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Jan 8, 2013 7:55pm
Medium lingzi 1454 posts

LAS VEGAS —With a May 19 bout in Las Vegas on the line, boxer Lamont Petersons
lawyer is telling Nevada boxing regulators the champion fighters failed doping
test in March stemmed from an “inadvertent” failure to disclose medical
treatment last November for low testosterone levels. Youth Ray Rice Jersey . In a letter obtained
late Tuesday by The Associated Press, Washington, D.C.-based attorney Jeff Fried
told the Nevada Athletic Commission that Petersons doctor determined that a
one-time “therapeutic” treatment “would not produce a significant enhancement of
athletic performance.” Peterson, of Washington, defeated Amir Khan in a disputed
split decision in December in the nations capital to become the WBA and IBF
junior welterweight champion. Petersons scheduled rematch next week with Khan in
Las Vegas was in doubt after a urine test in March found unacceptably high
levels of synthetic testosterone in Petersons system, Athletic Commission
executive Keith Kizer said Tuesday. Kizer said Peterson (30-1-1, with 15 KOs)
would have faced routine approval in the next several days for the fight
scheduled next week at the Mandalay Bay resort. Now, it would be up to the
five-member commission to hold a special meeting to accept Petersons explanation
and grant a license for the Khan bout. The panel isnt currently scheduled to
meet until May 21. “Lamont has never had a positive anti-doping test either
before (or) after this isolated occurrence,” Fried said in the letter that
appears to apologize for the failed test but doesnt specifically seek a
commission hearing. Fried didnt immediately respond to an after-hours message
seeking comment. The letter cited the findings of three doctors and said more
tests were scheduled Wednesday. Peterson “should not be penalized by the
commission based on the facts as summarized in this letter and within the
medical correspondence,” Fried said. Two tests of Petersons urine samples by the
Las Vegas-based Voluntary Anti-Doping Association reached the same failure
finding, according to a report Kizer said he received Monday from Dr. Margaret
Goodman, VADA chief executive and a former ringside physician. “Unless theres
some real obvious and legitimate reason for the positive test, hes not
fighting,” Kizer told AP early Tuesday. Khans promoter, Richard Schaefer of
Golden Boy Promotions in Los Angeles, called it premature to say whether the
Peterson-Khan fight will be held. But if Peterson cant fight, Khan wont face a
substitute opponent, Schaefer said. “If he is allowed to fight, obviously we
will fight,” Schaefer said. “Were going to wait to see what the Athletic
Commission decides. It would be impossible to find an opponent within a week and
a half for a fight of this calibre.” Goodman and Dr. Edwin “Flip” Homansky, a
former Nevada Athletic Commission member also affiliated with the Voluntary
Anti-Doping Association, declined to comment on Petersons test results. They
cast VADA as a neutral testing agency. Peterson and Fried were notified April
13, but didnt share word of the first positive steroid test by the UCLA Olympic
Analytical Laboratory in Los Angeles. “It appears as though Mr. Peterson and Mr.
Fried … chose not to notify third parties at that time in the hope that Mr.
Petersons “B” sample would test negative,” Goodman said. The document said the
second test was conducted at the UCLA Olympic lab April 30 with at least one
Peterson representative present. Khan (26-2, with 18 knockouts) lost his WBA and
IBF belts in a split-decision loss to Peterson on Dec. 10, but was granted a
rematch after complaining about the referees decision to deduct him two points
for pushing. He also was upset by the presence of an unauthorized man at
ringside who was seen distracting an official. Youth Ed Reed Jersey . Numbers Game looks at
the Pirates acquisition of Canadian catcher Russell Martin. The Pirates Get: C
Russell Martin. Purple Ray Rice Jersey . Numbers Game
examines the Jets signing Olli Jokinen. The Jets Get: C Olli Jokinen. http://www.shopnflravensgear.com/ray-lewis-jersey/
. The 23-year-old played for Minsk Dynamo of the KHL last season. He had one
goal and 11 points in 39 games and led the team with a plus-12. Elite Ed Reed Jersey . —Caroline Wozniackis
New Haven winning streak ended at 20 Friday when the four-time defending
champion retired from her semifinal match with Maria Kirilenko because of a knee
injury. Ray Rice Jersey . Reimould was placed on the
disabled list on May 4 with a herniated disk in his neck. Despite receiving
several cortisone shots, he is still experiencing numbness in his left arm.MONTE
CARLO UEFA President Michel Platini made it clear on Friday there will be no
going back on financial fair play rules that require European teams to only
spend what they earn. The break-even rule comes into effect from the 2014-15
season and it is already having an influence, with transfer activity down across
Europe. “We will never go back on financial fair play, it was decided
unanimously by the clubs, it is a revolution in European football and we will do
it,” Platini told a news conference. “We gave them time, three – four years to
put everything in place. Now were going to start working.” UEFA General
Secretary Gianni Infantino revealed there was a 36 per cent decrease in spending
last January, compared to January 2011. The total transfer spent this year—
excluding the deals on Thursday and Friday—is 78 per cent less than the
2008-2011 average. “The trend is starting to turn, there is a significant
slowdown in transfer activity,” Infantino said. “The new Club Financial Control
Body monitoring this activity reports that the new Financial Fair Play Rules are
having a clear and positive affect already. “The financial losses are stabilized
but still at dangerous levels.” Meanwhile, Platini took a swipe at FIFA
president Sepp Blatter, criticizing his autocratic style after FIFA gave the
green light to goal-line technology. “When you talk about technology, FIFA didnt
decide on goal—line technology, President Blatter did,” Platini said. Ravens Terrell Suggs Jersey. “No one in the
executive committee was consulted, nor was anyone in any other FIFA committees
invited to give their views. “It was just the FIFA president along with IFAB
(the body that determines the laws of the game). Hes in charge and its up to
him. FIFA has four of the eight IFAB votes to use as he wants and the four
British associations have one vote each. Proposals need a majority of six to
become law. “I think the four votes for the British are okay, its the four votes
for FIFA I dont understand,” Platini said. “The president has the four votes and
he decides what he wants, he never speaks about the IFAB in the executive
committee. The four votes of Blatter are not correct. “If the executive
committee or the Congress had decided on the technology I will accept more
because its a democratic decision. Blatter never discussed it with the executive
committee. He has four votes and he decides.” Platini has never made a secret of
the fact he is firmly against goal-line technology. He favours using additional
assistant referees which UEFA has approved for all its competitions from this
year following extensive tests. “No-ones ever seen goal-line technology, while
you all know the five-referee system,” Platini added. “Ive always been opposed
to technology, Im not going to change my mind at the age of 57.”. ’ ’ ’ 

Jan 11, 2013 3:06am
Medium nancy007 32 posts

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Jan 11, 2013 3:22am
Medium nancy007 32 posts

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