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Nov 9, 2012 9:04pm
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The canada goose jacka makes the world’s warmest jackets right here in Canada using many Canadian materials. Selling top-quality, luxury outerwear geared toward extreme weather has earned the company an increasing number of fans around the world, but also a troubling number of imitators.

For Canadians who have lived in the north, the canada goose sverige can be a lifelong and lifesaving companion.

We talked with Dani Reiss, President and CEO of Canada Goose, about the adventures his jackets have been on, how he grew his family’s small business by 3,000 percent in the last decade and transformed it into an international brand, and how he is fighting the surge in counterfeit Canada Goose products.

The Epoch Times: Where have you travelled in your canada goose rea?

Dani Reiss: All over the world.

I went to the geographic South Pole this past New Year’s, which was awesome. Everybody in the National Science Foundation division of Polar Research has been wearing canada goose outlet gear for decades.

Epoch Times: What was there besides snow and ice?

Mr. Reiss: There’s a lot of nothing, but it’s huge. The continental United States will fit inside Antarctica. We flew into the only civilian base there and lived there for a week in a tent on the ice and did some climbing.

We found some lichen the size of a business card that’s been there for thousands of years. Obviously we were careful not to step on it!

Epoch Times: Was that your No. 1 coldest trip?

Mr. Reiss: I’ve done a lot of cold trips. I visit Northern Canada a lot and came back from Baffin Island a few months ago.

I was in Iqaluit and went up to a small town called Pangnirtung, a very cool Inuit community. I’ve been to Alaska and have been to the Iditarod once—the world’s longest dog sled race. It’s a 10-day, 1,