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Nov 15, 2012 6:15am
User_img_not_found_03_med glabe 15 posts

As the world’s headphone brand Beats by Dr. Dre, the quality of their headphones excellent natural no doubt, but it is still considered to consumers’ fashion needs, Black dre beats solo hd is a flagship the stylish portable player headphones, it The ultra-lightweight construction, fashion design, is a good choice for the younger group. We recently learned that the Black dre beats solo hd headphones will be held November 16 on the headset promotion, can be described as very good value from the original price adjustment to 99USD, interested friends purchase it at beatsoloshd.com.

Black dre beats solo hd headphones

Dre beats solo hd headphones designed for portable player to listen to build its overall use of ultra-lightweight steel frame structure, unique detachable design, it’s hollow head beam can be removed from the shell buttons makes the headset unit, housing and buttons can be separated to ensure the excellent portability. Design of the headset is also very stylish, the auricular polished, smooth and very high level, looks bright. The headphones provide a variety of housing for the user to arbitrarily replace, giving the user a lot of freedom with the space.

Dre beats solo hd Black Headset Features:

  • Fashion Colorful multicolor optional, lightweight structural design
  • Wear comfortable fit, easy to drive use
  • Product type dynamic headphones
  • Ways to wear headset
  • Function uses ordinary headphones
  • Frequency range 17-20000Hz
  • Product impedance 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity 128dB
  • Headphone plug 3.5mm plug (DIP, gold-plated)
  • Headphone cable 1.5m

Dre beats solo hd headphones have red, black, white three fashion colors to choose from, this Dre beats solo hd headphones look very young atmosphere, with petal-shaped breathable mesh design on its shell, looks very fashion. Headphones head beam with a super-lightweight steel frame structure, light also has excellent flexibility. The folded structure headset, two storage unit to the inside of the first beam, excellent portability.

Black dre beats solo hd headphones designed for fashion young users to create, its design is very stylish, ultra-lightweight folding structure design, performance portability, is to go out to listen to a good choice. Black dre beats solo hd headset very easy to drive to use with a portable phone and MP3 audio listening very appropriate. The sound quality of the headphones tri-band equalization, the sense of hearing natural, fully adequate to meet the general music lovers.

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Forums Way Off Topic Black dre beats solo hd headphones specifically designed for fashion young users

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