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Jan 4, 2013 10:01pm
User_img_not_found_02_med reply 20 posts

After graduating from junior high school, coach factory

the king, in the town’s land brickyard hit a two-year adobe.
See peers went to town, school to school, working wage, their young sinking
heart can not help but try it out. Spring Festival, it carries with playing
adobe earned 500 yuan into the city.

The city buzz. Busy, coming and going, the king thought: such a lively place,
but also worry can not find the job? A week had passed, the two really guilty
worry. Large and small employers, foremen, the king, met with seven or eight,
but she is often looked at the king, they meaningfully Shuaixia sentence: "I
look at people like you is inappropriate on the http://udgircity.com/hi/content/wen-sheng-confucius-once-said


King, wondering: I’m not missing arm missing legs, how inappropriate? Thin
white into a muscle, together with the village that can be found coach outlet store

in the job, I am one of the efforts to the contrary … the
king, is to admit defeat, keep looking.

Hard http://www.w-meet.com/member/blog_post_view.php?postId=79740

work pays off. The king, finally found a job in a distribution feed outlets. The
boss looked at some hesitated a long time before the king two left. The boss
said; "the coach bags

king, you listen, shabby Biexian. You look in the mirror to
see if you like children, face of ferocious, ugly grumble really not up to the
average person who would dare to believe you, ah? a kindly accept you, you have
to give me to do it! "

"Hey! Must do it." Bow to the king, should be said, a look of festivity.

"But you like this unsuitable on the table, and you gave me to feed to a
chicken farm in the suburbs had. Anyway, the chicken is not too ugly.!"

The experience of the king, this is not the first time I heard someone say
ugly and fierce king, habits. In any case, there is work to do on the practical,
two "Ai Ai" nod.

Boss turned to go out part of it, like suddenly remembered, said: "monthly
wage five hundred, once in two months, so that you do not have to pay a

King, the heart of a hot, children in the town to work a month to 300. It
seems that the boss is pretty good, there is no deficit own.

Wang two Dengzhe the coach online

tricycle send feed, you can see a lot of people, a lot of cars, there are a lot
of things along the way, not coach online

a bit stuffy, but also do not feel tired.

Cloudless day, with the breeze. King, while stock feed, humming a ditty to go
back. Ahead of a people www.outletsmall.org
outgoing call condemning:

"You bitch,’m behind I Tou Hanzi!"

"How do you mess listen to what others say, but also loss and 2056 …... ah
... ah!"

With the screams of a woman by a man and tore hair from a yard out,
struggling to hit the king, the car.

King, rushed to get off Lycra; "have something good to say, do not

The man looked up, stared, snapped shouted: "You son of a bitch would dare to
Lycra. Watching you grow into this, dare to seduce my wife?"

The king, Joji monk – puzzled!

"You bitch, people have come, you dare quibble! See I Thou coach online
shalt not
kill." Men kick down the woman ran back to the yard to carry a knife out,
according to the woman’s head cut. The king, a look at the big bad, go to block
his arm chopped off a knife. A moment, the woman has been badly mutilated and
died. King, terrified. Today how bad luck to run into it. Results more
unfortunate is yet to come – a man waving a kitchen knife again to catch up with
the king two.

"I not kill you This is Gou Nannv, do not run!" King, dodge, the back and cut
down the knife. Wang two instinctively turned Quduo the knife, two tear

"Ah … ah …..."

And "ah … ah …"

King, coach store

covered in blood, a man covered in blood; king, standing,
hands carrying a knife, the man already lying on the ground turned supercilious.
Instant such a turn of events, the king, has already scared silly, distracted
there motionless.

After hearing the news of the police and the masses only see the a helplessly
fact: Wang used a knife, and a look of fierce look.

Masses around talking about Shixi stop: so good a model couple, family
harmony, Unfortunately, it is a pity that, ah, the bad guys harm life …... man
last year, but also because of the interception robber stand over power it
...... is not really http://sikizwa.com/content/children-doudi-wry-smile

good do not live to be ah …...

Police quickly began an investigation, evidence collection and make an

Case is vicious revenge murder. Courageously wrestled with criminals at the
expense of the last year to help the public security organs cracked an
extraordinarily serious robbery courageous hero FAN and his wife, Lee. This, to
them, represents the highest respect and infinite mourning.

Criminals king, Department robber accomplices. His retaliation will not be
tolerated by the will of the people and legal justice, he is bound to be cheap coach

severely punished by law.

People see clapping and cheering.

In the process of police investigation, the the feed distribution salesroom
boss constantly says: "the king, this kid, I would have seen that he is not a
good thing, looks like a murderer!"

This paper authorization level: Grade Authorization

Jan 15, 2013 11:00pm
User_img_not_found_02_med fancyfu679 78 posts

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