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Jan 8, 2013 7:44pm
Medium lingzi 1454 posts

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. Alex Smith Jersey . —Peyton Manning says
its going to take him a while to settle into his new digs in Denver after
spending 14 years in Indianapolis. He looked right at home in his new duds
Thursday, though. Mannings passes on the first day of Broncos training camp were
as powerful and precise as ever, delighting his coaches, teammates and the 4,371
boisterous fans who crammed into the teams Dove Valley complex for their first
glimpse of Manning in orange and blue. The biggest crowd for a non-stadium
practice in team history watched Mannings first practice in front of fans in
nearly two years. “We had (Tim) Tebow last year and he brings out his own fan
base,” Champ Bailey said. “Just to see more people out here on the first day
than Ive seen in the past, its great. I think everybodys starting to expect some
good things from us.” The Broncos, without a winning season since 2006, welcome
those high expectations. “I mean, Ive always been confident, but it does help
when you have a four-time MVP as your quarterback,” Bailey said. The crowd
greeted Manning when he ran onto the field, just as they welcomed Tebow a year
ago, with huge cheers and chants. “Im going to tell you guys a funny story,”
defensive tackle and top draft pick Derek Wolfe said. “When we came out here
today, I was right in front of Manning and I didnt know it. They made a pretty
big fuss, and I was like, Why are they yelling so crazy for me? Then I looked
behind me and it was Manning standing there.” Finally. After starting his first
277 consecutive games, including the playoffs, Manning missed all of last year
with a nerve injury that sapped strength from his throwing arm, required four
neck operations, led to his teary departure from Indianapolis and spawned the
biggest free agent frenzy in NFL history. The Broncos prevailed, thanks largely
to John Elways pitch and patience. After signing Manning to a five-year, $96
million deal, the Broncos jettisoned Tebow and the option-oriented offence for a
traditional passing approach built around the leagues only four-time MVP. All of
the off-season practices were closed to the public, so some fans camped out
overnight for the chance to see their new QB Thursday. They were rewarded when
Manning put on an absolute clinic during a crisp 2 1/2-hour practice. “I thought
it was a good first day,” Manning said. “You can tell guys have been working.
Its hot out here. We had a real good tempo.” Coach John Fox said Mannings work
will be regulated during training camp and into the season, but he likes where
his arm strength is and wont put any restrictions on the types of throws Manning
makes. “He didnt take the last five weeks off by any stretch,” Fox said. “Were
happy with where he is.” So are these fans. There werent No. 15 jerseys dotting
the crowd like last year. Nor was there an abundance of errant throws like last
summer, when Tebow started out as Kyle Ortons backup before winning the job by
default in October and leading Denver into the playoffs despite a 46 per cent
completion percentage. There were plenty of No. 18 jerseys this time, many of
which Manning signed after practice. “I look forward to training camp because
that means football season is getting closer and I do think this is important
work for us,” Manning said. “Its certainly important for me, in the two-a-days
and getting multiple plays and multiple looks run against our defence.” Manning
isnt looking back, either. “Ive kind of gotten past that part, and I havent
gotten too nostalgic about it,” Manning said. “Im glad to be here, glad to be
playing with some really good guys and coaches that I enjoy. They really made me
feel welcome, which I appreciate.” Fox said he has no overriding concerns about
Mannings durability: “No. Well, you worry about all players. Every time you go
between those lines youre at risk. In answer to your question, I worry about all
of them but not because of any past injury.” Manning, who has “stopped giving
percentages” regarding how healthy he is, said he still has more rehabilitation
ahead, but his goal remains to participate fully in training camp, preseason and
the regular season. Fox said Manning is a player who “raises all boats,” with
his work ethic and determination rubbing off on teammates on both sides of the
ball. He said he saw that play out even in the off-season. “Part of learning a
profession, or getting better, or mastering, or improving in a profession, is
watching guys who have done it very well or done it great,” Fox said. Running
back Lance Ball said offensive players are driven to please Manning. “Hes a
player/coach, so he wants things precise, he wants you to be at a certain point
at a certain time, just know your stuff and just work hard,” Ball said. “Guys
put a little pep in their step. They want to make sure theyre on point and
right, and pleasing the coaches and also Peyton.” Cornerback Tracy Porter, who
played the last four seasons with Drew Brees in New Orleans, said Manning makes
Denvers defence better, too: “Because facing him forces you to really practice
and lock in and watch film and be on top of your technique,” Porter said.
