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Nov 8, 2012 9:28am
User_img_not_found_03_med glabe 15 posts

Undoubtedly the player to listen to the requirements is a convenience, but not necessarily a pursuit the HiFi-level sound quality to enjoy, perhaps a lot of excellent headphone to provide higher-quality sound, but not suited to going out to listen to it limits them The use of the environment. A lot of people carry is to enjoy the music, and they may not pursue a harsh sound quality, practicality, portability and ease of carriage and storage-based, and even portable headphones for this demand, the headphones relative occupy a greater advantage.

In fact, some good headphones not only has a full convenience and performance in sound quality is decent view of the general people are choosing to listen to the popular types of music, such as pop, rock and dance music, to meet this demand of the listening headphones and in fact minority. Of course, the pursuit of the people to choose headphones are not consistent, and some like to use with mobile phones, you need to make and receive calls function, and some people like SPIDERS MP3 listening, the pursuit of a good bass sound, but the various brands are very people-oriented use The demand for a variety of headphones group of family to meet the preferences of different people.

Below, I will, I will introduce several suitable for outdoor use headphones products, these are the recent popular fashion headphones designed for young users to create, there are many new product models or just listed. I hope after reading this article, you want to be able to buy Cheap Beats headphones friends, bring the necessary help.

Ferrari beats a stylish headphone is designed for mobile phone audio launch, its design is very personalized. The headphones use asymmetric personality mesh enclosure design is very bright, polished surface; Sennheiser logo is printed on the back of the headphone looks very eye-catching. This Ferrari beats headphones with by-wire microphone, easy the SPIDERS phone and receive calls using, its call quality is clear and very practical. Parameters ferrari beats headphone frequency response range is 17-23000Hz, impedance of 16 ohms, sensitivity 121dB, very easy to drive. The ear headphones structural design, Silicone Case soft, wearing very fit, sound effects are very good. Good sound quality, the headphone’s bass tri-band equalizer clear, to meet the general user portable listening is not an issue.

Dre Beats Tour headphones designed for portable music to create its own T-Magnet attract each other headphones can not match the cavity of the housing design, the back of the headphone takes the shape of a flat-screen when not in use the internal magnet will be attracted together, incorporating it is very easy. The headphones use a modern fashion design, with a variety of colors to choose from, ear structure ensures excellent sound insulation. The Dre Beats Tour headphones not only comes with a conventional silicone sleeve, also with inert sponge sets headphone also comes with a storage box and other accessories, attachments, rich, easy to use. Parameters Dre Beats Tour headphone frequency response range is 18-20000Hz, impedance of 32 ohms, sensitivity 95dB, it is still very easy to drive. headphone sound quality voice is warm and clean, natural sense of hearing, the sense of music performance, very pleasant to use for the average music lovers as safe enough, with a full price, a good choice for the young and trendy music lovers .

Detox beats by dr dre is an entry level fashion headphones, headphone with jazz gray, red rock, the Blues blue and Latin flour four colors to choose from, very musical atmosphere. Headphone cavity flat color split, left and right side, respectively, with the different colors, looks very personality. Headphone shell polished, smooth and a higher degree, looks dynamic and stylish, ideal for young users like music to buy. Parameters, Detox beats by dr dre headphone frequency response range is 20-20000Hz, impedance of 16 ohms, sensitivity 105dB, easy drive to use with the phone listening very appropriate. The headphone wire on integrated microphone to talk to, easy to receive calls while listening to music. Headphones using ear structure design, silicone sleeve soft, wear comfortable fit, and sound effects are excellent.

Detox beats by dr dre, with a deep color schemes, the metal cavity physical sense is very good, a carved silver line looks very stylish, the overall work is more sophisticated; This Detox beats by dr dre headphones overall appearance looks like a small wine plug, compare personality. The headphones use the-ear design, not only wear them for comfort and fit, but also to ensure a sound and accurate ear, and excellent sound quality; headphones the sound effects are very quiet listening environment, be able to go out to use . Parameters, Detox beats by dr dre headphone frequency response range is 11-23500Hz, impedance of 16 ohms, sensitivity 118dB, very easy to drive, with a portable phone and MP3 listening very appropriate. This Detox beats by dr dre headphone main bass quality in terms of sound quality, the sound quality low-frequency plenty of flexible or suitable for bass users, used to listen to pop and rock music is the best partner.

Detox beats by dr dre headphones new recently launched a stylish portable headphones, it just arrived. This Detox beats by dr dre headphones appearance design exquisite fashion, using a whole body white design, front-end metal material with very prominent look texture. The back-end of the headphone polished shell, it is very fashionable. The headphones ear structure design, fit to wear comfortable, sound effects are very good. It comes with how Vice silicone sets, user-friendly replacement use. Parameters, Detox beats by dr dre headphone frequency response range is 20-20000Hz, impedance of 32 ohms, sensitivity 105dB, very easy to drive, with a portable phone and MP3 audio drive are very suitable. Headphones sound quality bass more outstanding amount of good sense and the dive also very in place, the overall sound is deep, used to listen to rock or pop music is a very good choice.

Nov 8, 2012 10:12am
User_img_not_found_05_med dressgirls 3 posts

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