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Dec 26, 2012 11:19am
User_img_not_found_03_med glabe 15 posts

I believe that for most people, Beats by Dre Cheapest headphones is the most practical, portable headphones can easily go out to listen to music, this is very important for busy people are living in, of course, you can also be at home listening The lightweight structure is also very easy storage and storage. Student users and young users has been the main force of portable headphones, headphones not only for them, good sound quality, easy to carry and stylish appearance is also very important.

White Pro Beats by dre headphones is a low-end portable headphones. Overall headset with dark colors, the workmanship is very fine overall appearance looks simple and elegant. White Pro Beats by dre headphones with a folding structure, two units can be folded inside the head beam, in order to better facilitate folding. Headphones inside the first beam and earmuffs part with a soft sponge material made of breathable, more comfortable to wear for prolonged listening. Parameters, White Pro Beats by dre headphone frequency response range is 10-28000Hz, impedance of 32 ohms, sensitivity 105dB, relatively easy to drive to use; made optimized headset for MP3 and other portable audio particularly suitable to go out with a portable audio listening to music. Pay more attention to the low-frequency performance headphones in the sound quality, particularly suitable for friends who like to listen to rock and jazz.

Red Beats Pro by dre is a midrange portable headphones using the the classic glasses case folding modeling can be admitted to a small volume, easy to carry out the use. The headset has a black and white color options, looks more simple. Headphones head beam at both ends are wrapped around a thick cotton material to reduce wear oppressively; earmuffs part with a soft sponge material made, good air