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Jan 5, 2013 2:34am
User_img_not_found_04_med sweety 19 posts

Faka Shan not into Vietnam, the attribution of china!

Said the focus of a test card mountain, many recent coach factory outlet
rumors.In those days for lot mainly 1/2/3/4/5, 1/2 hill, on
our side, No. 3 is the peak has been divided the ridge, 4/5 Vietnam is the side
of the coach store
hill.The 80 time we take 3 hills, in order to improve the
defense mode, when the 4/5 position.Now determined by comparing, boundary in 3
and 4 between the peak hill, we compared with pre-war, push forward, 4/5
returned to vietnam.

The final result, I thought that China gives some real occupied area, Vietnam
than pre-war www.coachfactorybagsc.com
territory losses, especially in the commanding elevation, so both sides remain

The South China Sea there then, Vietnam that oil and gas well is a line of
mining, oil and gas resources is across the disputed line.

The South China Sea oil and gas wells foreign most are on line extraction,
each other does not want to stimulate Chinese too deep, in addition to the
Malaysia has many more lines well, but personally think that line http://www.wren.ie/you-take-them-barracks-facelift-sent-shuixian
too, directly onto the horse gate, close to 12 territorial sea, its economic
zone are not for others, but also estimates China not really, just as with
chagrin stimulate domestic public opinion.

And watch the news is we coach
factory outlet
caught nothing we catch others, later that we not
only grab, and blasted penalty, and fish were also confiscated