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Forums Way Off Topic Kaka is too pathetic! Willing to take a pay cut four into only 90 minutes to return to Milan All gone

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Jan 24, 2013 4:42am
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Nike Canada The news came so suddenly that the Italian football news list that the transaction has been completed Kaka message Galliani announced the news of the talks broke down, adjacent, Nike Shoes and in about an hour interval before, Kaka has already agreed to take a pay cut and ready to return to Milan.

Nike Shox Local time yesterday, rolling on the Italian media reported slightly less than the previous few days, but the media generally believe that this is because the transaction has been nearly completed, but not close to bankruptcy, “the whole market,” said Galliani will not before flying to Madrid to go face-to-face talks, Nike Free the most crucial thing will be able to use e-mail or fax finalized. After noon local time, “the whole market,” said day of negotiations has begun, even likely to be completed in the day, around 16:00, the sky station revealed that Kaka has agreed to reduce the salary, the Spanish media confirmed that Kaka is willing to own salary reduced from 10 million euros to 600 million, infinitely close to the requirements of AC Milan [microblogging] Kaka ready for the baggage to Milan.

Nike Air Max Mediaset famous reporter Pellet Gatti even said emotionally: “October 26, 2008, Kaka against Atlanta scored the winning goal, which is never unreal depiction in the novel, Nike Air Yeezy and now has become increasingly likely, will be formally announced but Sky Sports also stressed that barriers still exist, that is, AC Milan and Real Madrid [microblogging] between the rental period after next summer, Nike LunarGlide Real Madrid do not want to, but also Kaka’s sixth contract years to recover him, because as Kaka salary tax paid means that Real Madrid will be up to 52%, which is unwilling to Real Madrid, and how the loan, how long, Nike Air Jordan and whether to set mandatory buyout and become annual salary after the biggest obstacle.

Nike LeBron Is in Pellet Gatti then after less than a half an hour, “the whole market,” said the negotiations between AC Milan and Real Madrid completely frozen, the deal is very pessimistic, very difficult to reach an agreement, and then about an hour later, Galliani announced officially, Nike Kobe Kaka transaction fails. Time of 90 minutes, has been well prepared to go to Milan, Kaka, and again to stay in the Bernabeu, Nike Air Force and his wife a few days ago said, is about to return to the Milan promised, and did not realize.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Galliani previously announced open Kaka trading, the Italian media have commented traditional programs of AC Milan transfer window open trading, negotiating, negotiating, and then rupture, a transfer window passed. The famous reporter Peiduliya in late last night, said: “Kids Nike Free Run We have tried to respond, and then respond on the final solution is always the same, always Kaka, AC Milan In fact, in recent years also is the same, everyone knows that (money). “


Jan 24, 2013 4:48am
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Forums Way Off Topic Kaka is too pathetic! Willing to take a pay cut four into only 90 minutes to return to Milan All gone

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