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Oct 3, 2007 10:21pm
Medium Bug Labs team psemme 8 posts

Hey everyone,
Looks like we should change the name of this forum. The Suggestion Box isn’t drawing too many.

We want your suggestions, comments, opinions and criticisms! It’s so important I’m now making it an acronym – SCOC. This forum is now the SCOC Forum. Sounds pretty damn official. That should at least get people’s attention :)

But seriously, don’t be shy. You’re all part of the team now and your input matters. Thanks.

Oct 4, 2007 12:47am
Img_missing_medium digital1 32 posts

Any screenshots of the main UI itself? That will at least give me some clues as to layout,etc. Is there a main GUI screen?

Oct 15, 2007 11:27pm
Img_missing_medium robertp 4 posts

Taken from my "greetings" post:

"I love Java, but I’m interested in OSGi-like platforms for resource-constrained environments in Python and Ruby. Any interest or plans along those lines?"

Well … how about it? I have no aversion to using Java, and (the ‘but’ above after I love Java should be ‘and’) I suspect lots of folks will be interested in BL hardware a) with Ruby or Python rather than Java as an app foundation and b) with a nice set of conventions or interfaces a la OSGi to help compose applications from nice discrete building blocks.

Any opinions?



Oct 16, 2007 8:56am
Img_missing_medium rbpasker 22 posts

instead of py or ruby, try scala. its a productive functional programing language that compiles to bytecode

Oct 16, 2007 9:30am
Img_missing_medium koolatron 52 posts

gah! functional programming :)

I like the idea of a scripting language like perl or ruby in the BUG, but I have a hard time understanding just how it’d fit into what we’ve got.

Oct 16, 2007 12:49pm
Img_missing_medium robertp 4 posts

gah! functional programming :)

Man, I couldn't agree more ;)

I like the idea of a scripting language like perl or ruby in the BUG, but I have a hard time understanding just how it'd fit into what we've got.

I see it like this: First, as I'm sure we're all aware, in the F/OSS communities, there tends to be a kind of (ahem) "reluctance" to use Java. Of course this is not true universally - in fact the most exciting things to happen with Java for the last few years have been from organizations like Apache/Jakarta. Once it's more public/visible to those individuals and organizations that share the reluctance to use Java that the sanctioned model for Bug apps requires Java, I suspect there will be some backlash.

Second, although OSGi is designed for resource-constrained environments, a JVM is a JVM. And that means Hello World with or without OSGi takes more resources (memory) than significant applications in e.g. Ruby or Python.

Third, I'm a strong proponent of IOC/service-oriented architectures, and while OSGi isn't a perfect academic representation, it's pretty darn good. I am interested in seeing how useful it (IOC/service-orientation) is in dynamically typed languages. And the Bug seems like a nice platform for it.

Fourth, at the OSGi expert group meeting I attended, there was significant interest expressed in a "micro" OSGi platform. One of the proponents was Aonix (understandably), who sell a high-performance embedded JVM. Once again, this brings me back to non-Java "OSGi"; smaller, less resource consumption.

I suppose my point is that scripting or dynamic languages (I suspect) will be a desired alternative for a number of folks who would like to play with the Bug. If you buy that assertion, the next logical step is to decide whether to give those folks the same kind of guidelines in terms of application development and deployment.


Oct 16, 2007 12:59pm
Img_missing_medium rbpasker 22 posts

i love functional programming. very expressive.

what about Groovy and Grails?


also, embedded systems are as memory and address space-constrained as they used to be. moore’s law has finally caught up with the cycles and storage necessary to drive complex embedded applications, so nickel and dime-ing over a meg here or there is not a big deal when a 1Gig SD card can be had for $20. that moore’s law has finally caught up is what makes the bug itself even possible.

Oct 16, 2007 1:00pm
Img_missing_medium rbpasker 22 posts

... are NOT as …

Oct 16, 2007 1:11pm
Img_missing_medium robertp 4 posts

i love functional programming. very expressive.

I was kidding ;)

also, embedded systems are as memory and address space-constrained as they used to be. moore's law has finally caught up with the cycles and storage necessary to drive complex embedded applications, so nickel and dime-ing over a meg here or there is not a big deal when a 1Gig SD card can be had for $20. that moore's law has finally caught up is what makes the bug itself even possible.

