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Jan 3, 2013 9:47pm
User_img_not_found_04_med yourss12 19 posts

reserved, all requirements from the underground walk, may not have fully
completed. But in some places coach outlet online
it is so big, placed on the sidewalk was not right, it is
helpless for the blind. ( Li Lingfang Xu Xu / Zhuang Daolong / oxygen ) Huai
morning December 18th morning news focused on reports of Ma’anshan City a long
30 meters blind had 15 bends, the blind not to help ” blind ”, caused public
concern in hefei. It is reported, Hefei city from the beginning of 2007, for the
second ring without blind road facilities road all were focused on transforming,
invested nearly 10 million yuan, with 81165 square meters of blind road, the
blind construction still did not stop a few years.

But yesterday morning news reporters visited found in Hefei street, coach outlet
Hefei most narrow sidewalk can only accommodate one foot,
there are some blind not to help ” blind ”.

Blind blind complain occupied, walk up and no sense of security

30 meters blind 15 bends, in everyone around her maybe not so extreme
example. But because of the design are not careful, care of the place, and the
use of http://ideas.socializationofdata.com/forum/cultural-change/municipal-water-affairs-bureau-relevant-responsible
blind phenomenon is serious, many blind people have ” bitter water ” will

Master Zhang ’s home in Linquan Road, he is a blind massage therapist. ” Some
of the blind to the blind way more like ornaments, too difficult to follow,
seven twist eight bending also sporadically, coach
go up very insecure. ” The master said, they basically do
not go out alone, because there is a blind go down, must not store owner found
in time, he plunged into the catch basin.

Master Zhang massage class master Wu said, her blind impression is “blocking
”. The car, vendors, wire rod … ... Motionless put blind plugging into ” the
road ”, let a person be in a nice hobble.

Reporter visits Hefei most narrow sidewalk only has room for one foot

Yesterday, the reporter visited coach outlet
Yaohai, Shushan, Hefei, Luyang area as well as the administrative center of some
public places in sections of the blind road condition. Discovery of Hefei most
narrow blind appeared in Linquan Road, the width can only accommodate one foot,
some blind also help ” blind ”.

Location: Linquan Oak Bay area on the eastern side of the road

Question: the blind can only accommodate one foot

In four Linquan road river sections, one only by a brick paved sidewalk
hidden in green. These plants flourish, some places have completely reached the
blind, leading to originally can only accommodate one foot blind road, simply

While the next is a side road, pedestrian, vehicle, vehicle all there
through, no guide, blind person walking will be very dangerous.

Location: the Yangtze River West

Question: wire coach
rod is fixed on the sidewalk.

In 105 hospitals across the Yangtze River on the south side of West Road
sidewalk, sidewalk tiles and collocation, have repair.

The blind side erected a very thick hardcore, pendent from the two rubber
pipe, and one was with pipe fixed on the blind road central. Don’t be blind
friends, walk while playing a game of mobile phone party, one not careful, is
also very easy to hit.

Location: the provincial hospital entrance

Question: electric cars occupied the blind

The hospital is one of the most intensive local people are hurrying to and
fro. In recent years, barrier-free facilities in the hospital have everywhere
embodiment, such as wheelchair access, in front of the blind. But on the road in
Lujiang provincial hospital entrance, the blind are electric vehicles accounted
for half of. The disabled friend going through, difficult!

” Yes, yes, should not take the blind, I will move. ” The site is a parking
sister looked around, have found no place can be placed.

Location: cooperative road

Question: the blind stick fence, arm swinging open

Number of http://www.gipuzkoakoatlasa.net/eu/node/124033
interchange South cooperation on the west side of the road, the middle section
of about ten meters long blind road, is close to several meters high fence to
the wall, the reporter tried to walk out, arm kept and walls have rubbing. Blind
a street lamp.

To go south, meeting some small intersection, a half meter high road pile
vertical there, mainly used to prevent the vehicle drove on the sidewalks, is a
good intention, but blocked the blind.

Department to respond

Hefei City : a call for design units more humanity, citizens do not account
for the blind

” Blind is blind coach
Friend service, sometimes on the way we see a lot of
accounts for the blind lead the blind, can go without the road is very
dangerous. ” Hefei Municipal CDPF office staff said, ” blind is the road ”, by
cheap coach
poles, vehicle occupies the very common, disabled friends go
startling step by step.

CDPF appeal, design units in the design of blind, can try to take into
account the needs of the disabled, planning can be more reasonable. In addition,
hope the public can understand the disabled friend, try not to park your car in
the blind road on the. Give others convenience, but also to their own

Hefei Municipal Construction coach factory
Committee of urban construction department: problems, but
the early design strictly according to specification

It is reported, in 2007, Hefei city to carry out a wide range of city road
reconstruction engineering of accessibility, within the second ring road without
blind road facilities all were focused on transforming, invested nearly 10
million yuan, www.coachfactorystoreso.org
with blind 81165 square meters, in 2007 May basically completed within the
second ring road pedestrian lanes main barrier-free facilities in 2008, the task
of transformation; combined with the creation of a civilized city, adding the
blind road of 38184 square meters, set the main road accessibility signs 496
block. At present, the urban primary and secondary roads have been paved
sidewalk 1110 kilometers … ...

” The poles, occupation, you said the problem does exist, but the early
design, we are in strict accordance with the norms of the. ” The http://www.15soldiers.de/15s11/index.php?site=forum_topic&topic=141271
afternoon of December 18th, Hefei City Project Construction Committee of urban
construction office staff said, blind road design is in accordance with the ”
city roads and buildings no barrier design specification ” to maximize the
interests of the disabled friend, do not account for the blind. Laying of cables
during the construction of underground pipeline are

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