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Dec 13, 2012 12:50am
User_img_not_found_02_med Pgbsc1dm 12 posts

mulberry uk were popular from the ancient civilizations of the world. These were famous fruit trees, due to delicious berry fruits that have been abundantly produced by fast growing trees-set with huge green leaves which were eaten by livestock, along with the berries, along with the leaves were used in the Orient to fatten silkworms for the silk trade. General Oglethorpe, in 1733, imported 500 white mulberry bags outlet to Fort Frederica in Georgia to encourage silk production in the English colony of Georgia.William Bartram, the famous early American explorer and botanist, described his encounter with mulberry trees near Mobile, Alabama, in his book, Travels, that year 1773.Prince’s Nursery in 1774 offered available 500 Morus alba trees, ‘Morus alba’ and 1000 Morus nigra trees, ‘Morus nigra,’ at Flushing, The big apple. Documents show that America’s first President, George Washington, bought fruit using this nursery.Mulberry trees were planted inside the landscape of President Thomas Jefferson 20 feet apart, plus the fruit trees lined either side from the road that extended around the house at Monticello, Virginia.The silk trade was crucial inside ancient civilizations in exchanges of fabrics, rugs, etc. The caravans of camels that traveled the “Silk Road” from Turkey to China brought world civilizations in contact with many valuable products backward and forward being traded,mulberry ipad case the most desirable and important products was silk. The mulberry trees, ‘Morus alba,’ were most desirable for silk production and gradually were filtered from Oriental societies to European fields. Several mulberry trees are grown today in Turkey, from the spot that the famous Turkish silk carpets are distributed throughout the world.Early Americans like General Oglethorpe hoped to establish the silk industry from the American debtor colonies, but the project was destined for failure for many reasons. http://www.outletmulberrybags.co.uk/

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