I agree with that for the most part, although when shipping an embedded Linux system with a 2G CF card (a recent activity), I still had to worry about memory (RAM). The SD of which you speak is, I believe, used for storage rather than RAM? On that product we run several applications concurrently, one of them in a JVM. RAM is tight, and not nearly as cheap as CF/SD/etc. So yeah, I'll nickel and dime there.


Oct 16, 2007 1:11pm
Medium Bug Labs team bballantine 56 posts

Hey Guys,

This is my first post on the Bug Beta forums (I'm shy, I guess), but I'm the lead web developer here at Bug and responsible for pretty much everything web related.

I'm a big fan of scripting languages, especially ruby and python (buglabs.net is ror), so the ideas on this thread are exciting. I also happen to be smack in the middle of getting python to run on the BUG.

There are a number of different ways to do this, but the approach I've taken is to use Jython. This way apps written in python can work within OSGi just like the BUG apps written in Java. I'm not sure about cpu usage (currently I'm using the embedded approach, which is probably slower than pure java or compiled jython), but storage-wise, Jython is just over 1MB.

In a few days I'll have an example app on BUGnet as well as a tutorial on the wiki. If any of you want more technical details before the app and tutorial are ready, post to this topic and I'll respond. Lastly, I think getting Jython all figured out should open the door on getting ruby via JRuby working on the BUG.

As for functional programming languages? Although not purely functional, python does implement a few very useful functional paradigms, such as binding functions to variables and passing functions as parameters. This kind of thing is VERY handy once you get used to using it.
Oct 16, 2007 2:02pm
Img_missing_medium rbpasker 22 posts

the problem with Jython is that when calling real java objects from Jython, is that they pythony data objects have to be marshaled into java objects, and vice versa. you can’t simply pass the objects back and forth between java and jython by reference. for some apps that may not make much of a difference, but its a good thing to keep in mind.

Oct 16, 2007 4:59pm
Medium Bug Labs team kgilmer 215 posts


Interesting, thanks for the heads up. So this limitation is only Jython -> Java? Is this a limitation of the JVM or particular to Jython?

Oct 16, 2007 6:21pm
Img_missing_medium rbpasker 22 posts

i believe it goes both ways:


"Calling Java Methods and Functions …. There is some automatic type coercion that goes on both for the types being passed in and for the value returned by the method. The following table shows how Python objects are coerced to Java objects when passed as arguments in a function call. The Java Types show the expected Java type for the argument, and the Allowed Python Types shows what Python objects can be converted to the given Java type."


"All objects known to the Jython runtime system are represented by an instance of the class PyObject or one of its subclasses."

Oct 18, 2007 3:32pm
Medium Bug Labs team bballantine 56 posts

Hello All,

I began a new thread to address the topic of "Scripting the BUG". Check it out here: http://bugbeta.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=73
May 13, 2008 2:55pm
Img_missing_medium bayswim 2 posts


And everyone for that matter. I am new to this as many of you may be. I would like to see a bit more formal response from the BugLAbs people as regards a status of or hint at what’s next on the hardware front. If I am addressing something that has an answer already, please direct me to it. Otherwise, I think it would help us users/developers to know what the plan may be for the development of new modules by BugLabs.

Also, I would like to explore the idea of developing a software framework that standardizes the identification of modules, their abilities and their interactions with other modules. This framework, if it doesn’s already exist, could be the interface that allows the freedom to plugin just about any module and have it interact with another….or not. Again, if this is an old topic, please let me know where the thread is and I will read up.



