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Nov 18, 2012 2:35am
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I purchased an Louis Vuitton wallet for my brother-in law over the Holidays by via customer service (due to no availability in store’s) customer service found 1 in Oakbrook IL.  After purchase, he wanted something else. I decided to return the wallet to Geary St. L.V. I was greeted by the assistant manager ( I don’t like giving names ) she was very nasty at greeting me. I informed her I had a return. She grabbed the bag & look’d at the wallet like it was a fake & asked for the receipt.
I said it’s there in the bag (I received an email receipt & client gift receipt)
she said  w/attitude  “no I can’t return w/out the receipt ”  ?   W – T
I was very upset  due to the fact I paid $$$ Dollars for a wallet (always buy Louis Vuitton handbags, wallets & shoes every year for me & family) & drove 35 miles to the closest L.V. store around me (been treated like crap in the past there).
At this point – I’m being treated like trash on streets.
I asked for the manager. She then took off to the back room for 10 minutes. Came out w/another sales person (he gave me a nasty look over – while walking to the register counter) she then approached me w/no words on the status to speaking w/a manager – just said  “stand in line”.
Stood there for 15 minutes until it was my turn (lucky me – I got the nasty look over guy) he opened the bag (again – looked at the wallet like it was a fake) to say in a curt way   “I can’t return this w/out a receipt” HUH
I then asked to speak w/a manager. He said “I am the manager & you need to have the receipt – while pointing the return policy on the receipt ( I felt like he was being rude & racist).
I informed him the wallet was shipped to me w/a gift receipt & sales receipt by via email (had all in bag) also, you can look up my last sales history in your system. He refused to offer any further assistance on the matter.
Called customer service to place a complaint about their management staff.
The Manager of the store called me – only to argue the fact that his team did a good job w/servicing me (WHAT ?).
At the end – customer service (apologized about the way I was treated – & seemed not surprised about their unprofessional-ism) sent me to the Stevens Creek L.V. in Valley Fair. The manager there is AWESOME. He was disgusted to hear how I was treated.
He said – ” I don’t understand how they could not return the wallet w/the receipts you had on hand”. He acknowledged the Oakbrook store sent receipt by via email/not by US mail.
Never received a call back from customer service on the issue.
Seems like L.V. wants you to go away – after they get your money.
Being a women of color – I will never shop in the S.F. Geary St. L.V
I’m taking my money to Louis Vuitton outlet.


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Forums Way Off Topic Louis Vuitton at Geary Street Treat Women of Color with No Respect

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