed to Iowa on a
Division 1 scholarship. But his girlfriend became pregnant and the real world
beckoned. Along the way, he found his way to MMA via Team BombSquad, a training
centre in Cortland, N.Y. Today he still lives in New York state but refines his
skills under the tutelage of Greg Jackson in Albuquerque, N.M. Jones is now a
father of three. Arthur has one child. Camille says Chandler “is planning to
just be the uncle.” Jon says he always had high hopes for his brothers and the
NFL. “I knew Arthur would do it. I was hoping Chandler would do it,” he said.
“Ive come to find out that Chandler, right now, is panning out to be the best
athlete in our family. I can say that confidently, man. The kid is just a
freak.” Jon also believes Chandler is tailor-made for New England. “He has the
work ethic and just the attitude to be the perfect Patriot. He takes fitness and
his job so seriously, at a young age.” And Arthur? “Arthur and the Baltimore
Ravens have a great relationship. And they grow closer ever year,” Jon added.
Arthur also helps Jon during fight camps, doing everything from carrying his
duffle bags to helping him finish workouts when exhaustion was setting in.
“Pushing me, motivating me,” said Jon. In the leadup to Jones fight with Rashad
Evans, Arthur took on the role of Evans—a former Michigan State wrestler who
used to train with Jon in Albuquerque. “He played the role of Rashad, being on
top of me,” said Jon. “Rashad, back when we trained together, he would hold me
down and win that way. And Arthur held me down, with a 300-pound body and gave
me more confidence. I knew if I get out from under Arthur, then I could possibly
get out from under Rashad Evans.” Evans never managed to take him down and Jon
won by unanimous decision. Since then, Jon has made headlines outside the cage.
There was a drunk driving charge and then a very public dispute with UFC boss
Dana White when he refused to fight Chael Soonen on short notice at UFC 151
after Dan Henderson was injured. The card was eventually shelved. Carmen Jones
says people put athletes on a pedestal and dont expect them to make mistakes.
“Theyre still 24-year-old kids. They still can make mistakes, do stupid stuff,
do things that you wont be proud of,” she said. “But yet they (the public)
forget that theyre human beings. “And so they act once the athlete or movie star
or somebody does something, its almost to them like the end of the world. And Im
thinking You know, thats a kid.” One mistake for Camille and Arthur Sr. is Jons
tattoos. “We strongly do not believe in tattoos,” said Camille. “Hes kind of
softened the blow to us with tattoos because one of the tattoos he has is a
Bible scripture.” Jon literally wears his faith on his chest, sporting a tattoo
that says Philippians 4:13, a reference to the verse “I can do all things
through Christ.” Getting the Jones family together isnt easy these days. Theres
always a football game or a fight. “It is a big occasion to us when all three
boys can be home together,” said Camille. “Last Christmas was the first
Christmas we had (together) in a long time,” added Arthur Sr. The family
convened in Baltimore at Arthur Jr.s home for Christmas dinner after a Ravens
game. Arian Foster Youth Jersey . The Angels
rallied from an early 2-0 deficit. Mike Trout homered in the fourth inning off
Dodgers starter Chris Capuano and added an RBI single in the sixth to tie it. He
then scored the go-ahead run from second base on Pujols broken-bat hit. J.J. Watt Womens Jersey . Team boss Aguri
Suzuki confirmed reports on Wednesday that the sale of the financially troubled
F1 team to Magma Group has fallen through. “Super Aguri F1 team confirms that it
has been informed by Magma Group, the potential purchasers of the team, that its
investors no longer wish to fund the intended acquisition,” read a brief
statement released by the team. http://www.nikehousttexansjerseyssale.com/j-j-watt-jersey?kids=19
. —Jason Burnett of Toronto clinched Canadas lone Olympic berth in mens
trampoline at a qualification meet on Friday. Arian Foster Jersey . Ontario and the West
have more wins by far and in the era of winning back-to-back championships, it
has happened with Quebec teams but again it doesnt happen often. Andre Johnson Jersey . The overpass, named
Wulidun, lies at the transportation center of Hefei city. More than 20 migrant
workers have been living under the bridge since the beginning of 2010, with a
roller shutter and cement boards to protect them from the elements.ARLINGTON,
Texas—The Texas Rangers have placed first baseman Mitch Moreland on the
15-day disabled list and designated pitcher Mark Hamburger for assignment to
clear roster space for Roy Oswalt. The veteran right-hander was scheduled for
make his first start for the Rangers on Friday night against Colorado. Oswalt
started four minor league games after signing a one-year deal with Texas on May
229. Arian Foster Womens Jersey. . The move on
Moreland was retroactive to Wednesday, the day after he strained his left
hamstring running the bases against San Diego. Hes eligible to return July 5.
Oswalt is replacing Hamburger on the 40-man roster. The right-handed reliever
was 0-2 with a 6.55 ERA at Triple-A Round Rock. The Rangers now have 10 days to
trade, release or outright Hamburger to the minor leagues. ’ ’ ’ 

Dec 9, 2012 4:48am
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