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Jan 29, 2013 11:59pm
Medium lingzi 1454 posts

CARSON, Calif. Mike Iupati Womens Jersey . —Antonio Tarver
rallied in the late rounds to earn a draw with unbeaten cruiserweight Lateef
Kayode on Saturday night, and Winky Wright lost a unanimous decision to unbeaten
middleweight Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin. Austin Trout also defended his WBA
super welterweight title at the Home Depot Center complex south of Los Angeles
with an uneventful unanimous decision over Delvin Rodriguez. Local bantamweight
Leo Santa Cruz won the vacant IBF title with a one-sided decision over South
Africas Vusi Malinga. The 43-year-old Tarver (29-6-1) got off to a slow start
against the powerful Kayode (18-0-1), but rallied in the second half of the
bout. Tarver and Kayode each won 115-113 on one judges scorecard, and the third
was 114-114. The 40-year-old Wright was soundly outpointed in his first fight in
nearly three years. Tarver likely didnt move much closer to his goal of landing
a heavyweight title fight against a Klitschko brother, but the veteran champion
avoided his first defeat since May 2009 with a solid second-half rally. Kayode
dominated the early rounds, keeping Tarver constantly in a defensive retreat,
but Tarver broke through in the sixth round and finished strong. “I beat this
guy in every aspect,” said Tarver, who works as an analyst for Showtime. “I
dictated every round. I hit him with clean shots all night long. He was sloppy,
just like I said he was. He was just slapping and never landing. I swept him
after the sixth round. From the sixth to the 12th, it was a shutout. I was slow
to start. Thats all he had on me.” Kayode showboated and goaded Tarver to throw
more punches throughout the bout. Although Kayode landed just 8 per cent of his
punches compared to 20 per cent for Tarver, the Nigerian slugger who trains in
Hollywood under Freddie Roach reacted with outrage at the decision. “Everybody
knows I won this fight,” Kayode said. “I am a strong man. I came to fight. Power
is my name, and I did my job. I am better than him. He won because he works for
Showtime. Lets go to HBO.” Wright (51-6-1), the former middleweight champion
fighting in the co-main event behind his good friend and fellow Tampa-area
fighter Tarver, showed rust during his first fight in 38 months. He also
demonstrated a willingness to engage Quillin (27-0, 20 KOs) in one of the
defence-oriented Wrights most entertaining fights in years. Quillins speed and
power caused enormous problems for Wright, knocking him down in the fifth round
and leading to a prolonged battering in the eighth. Wright engaged with Quillin
for all 10 rounds, a change from the defence-first style he has used for most of
his career. “He definitely won the fight, no doubt at all,” Wright said. “My
timing was off. He fought a good fight, and he came prepared. I think I need to
be at 154 if I fight again. He was quicker than I thought, and he was stronger
than I thought.” Wright had fought just once since losing to Bernard Hopkins in
July 2007, losing a one-sided decision to Paul Williams in April 2009. Wright
claimed he couldnt find any fights that intrigued him, even with his 40th
birthday looming last November. Quillin was highly watchable in the biggest
victory of his career, consistently breaking through Wrights defence with
combinations and big shots. The fight was a step up in competition for Quillin,
whose style could attract bigger fights with bigger names. “Im very proud. This
was hard work for me,” said Quillin, who grew up in Grand Rapids, Mich., the
hometown of Floyd Mayweather Jr. “I threw a lot of punches and made him fight
me. He was very smart and crafty. I had to watch for the shots.” Tarver hadnt
fought since stopping Australias Danny Green last July in yet another upset
victory for the Magic Man. But with just three fights in the previous 43 months,
Tarver realizes hes running out of time to land the big-money bouts he wants:
Hes determined to fight one of the Klitschko brothers for a final
career-defining achievement. Tarver got Kayodes attention months before the
fight with critical comments about Kayodes fighting style. Kayode got mad again
in the third round when Tarver hit him as the referee separated them out of a
clinch, dismissively waving away Tarvers apologetic offer to touch gloves.
Kayode landed the majority of decent punches in the first five rounds, but
Tarver came back with several big shots in the sixth and a left hand in the
eighth that buckled Kayodes knees. Trout (25-0, 14 KOs) acknowledged he wasnt
impressive while beating Rodriguez in a decision that drew scattered boos.
Although Trout was never hurt, his low punch output and Rodriguezs ever-changing
style led to an awkward fight. Santa Cruz (20-0-1), who fights out of nearby
Rosemead, threw an astonishing 1,350 punches in a near-shutout decision victory,
losing only one round on one judges scorecard and earning the 118-pound title.
Earlier, African-Australian super middleweight Sakio Bika returned to prominence
with a dominating performance, stopping Dyah Davis in the 10th round. Fans near
ringside included 50 Cent, Lakers forward Metta World Peace, former major league
slugger and Tampa native Gary Sheffield, WBC 154-pound champion Canelo Alvarez,
WBC 122-pound champ Abner Mares, Sugar Shane Mosley, Victor Ortiz, Laila Ali,
Marshall Faulk, Lindsey Vonn and Strikeforce MMA star Ronda Rousey. Michael Crabtree Jersey . The contest was the
tournament opener for Switzerland in Group A while Latvia fell to 0-2 in the
conference standings. The Swiss overcame an early 1-0 deficit to improve to 4-0
all-time against Latvia. Aldon Smith Authentic Jersey . —NASCAR has
approved all four automakers new Sprint Cup Series race car designs for next
season. http://www.superbowlshop49ers.com/ . Howard
had 23 points and 18 rebounds, Bryant scored 20, and the in-transition Lakers
continued warming up for a possible return to the bench by Phil Jackson with a
103-89 victory over the Sacramento Kings on Sunday night. Ray McDonald Jersey . Desmond, out since July
22, missed the last 25 games with a left oblique strain. In 89 games this
season, the 26-year-old is batting .286 with 17 home runs, 53 RBIs and 15 stolen
bases. Aldon Smith Limited Jersey . But the next two
could shed a lot of light on how much of that journey the Canadian mens soccer
team will get to take.Canadian mountain bike racer Emily Batty was injured after
a crash during a training session on Tuesday. Launched over the handlebars at
more than 40 kilometres per hour, Batty suffered a cracked collarbone. Battys
coach, Adam Morka, revealed the news early on Saturday. After being thoroughly
examined by doctors at the clinic in the Olympic Village, Batty has decided to
race despite her injury. “The way it is broken, it is quite stable,” said Morka.
“Its bone against bone and has very little chance of displacing itself because
they are both pushing on each other.” After x-rays revealed the nature of the
injury, doctors visited the Hadleigh Farm mountain bike race course to watch
Batty in training on Thursdayy and cleared her to compete for the womens race on
Saturday. Justin Smith Jersey. Though Batty struggled
through the first lap, she reportedly rode the second lap cleanly. Working with
Toronto-based Dr. Kevin Jardine and national team physiotherapist Tara Baker,
Batty has prepared to compete.The team will tape the injured shoulder to
stabilize the injury.  “Emily is on better form coming into August 11th than for
South Africa,” said Morka, referring to the first World Cup of 2012, in
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, where Batty finished second. “She would have
been nothing less than a medal.” Batty has enjoyed the best season of her career
in 2012, earning her Olympic nomination in June.   ’ ’ ’ 

Feb 18, 2013 6:53am
User_img_not_found_02_med waleed20100 1191 posts

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