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Dec 4, 2012 9:05pm
Medium lingzi 1454 posts

Junior dos Santos successfully defended his UFC heavyweight title with a second
round TKO against challenger Frank Mir. Ryan Kerrigan Womens Jersey . In the
undercard, Cain Velasquez defeated Antonio Silva via TKO and Roy Nelson knocked
out Dave Herman. Relive all the action from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las
Vegas with TSN.cas Fight-By-Fight Breakdown. Fight-by-fight results from UFC
146: dos Santos vs. Mir. MAIN CARD Junior dos Santos (14-1-0) vs. Frank Mir
(16-5-0) First Round – Mir looking to grab a hold of dos Santos leg, but dos
Santos slips out of it. dos Santos lands a couple of stiff jabs. Mir looking to
throw leg kicks as dos Santos looks to load up the right hand. Mir not going for
the takedown, willing to stand and trade with dos Santos thus far. dos Santos
catches Mir with a big punch. Mir stumbles and dos Santos pounds away and drops
Mir. Mir continues to stagger around, but makes it out of the round. TSN.ca
Scorecard: dos Santos (10-9). Second Round – dos Santos lands a nice right hand
at the start of the round. dos Santos drops Mir with a punch, Mir ends up on his
back, but dos Santos lets him up. Mir continues to throw leg kicks, but dos
Santos is throwing the harder punches. dos Santos drops Mir and pounds away as
Mir falls backwards. Herb Dean steps in to stop it. dos Santos wins by TKO
(Punches) at 3:04 in the second round.   Cain Velasquez (9-1-0) vs. Antonio
Silva (16-3-0) First Round – Velasquez with an early takedown as he catches
Silvas kick. Silva cut badly on a short elbow by Velasquez. Referee stands them
up and calls for the doctor to check the cut on the bridge of Silvas nose.
Doctor says Silva is okay to continue. Valasquez continues to pound away on
Silva. Velasquez reigning down punches and Silva may be having trouble
seeing because of the blood which is all over both fighters. The referee steps
in to stop it as Silva is unable to defend himself. Velasquez wins by TKO
(Punches) at 3:36 in the first round.   Roy Nelson (17-7-0) vs. Dave Herman
(21-3-0) First Round – Fighters feeling each other out, Herman with a couple of
push kicks. Nelson with a huge right hand over the top that lands to the chin.
Herman goes down and the referee steps in and stops it. Nelson wins by
Knockout (Punch) at 0:51 in the first round.   Stipe Miocic (8-0-0)  vs. Shane
Del Rosario (11-0-0) First Round – Del Rosario throwing body kicks, Miocic
looking for combinations early in the round. Del Rosario lands a solid left hand
inside. Another good left hand by Del Rosario. All the action on the feet in
this first round. Miocic gets a takedown late in the round, but lets Del Rosario
up as the round ends. TSN.ca Scorecard: Del Rosario (10-9). Second Round –
Miocic takes Del Rosario down in the first minute of Round 2. Miocic lands a
couple of solid punches on Del Rosario. Miocic with a full mount and Del Rosario
is bleeding from his nose and above his left eye. Miocic continues the assault
with big elbows and the referee steps in and stops it. Miocic wins by TKO
(Elbows, Punches) at 3:14 in the second round.   Stefan Struve (27-5-0) vs.
Lavar Johnson (17-5-0) First Round – Johnson pushing forward early. Struve goes
down, but has a hold of Johnsons arm and goes for a submission from the bottom.
Struve locks it in and the referee steps in and stops the fight as Johnson taps.
Struve wins by Submission (Armbar) at 1:05 in the first round.   PRELIMINARY
CARD Diego Brandao (19-7-0) vs. Darren Elkins (14-2-0) First Round – Brandao
going for some big shots early. Fighters go to the ground, Brandao ends up on
top, but in full guard. Brandao stands and lets Elkins up. Brandao lands a knee
and takes Elkins down. Again lets Elkins stand up. Brandao lands some big left
hands and Elkins goes down. Brandao lands a big right with Elkins on the mat.
Brandao ends up in Elkins full guard. Round ends with Brandao on top of Elkins
against the cage. TSN.ca Scorecard: Brandao (10-8). Second Round – Slower start
to Round 2. Fighters trading minor shots in the middle of the ring. Brandao
slips going for a front kick and Elkins takes advantage and takes Brandao down.
Elkins staying active on top, landing some minor shots. Gains full mount and
starts to land bigger punches. Brandao trying to survive the round and is able
to do so. TSN.ca Scorecard: Elkins (10-9). Third Round – Elkins gets a takedown
to open the thrid round. Brandao has slowed coonsiderably since the opening
round. Elkins landing some body and head shots and gains full mount with half
the round to go. Elkins wearing Brandao down with short punches. Brandao able to
get up and takes Elkins down into full guard. Fight ends with Brandao on top,
but unable to land any big shots. TSN.ca Scorecard: Elkins (10-9). Elkins wins
by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).   Edson Barboza (10-0-0) vs. Jamie
Varner (19-6-1, 2 NC) First Round – Barboza lands a couple of leg kicks, but
goes for a head kick which Varner catches and takes Barboza down. Barboza gets
to his feet, taking little punishment. Fighters trade shots, Varner gets the
better of the exchange with a hard right hand. Varner pushes forward, lands some
big shots and Barboza is hanging on. Varner pushes Barboza to the fence, takes
him down, landing huge punches and the referee steps in and stops the fight.
Varner wins by TKO (Punches) at 3:23 in the first round.   Jason Miller (24-9-0,
1 NC) vs. C.B. Dolloway (12-5-0) First Round – Miller lands a solid punch,
Dolloway responds and Miller locks in a guillotine which Dolloway slides out of.
Miller slips down and Dolloway takes his back and lands some punches from
behind. Fight goes to the ground with Dolloway not doing much from Millers back.
Miller appears to have an issue with his left knee-may have irritated an earlier
injury. Dolloway gains a full mount, but doesnt land any good shots. TSN.ca
Scorecard: Dolloway (10-9). Second Round – Miller favouring his left knee as
fighters come out for Round 2. Dolloway staggers backwards, Miller moves in, but
cant maintain momentum. Dolloway gets Miller up against cage and lands some
minor blows from on top. Round ends with Dolloway on top, but not landing much.
TSN.ca Scorecard: Dolloway (10-9). Third Round – Dolloway takes Miller down to
begin the round. Dolloway lands some short punches from Millers back on the
ground. Miller stands up, but Dolloway throws him back down. Dolloway flattens
Miller out on the ground and starts throwing some harder punches to the sides of
Millers head. Round ends with Miller on his back. Dominant round by Dolloway.
TSN.ca Scorecard: Dolloway (10-8). Dolloway wins by Unanimous Decision (29-28,
30-26, 29-28).   Dan Hardy (23-10-0, 1 NC) vs. Duane Ludwig (29-12-0) First
Round – Ludwig lands first strikes with