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Oct 21, 2012 10:01pm
Medium lingzi 1454 posts

Varennes, Que.s Alexandre Émond was defeated by ippon by Great Britains Winston
Gordon in his opening match in the mens -90kg judo event on Day 5 at London
2012. “I feel pretty bad, its not what I expected,” Émond said. “I came here
with hope.” Coming off a shoulder injury, the 28-year-old Canadian could not
muster much offence before he was thrown on his back at 1:43 for a convincing
win by the Brit on Wednesday. Émond, who was ranked higher at No. 14, said the
fact that Gordon was fighting at home was not a factor. “The crowd didnt affect
me,” Émond said. “I was in the zone.” He believes the injury, which kept him
from training as much as he wanted, played more of a role than he had hoped. “I
plan to have surgery on my shoulder next,” he added. “I thought I was ready for
it, but I wasnt.” Later, Whitby, Ont.s Kelita Zupancic was also stopped by ippon
in the womens-70kg division. Facing world No. 1 Lucie Decosse, Zupancic held the
top-ranked Frenchwoman at bay for most of regulation as the talented 22-year-old
did not appear completely out of her league in her Olympic Games debut. But the
2008 Beijing silver medallist at -63kg finally managed to put Zupancic on her
back with a leg hook (ko-soto-gari) at 4:31 for the victory. Afterward, Zupancic
did not seem overly disappointed with her effort. “I came here to fight the best
and she is the best. Its the Olympics,” she said. Zupancic had spent a year
training in Japan, where judo was invented in 1882, with the Komatsu Judo Club
in Tokyo. She went on a special contract given to one non-Japanese judoka, an
experience she considered an “honour.” Upon return to Canada, she won a bronze
medal in April at the Pan American Judo Championships in Montreal, which secured
her berth at London 2012. “I was eight years old when I decided I wanted to go
to the Olympic Games,” Zupancic said after her loss. “This journey has been far
from easy. It was extremely hard, the preparation is only physical, you cannot
prepare mentally.”  Decosse wasted no time at all in her second match, sweeping
Colombias Yuris Alvear for an