“Because you dont want to go out to practice and have these guys seeing you out
of position. Because they see things before it happens, those Hall of Fame
quarterbacks. And you dont want to get the ball thrown at you that often in
practice.” Manning hasnt played in a game since the Colts wild-card loss to the
New York Jets following the 2010 season. “I have missed it, and Ive never taken
it for granted to be out there playing,” Manning said. ”... Ive always felt very
fortunate to be playing in a game for a living.” Notes: WR Brandon Stokley (flu)
was the only absence from practice. DT Justin Bannan (calf) and rookie DE
Jamie Blatnick (ankle) were limited. ... Rookie WR Eric Page, who had a chance
of making the team as a returner, was released after blowing out a knee last
week. Isaac Sopoaga Jersey . There were bonuses for
the White Sox on this steamy afternoon, too. Sale didnt have to work very hard,
never facing more than four batters in any inning, and the lagging lineup
snapped to life with a season-high 21 hits. Carlos Rogers Jersey . That could be the best
way to describe the streak D.J. Kennington is on right now in the NASCAR
Canadian Tire Series presented by Mobil 1. http://www.49ersfansroom.com/justin-smith-jersey
. Though Bender has never played at right back for his club Bayer Leverkusen, he
took over the role during Germanys Euro 2012 training for Saturdays game against
the Portuguese. “Ive liked a lot what Ive seen in training, Lars Bender could do
it well,” Loew said. Roger Craig Jersey . The team was drained
after criss-crossing the country for speaking engagements and events in the year
after winning gold at the Vancouver Games. Deion Sanders 49ers Jersey . So when he came
to the plate in the eighth inning, Chisenhall had one objective—a
double.CHICAGO—It could have been an all-star team. First Alex Ovechkin
strode through the hotel lobby and into a meeting room. Soon Jonathan Toews,
John Tavares, Shea Weber, Shane Doan and more than 40 other NHLers followed—
as sure a sign as any about how seriously members of the NHL Players Association
are taking their last set of meetings before negotiations begin on a new
collective bargaining agreement. “I think everybody has to be involved,”
Ovechkin said Monday. “Its the future for everybody. ... Its our lives.” This is
uncharted territory for the two-time Hart Trophy winner. Even though Ovechkin
seems like hes been everywhere since taking the NHL by storm, this was the first
time during his seven-year career that hes attended a union meeting held in
North America. Hes come here to stump for the importance of having NHLers
participate in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia while also familiarizing
himself with some of the other key issues expected to be on the table. Donald
Fehr has repeatedly talked about how important it is for a wide variety of
players to be engaged in the process. Now that hes reached the moment of truth
—formal CBA talks with the NHL will begin “very quickly” after this session
ends Wednesday, according to Fehr—it appears as though the NHLPAs executive
director got what he wanted. “Its absolutely clear to me that they are
(engaged),” said Fehr. “This is true from the youngest player that just got here
and is sort of looking around trying to figure out if he belongs and some of the
biggest stars that weve got. Youll have a bunch of players of varying levels of
celebrity that will be here this week and therell be all kinds of players coming
through the bargaining meetings once they start. ... “I expect a very wide
participation from all parts of the membership.” This is a change from the last
round of CBA negotiations, which were conducted by former NHLPA boss Bob
Goodenow with a seven-player executive board and ultimately saw the 2004-05
season wiped out by a lockout. A negotiating committee of more than 30 players
will be unveiled this week and Fehr is encouraging any other member of the union
to attend bargaining sessions as well. If it all goes to plan, the NHLPA should
have strength in numbers. Interestingly, Fehr intends to take time during this
weeks meetings to review the factors that led to labour strife and a lost season
last time around. Justin Smith Elite Jersey. The unspoken part
of that strategy is that he wants to bring young players up to speed on what
went wrong in an effort to avoid seeing the mistakes of the past repeated. The
unions membership has dropped sharply in age since the lockout thanks to rule
changes that opened up the game and encouraged teams to go younger. Toews was in
high school during the last round of negotiations and remembers how excited he
was when hockey eventually returned. Now he intends to make his voice heard
behind the scenes. “The league is very young right now … but we need to show
that were together and were willing to learn and see what we can do this
summer,” said Toews. The CBA is scheduled to expire on Sept. 15—although Fehr
pointed out that there is the potential to continue negotiating beyond that date
without a work stoppage. That tactic was used during his long tenure with
baseballs union. “By the way, theres nothing magic about Sept. 15,” said Fehr.
“The law is that if you dont have a new agreement and as long as both sides are
willing to keep negotiating, you can continue playing under the terms of the old
one until you reach an agreement.” That suggestion might not be as far-fetched
as it first sounds. The hostility and impending sense of doom that hovered over
the last round of talks is nowhere to be found now. Instead, there is
uncertainty and even some cautious optimism, especially from veteran players who
have already sacrificed a year of their careers and see a more peaceful outcome
on the horizon this time around. “The negotiation part of it is different in the
fact its really more about numbers,” said Doan. “Last time it was more about
concept. I think thats different and hopefully it gets worked out.” Its clear
there will be a number of players helping Fehr navigate the ship. The attendees
at this weeks meeting offer a true cross-section of the sport—with players
who just completed their entry-level contracts and those on 35-and-over deals,
not to mention everything else in between. “We need as many guys, whether theyre
big names or not, to be involved,” said Toews. “The more we can meet like this
and talk about things and just kind of feel it out, the more well know about
what guys want. Its kind of what Im here for.” Added Ovechkin: “Its our future,
so I think its important for us.” ’ ’ ’ 

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