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Nov 27, 2012 9:16pm
Medium lingzi 1454 posts

MIAMI —The Miami Marlins latest homestand ended with their new ballpark still
standing, despite Giancarlo Stanton blasting home runs off it. Terrell Suggs Jersey . He became the first
player to hit the home-run sculpture, and the first player to homer into the
beer garden. He also knocked out a section of the scoreboard with a homer.
“Thats why we have maintenance workers—to fix the things Giancarlo breaks,”
Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria said with a chuckle. The 6-foot-5, 246-pound Stanton
has become a master of the tape-measure homer and more. He hit 12 home runs in
May to tie the franchise record for a single month, and drove in 30 runs. Since
the start of the expansion era in 1961, the only other player under age 23 to
total more homers and RBIs in a single month was Bob Horner in 1980, the Marlins
said, citing the Elias Sports Bureau. Stanton doesnt turn 23 until November.
“Unbelievable,” teammate Jose Reyes said, shaking his head. “No one hits the
ball harder than that guy. Its fun to watch. And hes only 22. Its unbelievable.
Hes 22! Unbelievable. Unbelievable.” “Hes a little bit of a freak,” teammate
John Buck added. Opponents are likewise impressed. “Theres not a park thats
going hold him,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. The buzz about the Marlins
right fielder has been slowly building since he had three hits in his
major-league debut in 2010. His majestic clouts are attracting more notice now
that the perennially overlooked Marlins are on the national radar thanks to an
off-season spending spree and a 21-8 record in May, best in the majors. Just
when the name Mike Stanton was starting to catch on—thanks to 56 homers in
his first two seasons—the slugger asked to be called Giancarlo. His full name
is Giancarlo Cruz Michael Stanton, and he went with Mike in school because it
was easier to pronounce. Pretty much everyone has adjusted to the rebranding
except for Stantons biggest fan, Cash Johnson. Hes the 4-year-old son of Marlins
right-hander Josh Johnson. “Cash calls him Mike Stanton every time,” Johnson
said. “Not Stanton, not Mike, but Mike Stanton. He has always been his favourite
player. He was in the weight room with Stanton on one of those physio balls
stretching out with him, and he cried when he had to leave because he wanted to
stay. “He doesnt talk to anybody unless his name is Mike Stanton. I dont know if
I can switch him over to Giancarlo.” Cash is part of a growing throng of
admirers. Stanton went to a Miami Heat playoff game this week and was besieged
by fans wanting to pose with him for photos. Hes fine with the attention. “Being
more popular or whatever comes with the territory,” he said. “Its better to be
good and popular than someone who has people saying, Whatever. Hes an OK
player.” The Californian started the season less than OK. On April 28 he was
hitting .246 with no home runs, and its hardly a coincidence the Marlins were
8-12 and last in the NL East. “When he was struggling, we went to San
Francisco,” Buck recalled. “I told him, All you need is a little West Coast air,
since youre from here. Get that in those big old muscles of yours, and youre
going to take off. He hit a bomb in San Francisco and I said, There you go, take
off. Maybe he took it literally.” Stanton hit five homers in a seven-game
stretch and has hardly slowed since. His walk-off grand slam beat the Mets, and
his grand slam against the Rockies made part of the scoreboard go blank. He
doesnt have to homer to make jaws drop. Early this year he hit a liner that
never climbed higher than 10 feet and still reached the centre field wall on a
single bounce. “Ive never seen anybody hit a one-hopper to the fence, and he did
it,” manager Ozzie Guillen said. “In my time, I dont see anybody who has the
ball jump off his bat like this kid.” Stanton said the ball he hit hardest in
May wasnt a homer, but a double that started a comeback in the ninth to beat
Mets closer Frank Francisco. He begins June ranked among NL leaders with 13
homers and 39 RBIs, and his average is a season-high .304. The statistic that
makes him proudest is the last one. “Thats the kind of hitter Ive been working
to be,” he said. “I dont like having a low average, period. I dont like the
whole 1 for 5 with a homer and everyone else is like great game because you hit
a homer. I really dont like that kind of game.” Stanton batted .343 in May, and
Guillen said the reason was his willingness to hit pitches up the middle and to
right field. Guillen considers his young slugger a potential .300 hitter. “He
has the talent to do it,” Guillen said. “And if this guy hits .300, he has a
chance to win the MVP, because hell have RBIs and home runs.” The biggest
concern about Stanton is keeping him healthy, in part because he tends to flop
about in right field with coltish zeal. But with his bat, he appears
invulnerable. Stanton took a 90-mph fastball in the left forearm Wednesday and
didnt even flinch, later reporting only a slight bruise. “The ball,” he said
with a smile, “has a dent.” Ed
Reed Jersey
. LOUIS —St. Justin Tucker Jersey . Darvish held San Diego
to five hits over eight innings and got his first major league hit to help the
Texas Rangers beat the Padres 4-2 on Wednesday for their sixth straight win. http://www.ravensproshop.com/ray-rice-jerseys
. And perhaps the best there is, period. They kept the man known as Megatron out
of the end zone last season, and that will be the No. 1 priority again Sunday
night in a Week 2 conference showdown at Candlestick Park in the defending NFC
West champion Niners home opener. Joe
Flacco Jersey
. —If Peyton Manning is sore, hes not saying. Dennis Pitta Jersey . Park, of Korea, was
eliminated for leaving the blocks early. Although his times were not released,
it is likely that the disqualification allowed Cochrane, of Victoria, to qualify
for his first 400m freestyle Olympic final.CALGARY—Former Calgary Flames
forward Martin Gelinas is back with the team as an assistant coach. Gelinas will
join new head coach Bob Hartley, assistant coach Jacques Cloutier and
goaltending coal Clint Malarchuk for the 2012-13 season. He was director of
player development for the Nashville Predators for the past three seasons. “When
this came about and I had this opportunity, it was a tough decision because Im
leaving a franchise where in Nashville I was treated very well where David Poile
(Predators GM) is a great man and treated me like family,” Gelinas said on
Thursday. Gelinas played 20 seasons in the NHL for the Edmonton Oilers, Quebec
Nordiques, Vancouver Canucks, Carolina Hurricanes, Florida Panthers, Predators
and Flames. He won a Stanley Cup with the Oilers in 1990. He spent two seasons
with the Flames from 2002 to 2004. During Calgarys run to the Stanley Cup final
in 2004, Gelinas scorred three goals that clinched a playoff series win,
including two in overtime. Michael Oher Jersey. “After the 2004 run, it
was a dream of mine to come back and work for this organization,” said Gelinas.
“Calgarys home for me. Its always been since I left.” It was Craig Conroy, the
special assistant to general manager Jay Feaster, who recommended his former
Flames teammate for the job. “Inside Im doing backflips,” said Conroy. “Im
thinking, wow, this is great. I was just so happy. I thought that this is a
great fit. Hes exactly everything what were looking for. Im just happy he
decided to take the job.” Feaster says he expects Gelinas to be work closely
with Hartley on power-play strategies. “I know that (Hartley) has already spoken
to him that he wants him heavily involved in the special teams both on the
power-play and the penalty kill,” said Feaster. ’ ’ ’ 

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