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Dec 8, 2012 1:27am
User_img_not_found_04_med sweety 19 posts

“Do not we say so miserable, right?” Zhang Lan done an injustice, “want you
to see my mother will not?”

“Nothing really happened?” Li Yumei Zhang Lan, then do not answer, but an
interesting look at the small morning.

“Is a little thing,” Little Dawn nodded, playful smile, “but not our trouble
mother, but mother you later in big trouble slightly.”

“Oh,” listening to the small morning say, Li Yumei little curious, smiled and
put down the pen of hands ready to scrutinize the documents, “Well, that mother
to hear, in the end coach
factory outlet
is what’s www.coachoutletpurseso.com
going on, what kind of trouble my mother?”

“Someone investment we here?” Little Dawn did not sell off son, “Mom, you
said you are not troublesome to be busy ran back?”

“Really?” Li Yumei heart suddenly unable to bear a pleasant surprise from the
seat stood up, “You do not take my mother happy? Anyone who invested www.coachfactorybagso.com

Headache just still is the problem of investment it did not expect to just
doze off on someone handed over a pillow. Just do not know how much this coach bags outlet
person intends to invest it? Less then take little worth so happy.

“Alice sister,” Zhang Lan take over “a while coach purses
ago, when she came in fact for business visits, did not tell
you to be more objective and comprehensive understanding of the situation

“That Alice Miss examine how results? Satisfied or not?” Li Yumei bit
overdone, come to to seize Zhang Lan hand, repeatedly asked.

“Not satisfied, she can tell we intend to invest in the business?” Zhang Lan
pumping pumping hands, did not even withdrawn: Hey, I did not expect Li Yumei’s
really big effort.

“You two kids, people come here for business visits how not to tell her
mother?” Li Yumei slightly complained, “if people mistakenly think that our to
snub guests how to do?”

“You worry, coach
Mom,” little dawn relieved, “Americans, unlike our own
Chinese people the same attention to what many, in their view, be able to make
money, how to do it are not too much, not to mention it is privately a lot of
visits? Alice sister also let me tell you: this trip she did not tell anyone in
order to do a more objective study, she was very sorry if this has caused any
inconvenience to you,. “

“That’s what inconvenience?” Li Yumei grin, the original Alice Monopoly
intend to invest in their own strange way to go, and how coach handbags
such a Monopoly idle nothing will come to this place to see
the two children, the original people privately visits to the!

This practice of Alice Li Yumei touches can understand, she is worried to
notify the local government, the Government in order to be able to leave this
God of Wealth might hide some of the problems may not be able to fully
understand their needs carefully, will have a huge impact on investment www.coachoutletpurseso.com
decisions, after all, people come to make money, to thoroughly grasp the
situation is made the basis for decision-making basic.

Now coach factory outlet
think about it, thought Alice American spy, and coach factory
found that people do not know yet, cheap coach
if people know, people that do not know what will happen to

“Yes, Miss Alice intends to invest here?” After the excited Li Yumei finally
thought it: this place, there is nothing so a billionaire investment?

Sister Alice intends to build a motorcycle long here, “Zhang Lan hands
gestures, is specializing in the production of motorcycles, such as the Jinan

“This was a big project!” Li Yumei suck down a cold lump, this is not a small
project, people really is the money shot www.coachoutletpurseso.com
is generous, motorcycle factory? To think about this project will fall into his
head his head.

“This is a notice of intention,” Little Dawn to give is pleased Li Yumei
poured a pot of cold water, “said sister Alice are www.coachoutletpurseso.com
not allowed to do now is not is to determine the factory put our county or city
into, after all, Li conditions than we here a lot better. “

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