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Dec 19, 2012 12:31am
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Solved? “I saw a moment, a few Road Guanghua flashed the few Holy See
appeared momentarily, and a Cardinal uncertain said.

“Absolute solution”, saw the referee, affirmative tone said, “positive
Kangshang we the joint display their sacred purification, not to mention his
Prince, even if true emperor level, may Shiguwucun Hurry up, so much movement,
must cause the attention of the Oriental practitioners ”, when it comes to this
referee, and the rest of the crowd Lightning fled toward the distant …

Just at this time, who did not see, has been covered with broken bat silver
slanting fell down and fly it following a city …

Chapter 2: killer in the southern town

The heat of summer slowly climb up the early morning of summer always come so
early, the hardworking people in the early morning expulsion, helpless http://dating.lovesgot.us/member/blog_post_view.php?postId=7717
to climb up, dressing, working to start the day, getting up early to know the
chirping is also hard.

“Well?”, This time in a small attic room, a young man also sunlight expelled,
slowly opened his own eyes, lazy Tai Taishou block retaining their own eyes the
sun slowly sat up.

I saw this young man, a long flowing hair slanting ride on the shoulders,
Zhang Qingxiu face full of sleepy, sleepy hazy coach factory
evidently age will not be great, it seems like early
twenties. a seat loose white shirt set coach factory
in the body, showing his emaciated body, that above the open
at the collar of the shirt, exposing a rustic metal www.outletsmall.org hook
months Pendant.

Suddenly, coach outlet
had also lazy young man like the thought of what the
general, the eyes of a naked flashed, how can there be just sleepily look

Then, lightning dress to get up quickly finished washing, from under a bed in
a small dark cell, brought out a small wooden box, open the wooden box, which
saw and lying some small iron and accurate , some parts lying, I do not know
what parts.

Soon, the young man explained what parts I saw young people coach factory outlet
slender fingers, Nianqi of the one part, quickly assembled
hands like that are performing pianist fingers general, quickly whipped, to see
him in this fast action without the slightest fireworks, apparently for the
assembly of these things, this young man is extremely skilled a.

Quickly www.coachfactorystoreso.net
assembled piecemeal parts, and take the young hands as if magic changes into a
three guns! ! ! Three pistol! ! Two black pistol and a silver compact

The three pistols coach factory
watching the young man in the eyes flashing a nameless
brilliance, then quickly picked up, do not look at look at the outside of the
heat of the summer in the waist after hand, wearing a black hat, close the door
out, with the departure of young people, the entire room, and change back to the
silence …

This young man, named Xiao-Feng Zhang, just to see if he’s as know what his
career, that’s right, he is a killer, a killer.

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