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Dec 18, 2012 10:46pm
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The American tree moss and oak moss, tree moss (Tree Moss) is one thing. And
moss moss refers specifically to a spruce tree coach outlet online
the perfume industry in Europe, clothing, refined material flavor much like some
kind of tar. Commonly used in Crawford odd scent of perfume, and good solid

Commonly known as tuberose tuberose (Tuberose), its flavor has been described
as the fragrance of the evening the Hong Hua Manyuan the elegant aroma, sesame

oil derives from this flower can be found in 20% of the high-quality perfume, is
the quiet type perfume. The pure flavor yield is very low per 2600 pounds of
this flower produces only 7 ounces (about 28.35 grams) flavor, so it is even
more expensive than the same weight of gold.

Vanilla (Vanilla) Hong vanilla oil is extracted from the pods of the vanilla
orchid vine. Native to the tropical regions of Mexico and the Americas, to go
through before fermentation extract. Sweet and spicy smell, from Cody (Coty) is
used to "attract" (L’AIMANT), its use in the perfume industry is becoming more
common, and about a quarter of the perfume used it.

Vetiver (Vetiver) is distilled from the rhizome of a tropical Asia herb
couscous (Khuskhus), sesame oil, brown to reddish brown viscous liquid, with the
fragrance of the earth atmosphere and vaguely orris and Violet’s sweet. Aroma
peaceful and lasting, not only can be used as a fixative agent, also gives a dry
and sweet woody. Vetiver oil in 36% of the high-quality perfume.

Violet (Violet) used in the perfume of violets has two varieties: (Parma),
Victoria (Victoria) violets and Parma violets, the former quality is better, the
latter is easier to growth. Sesame oil is extracted from the petals and leaves,
but because the cost is relatively high, and now most of the violet scent
chemical synthesis.

Edit this paragraph scent stage

With the passage of time, the flavor volatiles constantly, the evaporation
rate of the various flavors do not like, but also caused the different time
periods have different flavor. This formed the basic idea of ??the structure of
perfume, and in 1889 by Aime? Guerlain Ji Qi, "perfume implemented. Since then,
the production of large quantities of perfume pyramid (or called the
third-order-, three-tier and Classic), structure. Points before the transfer is
the first Hong end of tone in the base of incense and tailwater Hong three basic
flavor stage.

⒈ before the transfer (or called the first tune, the first Hong early incense
before the flavor) contains the most likely to be volatile perfume ingredients.
It can only be maintained for a short time, 2000, after the product is usually
up to about 10 minutes, the commonly used spices including orange orange,
lavender, mint, lemon. The role is to give the overall impression of the first
to attract attention.

. Tone, was also known as the core tune in taste, before the transfer
immediately after the perfume exudes the main flavor. It body



Now most of the flavor of a perfume, generally to maintain a minimum of 4
hours is usually chosen spices include jasmine, rose, rosin, lilac.

Tailwater (or called late incense after tune, deep tone, body fragrance Yat
Hong, scattered incense, after the flavor) is the most enduring part of the
flavor, which is volatile slowest part, you can maintain a day or longer time,
fragrant lasting making it the fragrance of the conclusion. Commonly used spices
frankincense, sandalwood, benzoin.

⒉ as described in convenience, containing the main content of the three
levels of perfume, often written in the style of the pyramid segmented
arrangement. Here there are two examples. Of course, although the majority of
the perfume pyramid tonality to describe, but there are exceptions, such as the
aldehyde fragrance www.teccoach.com
is unique.
Other chemical raw materials do not have http://izoneface.com/blogs/viewstory/208860

any particular place. Taxonomists pyramid can be used as a more complete guide
perfume structure. When the pure flavors and ingredients used in the
formulation, the perfumer will make special instructions in the pyramid
structure. (Such as tuberose perfume ad), this tend to be high-quality and
expensive perfume.

Edit this paragraph scent and family

Spices, thousands of them according to a certain order of classification is
clearly necessary to the market. We would normally classify their household
classification method, called "family" or like this book called "type". Has been
relatively well-known aromatic 4: coach outlet online
tribe, Oriental aromatic the (fool aromatic), chypre family and Tibetan incense
family. Moreover, with the increasing of the flavor, the species is still broken
down, but also in a continuous updating. In recent years, France August perfume
societies try to standardize the type of perfume, and the family re-classified
as: aromatic, fern fragrance, chypre, woody, oriental fragrance and leather,
incense 6 family, contains many fine sub-category.

Having said that, but still coach

not a strict class system of all recognition, complex
perfume fragrance ingredients will make people feel that the distinction between
difficulties, different people have different methods of division. More
different division results in a different classification system, even various
brand perfume where the company, divided perfume type will cross a variety of
system classification.

Edit this section first perfume

10th century, a 名叫伊布恩 · Krishna doctor first invented the aromatic oils
extracted from flowers by distillation, and manufactured the first Rose water,
and maybe that is the prototype of the modern perfume, can be considered the
world on the first perfume. The Romans were particularly fond of the rose
fragrance, rose water has been widely appreciated.

There is also a perfume called "Hungarian water", is the advent of the 14th
century, which is extracted with ethanol the aromatic substances earliest try,
while Britain’s oldest perfume is used lavender water scattered incense insect
avoidance, appear in about the 17th century .

Cologne in the 18th century into the market, initially as a medicinal, after
all the rage, to the 19th century, has become a world-famous perfume.

The modern form of perfume from the second half of the 19th century, in
southern France, founder of the small spice company after began to enter the
market. The perfume is coach

an expensive luxury at the time, only upper class women
social, spice company very popular with the support and protection of the

★ perfume ★

A consumer shift in attitudes, more and more people with perfume ingenious
combination of easy to achieve "noble, elegant, handsome and full of meaning in
life" free transition.

Perfume has become like eating, sleeping, dressing, make-up, like, you live,
work, learning, leisure, and even love, an essential part of adding people of
color to enhance the taste of the people!

People often use perfume not to worry for three meals a day, then, this life
from superior feel naturally integrated into the elegant atmosphere and the
perfume itself passed, this is one and the general population has been
difference between populations, perhaps this is the so-called elegant, stylish,
distinguished, and the charm of this trait.

Edit this paragraph perfume most

The modulation longest perfume

JeanPatou is one of the few in the world a few have their own professional
perfumer’s perfume brand, the 1930 JOY "joy" is one of the most expensive
perfume in the world at that time. General modulation of perfume, but 2012
JeanPatou "1000" then spent the perfumers ten years time, try more than 1000
kinds of formulations, the final selection of a large number of floral materials
made of rich fragrance with warm fruit exudes The top notes of the fragrance of
peaches, almonds and Chinese Osmanthus plants began to tune in by May rose and
jasmine, and iris and violet combination, and ultimately to the end of the warm
and sexy sandalwood. One of the most special one originating from the Himalayas
Osmanthus is a shrub flowers. This Osmanthus only flowering in the spring, a
handful of several hours, and can only be purchased every year, so very
precious. When this very rare white flowers with roses together, a sweet

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