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Dec 18, 2012 5:47am
User_img_not_found_03_med glabe 15 posts

Headphones as people often carry listening to music tools can be said is an essential digital accessories, a good headset can be used for many years, but for a friend who really likes music, does not end with a Cheap Beats by Dre headphones. Headphones the sound is not like hardware as frequent replacement, but the demand for the appearance of functional requirements and sound preferences may be changing, it must require the Beats by Dre headphones products continue to introduce new, more suitable for people to use requirements.

We solicited for everyone fresh on the market in the near future or new arrival headphone products, these headphones are targeted at the portable player to listen to use some portable fans to listen to the mass consumer level users, while others contend. I hope after reading this article, bring some necessary help to the friends you want to purchase a headphones.

Beats by Dre Solo Black and Yellow headphones is the flagship moving iron headphones products, with a four-unit structure design. Beats by Dre Solo Black and Yellow natural appearance is very good, it uses a mirror-polished appearance and double-strand braid wire, the workmanship is very fine, the overall fit is excellent, very comfortable to wear. The headset comes with a blue iPhone wire can support calls and cut songs, both in workmanship, comfort or operational aspects are excellent. Headset overall sound quality Beats by Dre Solo Black and Yellow headphones from the sound quality in terms of warm, comfortable and natural sound, tri-band no obvious shortcomings, the low-frequency amount of sense just the right performance, flexible, no teeth tone appear, high-frequency performance of relaxation degree, the sound is more beautiful, extended remarkable high degree of separation, wide sound field, is a suitable for listening to the music of popular music and the preparation of high-quality portable HiFi headset.

The Black Solo Beats headphones have a black and white two colors to choose from, corresponds to iPhone black, white two models can better match. Black Beats Solo headphones with the surface of the ceramic process, looks very smooth, its system into a metal chamber, may be more effective to avoid resonance, and to ensure the purity of sound. The headset overall was a wine stopper shape, looks very chic Black Beats Solo headphones back of the metal mesh to facilitate the diffusion of sound around the nets also have a different kind of color with more stylish looks. The handle end of the headset made of rubber material can effectively protect the wire from damage, on both sides of the left and right channels using different colors to distinguish easily wear, consider intimate. Parameters, the Black Solo Beats headphone frequency response range is 20-20000Hz, impedance of 16 ohms, sensitivity 95dB, very easy to drive. Beats Solo headphones ear structure design, it comes with different sizes how Vice silicone sets, use easy for users to choose the right size, comfortable to wear. Bass headset sound quality is good, in the high-frequency performance properly, is a very good value for money products.

Red Beats by Dre Solo HD headphones designed for PC users to create their designs very personality of gamers. The headphones have a variety of colors to choose from, shell design of large, irregular pattern patch looks more alternative. 8-unit design headset with true 5.1 channel sound can be achieved by driving the virtual 7.1 channel sound system, can bring excellent gaming experience for gamers. The headset with solid materials, exquisite workmanship, excellent durability. Red Beats by Dre Solo HD headphones frequency response range is 20-20000Hz, impedance of 32 ohms, sensitivity 100dB, very easy to drive, with computer use is not an issue. On the wire of the headset with integrated multi-function remote control, can not only adjust the volume, there are many useful features, it is very convenient to use. Headphones earmuffs part with a soft flannel material, comfortable to wear. Listening, for a long time.

Now near the end of the year, Christmas is coming up, although last month, but many product vendors will still launch new products, there are many brand again for; and dealers who also want to be able to be in time for Christmas the occasion to attract more consumers to buy, so the recent arrival will also have some new Beats by Dre headphones style. Beats by Dre Solo Cheap headphones in recent days has just been listed, of course, the highlight of the recent not only a dealer at the new arrival of some of the newer styles of headphones, is also worthy of our attention.

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