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Oct 16, 2007 9:34pm
Img_missing_medium Shawn 14 posts

Okay, I’m one of the beta1.5 n00bs, so please cut me just a bit of slack. :)

Since I’m coming in after the first quarter of the game is already over, I haven’t been here to know where all the special info stashes are. However realizing this is also Beta (yet way better than other betas I’ve seen), what would be helpful is to have a simple map of what modules use what interfaces, and what features they have.

As an example the accelerometer uses the IMotionSubject interface, registers for motion events. Here is the problem, I’m use to an accelerometer telling me how much motion has occurred, was it a forward/backward, twist left/right..etc.. Think iPhone motion sensor. However it is sounding like this module detect motion. Also cool, but I’ve not found any description of what a module does, the values it provides, and where the message are to pull for.

Also the API shows the buglab APIs, but I’m missing any PhoneME javadoc. I can pull it from java.net, however I would like to know which classes/methods were ported over….I’m hoping a full API but I’ve learned in the ME world you seldom get what you would want. ;)

Now to everyone that has build the bug sdk, or any of the tutorials / sample apps….. Kudos!!!!!! Wow this is sweet!!!


Oct 20, 2007 11:36pm