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Nov 5, 2012 8:28pm
Medium lingzi 1454 posts

ST. Peyton Manning Youth Jersey . LOUIS PARK,
Minn. —The Minnesota Wild transformed their team as much as anyone in the NHL
this summer, splurging on prized free agents Zach Parise and Ryan Suter to
surprise the league, revive their frustrated fan base and put themselves in
position to become the Stanley Cup contender theyve never truly been. They have
sold the equivalent of about 4,000 new season tickets since the day the 13-year,
$98 million contracts for Parise and Suter were revealed, signalling the
most-anticipated season in the franchises 12-year history. Thanks to the NHL
lockout, the buzz has been put on mute. “Theres so much hype and excitement in
Minnesota, and for us, too,” Suter said. “It is frustrating, but we want whats
best for the players, for every player.” About a dozen members of the Wild have
been gathering almost daily for skills work and pick-up games at the St. Louis
Park Rec Center in the Minneapolis suburb, joining other NHL players who live in
the Twin Cities area. From Parise to Suter to Mikko Koivu to Tom Gilbert to
Niklas Backstrom, the core of this promising Wild team clip-clopped off the ice
on Tuesday at the conclusion of another session, just like after a regular
practice at Xcel Energy Center. The glaring difference, though, was that theyve
been gliding around to stay sharp and sane, not to prepare for a specific
opponent. After another unproductive bargaining session in New York between
representatives for the owners and the players, the postponement of the Oct. 13
season opener and more appeared imminent. “Everyones just wishing that this
would be more for real and we were actually playing … but unfortunately thats
not the situation were in,” Parise said. “So hopefully well get it resolved
soon.” He added: “Theres not much you can do, really. There are only so many
times you can run through the drills and stuff like that. You need to start
playing some games and get that competition out there. Were doing the best with
what were given right now.” Parise and Suter, who joined the group Tuesday for
the first time, have at least gotten to know their new teammates better.
Developing chemistry between lines and defensive pairs is hard, though, when the
coaches arent there and neither is the full roster. “Obviously when you add
talent like that, you want to get out there and compete,” goalie Josh Harding
said. “Ive actually been here for quite a few years now, and this probably is
the best lineup weve had. Were itching. Were excited. But we have to let the
process pan out. After that, when they say its time to go play hockey, well be
ready.” Pierre-Marc Bouchard is one player whos not technically locked out,
because he wasnt cleared to return from his concussion when last season ended.
Bouchard hasnt been allowed to take part in full-contact scrimmages yet, but he
has been skating with the group and said Tuesday hes “probably about 95 per
cent.” Because hes not locked out, Bouchard has regular contact with team
physicians as his progress from his injury is monitored. Hes hoping therell be
hockey games for him to resume once hes back on the ice at full strength. “When
you see those big acquisitions we made over the summer, its pretty exciting, so
for sure we want to play. But we want to make sure we get a good deal,” Bouchard
said. Skate. And wait. Thats about all the Wild and their peers around the sport
can do until the two sides agree on a new collective bargaining agreement. “My
plan was to be up here and skate a few times this week, see the guys and get
moved into the house,” Suter said. “Now I go back to Wisconsin and probably do
some deer hunting and stuff that Ive never been able to do. Hopefully it gets
ended fast, but in the meantime Im going to enjoy the fall in Wisconsin.” Champ Bailey Jersey . —The Langley Thunder
took a 2-0 stranglehold on the best-of-seven Mann Cup series with a 15-14
overtime win over the Peterborough Lakers on Sunday, bringing the B. Von
Miller Jersey
. Burrell will officially retire as a Phillie during
the Boston Red Sox series in May at Citizens Bank Park. Hell be honoured May 19
and throw out the ceremonial first pitch. http://www.shopthebroncos.com/terrell-davis-jersey
. “We had our settlement conference at 8:30 this morning, it lasted for about
two hours and we were unable to reach any sort of a favourable settlement,”
Mitch Robinson said from Minneapolis. “The prosecutor sees this as a BWI case—
boating while intoxicated—and theres no evidence whatsoever that he was
intoxicated. Willis McGahee Jersey . Former NHLPA
president Trevor Linden told TEAM 1040 in Vancouver on Wednesday that he wouldnt
be surprised to see a lockout take up a couple of months, but couldnt see a
labour stoppage extend into December. Peyton Manning Elite Jersey . With studs
Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels still hurling, who would have thought Joe Blanton
would be the one to step up and deliver a sterling performance? Not Phillies
manager Charlie Manuel, thats for sure. April 12 will be a day of national
mourning for the victims of the plane crash in western Russia that killed the
Polish president and 96 others, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said in a
television address to the Polish people on Saturday. Related readings: Putin
flies to?plane crash site to meet Polish PM French President expresses sadness
at Polish plane crash Plane crash site photos No survivors in crashh of Polish
presidents plane The president expressed Russias condolences on the death of
Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife and members of the Polish delegation
in the air crash in the Smolensk region. Peyton Manning Jersey. Medvedev stressed that
he had ordered a thorough investigation of the causes of the crash. This work
will be done in close interaction with corresponding Polish structures and
agencies, he said. All instructions have been given to this end. ’ ’ ’ 

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