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Dec 27, 2012 8:04pm
Medium lingzi 1454 posts

So, is it true? Do nice guys finish last? Is the reason that Paul LaPolice was
fired as head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers because he lost respect from
players, or certain players? Well, before a conclusion is made of the unknown,
it is important to list the known. Sean Lee Cowboys Jersey . First and most
importantly, are the quarterbacks. You take away the top three quarterbacks from
any team and that team will have problems. Buck Pierce, Alex Brink and Joey
Elliot all have not been successful more because of injuries than ability.
Second: new offensive coordinator, Gary Crowton. He has an excellent résumé but
when you bring in a new coordinator you are starting all over again, and that is
what Winnipeg was facing back on June 30. On offense, they were starting all
over again; learning instead of mastering one more time. Third: four consecutive
road games. That is brutal in a sport where home field is an advantage more than
perhaps any other sport. Before you know it, your team is burnt out because the
toughest schedule challenge came at the most inopportune time.   And finally:
attitude. Did he lose the locker room or do the players need to grow up and
demonstrate a more professional attitude? When Johnathan Hefney basically
refused a position change, I sensed there was a problem. When players missed
flights off the bye week, I sensed a problem. When the penalties of discipline
keep being seen, I sensed a problem. And in the end, it is the head coachs
problem. Fear in football is a funny thing. You need it. To be your best, you
need to fear losing your job, even though there may not be a reality that you
will. To play your best, you need to fear your opponent, not in a debilitating
way but out of understanding that in the world of one-on-one football it is
either you or him. And in a way, you need to fear your boss – your coach –
because if you dont, you will settle for second best over the long run because
of an absence of fear pressure. Every now and then I am asked by someone I dont
even know what is pro football like? And I give the well-rehearsed answer based
on experience of what I did and what I didnt like; which does not even answer
the question. What is pro football like? Well, its one gigantic anxiety trip.
Its a sport where, if you dont prove yourself every week, someone else will.
Where everything and everyone is graded and evaluated just to find anything to
improve upon. And a sport that is more of an experience than a career, as the
average time spent on a team is three years. Three years is not a career, it is
an education. Fear is everywhere and is useful when channeled and used for
purpose. And fear is a feeling of anxiety. So what is Tim Burke going to do as
the Bombers new head coach? Most likely bring more fear, more anxiety and more
demands of excellence. Will his approach work? I have no idea and will have to
look at it a month from now. When Mike Kelly was the head coach of the Bombers,
stadium attendance was way down, at an all-time low. When Paul LaPolice took
over, it was back to an all-time high. The fans wanted to support his team and
did not want to support the previous team. Its a statistical fact. Are they
going to support Tim Burke as head coach? Its unknown until proven. The bottom
line is the record of wins and losses cannot be disputed. But from Dave Richi to
Doug Berry to Mike Kelly to Paul LaPolice and now to Tim Burke, when is it going
to end? Transition after transition after transition. Maybe that is why the
longest Grey Cup drought without a win resides i