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Nov 18, 2012 2:34am
User_img_not_found_04_med lvbagsoutlet 36 posts

I swear this Louis Vuitton outlet store must be listed in guide books because it is like a tourist stop every time I go in. Tons of people, very little English and 10 people hogging 1 mirror and trying on bags they aren’t buying. I try to limit my visits to opening (not weekends) or closing when there are less people. I also make sure to only wear all premium designer when I come here so as to get any service. A piece of advice: only buy things there is no chance you will return because if you do attempt to return something not only is it an elongated process but they will stare you down to the point where you won’t want to return. Don’t try and return something past the return window, they don’t budge and they will inspect your item so make sure nothing happened to it.
They don’t keep things in stock. Every time i need to buy authentic Louis Vuitton handbags, I have to try them all on and pay in advance (wait a whole weekday to get them) then return two of them when they arrive. It’s a pain. The only reason I’m giving it this many stars is because my shoe salesperson there is awesome. Turns out they are nice when you are a repetitive buyer. Visit the one in NY or Vegas which has a more fulsome collection. The LA store is equally as pretentious (rodeo not Santa Monica Place though that has less selection).


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