Oct 24, 2012 1:18am
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Nov 4, 2012 10:01pm
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Nov 13, 2012 1:50am
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Nov 13, 2012 4:04am
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The shoes they are under my pillow. The ideas float up. I dream about shoes and that i seek to get them to be realized.” C.L. will 3 cities about this trip. My sister talked to him and that he said this is simply not his very first time that in New Orleans. This guy is a rock star and the man would have gone any place else. There have been hundreds of people in line. Hats away and off to him and Saks. Even had a saints O lineman waiting regarding his wife Herve Leger Replica. Big Deal for your Big Easy Moncler Jackets! For several woman, most of the benefit of Christian Louboutin heels is in the dramatic flash of red within the sole. However Martha Stewart has admitted that she is not just a fan with the label’s signature, and uses black paint to obscure it. The media mogul, 71, told InStyle: ‘Begin to see the soles? I paint them black.’ Paint it black: Martha Stewart covers the red soles of her Christian Louboutin heels because she doesn’t just like the colour Explaining the unlikely practice, which might be considered sacrilege by many fashionistas who covet the $700+ shoes, she continued: ‘I don’t like them red, despite the fact that they’re his trademark.’ But over the legendary French cobbler is famously protective in the red sole trademark – he sued YSL for making use of red soles on its red pumps, sparking a number of counterclaims which recently were finally dropped – it seems like he doesn’t resist Ms Stewart customising his designs. More…’It’s really down to developing a fantasy’ Victoria’s Secret Angel Erin Heatherton defends airbrushing (but why not consider those Photoshop fails Christian Louboutin UK Cheap?) Ann Romney needs a style risk with light-blue manicure at the second presidential debate… but can it sell out like Michelle’s? ‘He doesn’t mind,’ she said Christian Louboutin UK. ‘He explained it’s okay plainly do this – Industry experts him!’ Ms Stewart, whose empire will be worth $638million, was speaking yesterday at her inaugural American Made event. It saw Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall converted into a hub of crafts, croissants and conversation with experts from the areas of gardening, decorating, cooking and fashion. ‘Mr Louboutin doesn’t mind. He was quoted saying it’s okay basically make it happen – Gurus him!’ In a very session referred to as the Makers of American Fashion, Ms Stewart did single-on-one interview with J Crew CEO Millard Drexler, and led a panel discussion with Calvin Klein, Tory Burch and Ralph Rucci. As the grande dame of the home, Ms Stewart said what she given the fashion table is definitely an capacity to sew, an affinity for design as well as a want to promote American-grown talent. The talent under consideration seemed to agree how the success of this marketplace lies largely with new ideas plus the customers who’ll embrace them. Sole trader: Ms Stewart says she asked Mr Louboutin’s permission before painting over his famous red lacquer Right now, everything looks too similar, said Mr Drexler: ‘It’s really a broken record around the world.’ Is it doesn’t person ready to be a ‘contrarian’ that could leave the biggest impact, he said Christian Louboutin Replica Heels. ‘Operating, you need to stay creative,’ Mr Klein added. ‘When you give people what they will need, your business will grow.’ Ms Burch, who in eight years is growing at a kitchen-table idea into a global brand, said she takes inspiration anywhere she can obtain it: art, music or possibly a book, for example. But she even offers and keep regional trends and taste in mind. There’s a big divide between Brazilian swimsuits with hardly any fabric along with the covered-up customs in the Middle East, she said UGGブーツ新作. Power players: In the session known as the Makers of yank Fashion, Ms Stewart did a single-on-one interview with J Crew CEO Millard Drexler The goal, in accordance with Ms Burch, is balance. Mr Rucci made the way it is that like a well-rounded person makes him an even better designer, knowning that fashion doesn’t operate in the total vacuum. For him, painting is ‘my trap door’. For the practical side, though, Mr Drexler said expense is a componant in long-term success. ‘As a kid, I realized you may never afford whatever you want,’ he explained. ‘Calvin (Klein) and Ralph (Lauren) were it, nevertheless they were more costly than I was thinking it ought to be. No offense. But I didn’t think good taste should are more expensive.’ They stood in long lines to fulfill one on one while using top-rated designer Herve Leger Skirts Replica. Their smiles were symbols of their satisfaction モンクレールメンズ. Many happy customers had the chance to meet in the flesh with one of today’s hottest shoe designers: Christian Louboutin. “It turned out amazing, like I have chills. He was amazing,” Donielle Brown said. WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter asked, “How excited were you? Very, very excited,” Trudy Ferrand said Christian Louboutin Daffodile. The 49-years old French footwear designer made a stay in New Orleans to advertise his new fall line; and autograph his signature shiny red-bottoms for customers who didn’t mind waiting. “About an hour,” Brown said. Trotter asked, “Was it worthwhile? It turned out. I had been not removing of that line without that signature, I’m sorry,” Brown replied. Celebrity clients have helped make Louboutins eye-catching designs a hot commodity. And produce no mistake, the widely used designer has mastered the art of supply and demand. Many sizes and designs sell up, nationwide before they reach retail floors. Trotter asked, “How difficult can it be for getting what you wish, in your size. Herve Leger One Shoulder Bandage Dress? Beyond difficult Moncler Jackets Womens. It’s as being a homework assignment,” Jones said. “He creates a finite amount therefore it’s like you’re trying to call different places, different stores.” “You’re around the phone with Neimen’s.” “You’re within the phone with Barney’s, about the phone with all these different stores in order to seek to get a size,” Brown said. Demand is indeed high, counterfeiters are actually busted for selling knock-offs. “Need to put them on can’t afford them and they’ll do anything whatsoever they’re going to paint their bottoms red,” Brown said. Christian is created with bringing stilettos back to fashion. But his line doesn’t stop at women’s footwear. His shoes are equally used by men モンクレール ジャケット. “The Swarovski crystals are covered with a suede finish. The amount of did you make payment for? $2800 dollars,” Kendall Ferrand said. “My most high-ticket pair was $3500 dollars,” Brown said. Trotter asked, “Once you walk downtown exactly what reaction does one get Christian Louboutin Replica Cheap? Everybody’s looking,” Ferrand said Moncler Women Down Coats. Christian only agreed to be signing shoes purchased for your party; and signing the bottom of the right shoe only. “I needed each of them signed. So but simply the best,” Fortenberry said. Trotter asked, “That which was it like standing there, watching him sign your shoe? Amazing, amazing. I didn’t have any words I’d been just so excited,” Jones said. After a highly publicized court battle in 2011 with top designer Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Louboutin retains the exclusive right to utilize along with red at the base of his shoes, whenever the shoe is another color besides red. YSL can certainly still sell its shoes with red soles so long as the whole shoe is red. French luxury fashion house Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) would like to end its dispute with Paris-based shoe designer Christian Louboutin with his fantastic company, Louboutin SA, completely. Louboutin sued YSL in April 2011, claiming YSL’s all-red shoes infringed Louboutin’s famous red-soled shoes, that your company began selling in 1992 and patented in 2008 Moncler Mens Jackets. In September, the second Circuit found that Louboutin is eligible to trademark protection because of its red-soled shoes but just has the authority to trademark red soles that contrast with the rest from the shoe, meaning YSL can continue selling its monochromatic shoes. The other Circuit remanded the case here we are at the district court for much more proceedings, including consideration and counterclaims from YSL. However in a filing yesterday, YSL asked a federal judge to dismiss its remaining counterclaims against Louboutin of their epic battle over the to certainly the color red. YSL is asking the judge to dismiss the six counterclaims without prejudice, meaning the business could bring identical claims later on. “Since the judge of Appeals has definitively ruled for Yves Saint Laurent and contains dismissed Christian Louboutin’s claims, Yves Saint Laurent has thought we would end that which was left with the litigation and refocus its energies on its business and creative designs,” YSL said in a statement Moncler Women. “By dismissing the truth now, Yves Saint Laurent also wishes to make sure that the judge could not make any further rulings that put vulnerable the flexibility of fashion designers to trademark colorize appropriate cases.” Read Bloomberg Businessweek to read more concerning the footwear fiasco. Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Brian Atwood, Walter Steiger, Jimmy Choo… these include a few the foremost names in luxury shoes. There’re beloved by a great deal of women because of their style, for his or her height, for their craftsmanship and, probably first and foremost, for status. Few offer more immediate status than Louboutin, thanks to that instantly recognizable red sole. The one more appropriate solution to broadcast your social caste will be wearing a shirt having said that, “I am able to spend $895 on fucking shoes.” …But Martha Stewart doesn’t must. She defaces her Louboutins by painting the soles black. Stewart spoke to InStyle only at that week’s American Made Awardswhere she talked about the black soles of her slingback sandals (above): “View the soles? I paint them black モンクレールバッグ. I don’t like them red, though they’re his trademark. But he doesn’t mind. He said it’s okay if I accomplish that — Gurus him!” She’s speaking about Mr Christian Louboutin Boots. Louboutin himself obviously. Martha’s apparently blogged about her unspeakable crime of fashion before, captioning a photo with, “Karena, my wardrobe mistress, painting the soles of my Louboutins black [...] this really is easy if you use a diverse sharpie.” Listen closely… that’s the sound of 1000 social climbers weeping.

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