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Dec 7, 2012 12:25am
User_img_not_found_02_med reply 20 posts

Barking pullback Wu Luo Piaoyuan to thoughts a hundred years ago, before he
found himself standing in the House of Xijing seven lanes of child child home
fed by snow-white spherical puppy positively skewed his head, for his famous
into curious, sounds soft and tender, with the mighty and majestic Cang lion
dogs Dadong his memory is completely different.

How he will come here?

Here the youthful reincarnation child home, and he came here, why?

Want to see her?

No, but no go, but not to disregard, if met, will be remembered more of the
memories of the past …

White dog visible SG body care, forced barking, www.coachfactoryoutletusa2013.com
the liberal beast www.coachfactoryoutletusa2013.com
hidden underneath his right arm armor carved green ran quickly into an entity,
feicuan out protection masters, Long boom towards the small guy a roar, and the
pudgy puppy Shrinkies the tail, sorrow hum over the belly, fierce spit pink
uvula efforts summation, forced to show his good will.

“Do not scare it.” The Wu Luo liberal beast obediently tattoos go back to his
right arm. Did not see the bird white dog shaking quickly dissipated systemic

Two rows of fangs, liberal beast and shiny white dog white dog leg with a
soft bristle dawdle thick legs, a spray-bearing liberal beast, will white dog
blown all the way and rolled several times could not stop. I do not know fear or
pastimes, white dog is not afraid to kill again suffered back, like the liberal
beast as dogs coach
outlet store online

“Snowflakes! Snow! Dinner Lo! Little snow, you run Where is? Snowflakes
little darlings -

Far, the girl cried out the name of the little white dog.

White dog excitedly ran a few steps, and soon ran back, spinning around the
liberal beast, as if to invite it to come together to eat dog food.

The Ching Wu Luoding looked to find the little white dog www.coachoutletonlinebagss.com
is getting closer to the slender figure, breathless.

Is that her?

She will do …...

Should probably be immediately turned away is the Wu coach factory
Luo, brisk walking – consciousness clearly clamoring for
bailing, but his body was rebellious minds command, he coach outlet
can not move your feet, Yi can not open the line of sight can not deceive
ourselves he wanted to see her.

Side of good.

A good.

Speaker shouted “snowflake” girl, appeared in front of him, 18, nine-year-old
age, small face, handsome appearance – but not her. By virtue of which he is not
looking, but feeling that she is not his youthful.

Bad snow, that you hiding here. “The girl picked up the little white dog, and
lovingly rubbed its head.

“Bark Wang!”

Immaculate Heart of Mary, you sent on behalf of coach factory outlet
Iraqis Miss lunch passed it? “Another girl in the promenade
side pull voice asked.

“Yurou sister said she had to wait on Miss Bath, you know, miss every time to
wipe the body should be long, so I was the first to feed the snow.” Immaculate
Heart of Mary holding white dog replied.

“Snowflake to me to feed you, or go to the kitchen end of Iraqis Miss lunch,
late again scolded it.”

Miss “Iraqis do not curse.” Immaculate Heart lip children pout pout.

Miss “Iraqis will not, but Yurou percent will go,” the girl took the puppy
clean harbor, urged.

“Okay little snowflake willing to go to busy, and so I was busy working to
come back to stay with you to play Oh!” Immaculate Heart stroked the white dog
several times down to business.

Wu Luo know followed by the name of the Immaculate Heart of girl you can see
the Iraqis Miss, he let the liberal beast play together stay in the side of the
white dog, maintain a few steps from the trailing Immaculate Heart to go into
the kitchen . Saw her handing out food, he hesitated slightly, heart flashed
puzzled, she has turned to proceed to the next at Ning Jingting Park.

Garden corner of quiet, only the foot of the Immaculate Heart of silk shoes
briskly stepped on the stone steps Qiongyin, sometimes mixed with wind
eventually lead to the bushes rustling sounds, in addition, the only word to
describe – silence.

The Immaculate Heart dock doors before, asked: “Yurou percent, I can come in

Can I Miss behalf of Iraqis scrubbed himself, just to put on clothes. “The
house came to respond.

Immaculate Heart elbow top open two doors into the room, Wu Luo stand at the
door, did not cross the threshold, after all, is a girl’s boudoir, youthful and
he had been so close to each other, he shared her fragrance She www.coachfactoryoutletusa2013.com
occupied his chest, but that is already past, this world she does not belong to

No, it should be coach outlet
said … she always coach outlet
no longer belongs to him. Him from the world abounds with
reincarnation, completely detached, to go alone love who no longer

“Miss a meal.”

Wu Luo did not hear the third girl, then the sound the only clean heart and
Yurou of talking to each other, and his sight was blocked by the screen.

“Rice soup to remember to cool it.” Immaculate Heart Yurou account.

Immaculate Heart know. “Immaculate Heart gulps blowing,” Miss, come. “

Miss hair becomes longer the later Yurou behalf of Miss trim, okay? “Yurou
light and soft voice.

“Miss, does it taste?” Clean heart towards the spoon fierce cool.

“Be careful, do not let the rice soup Miss dirty collar.”


Coming on and off, always the Immaculate Heart Yurou conversation them as if
talking to himself, no matter what they ask, “Iraqis Miss, have not respond to
the last part of even the most basic” ah “and” oh ” , “good” or not.

The Wu Luo heart of doubt, on the one hand and wanted to see her idea never
abatement, he finally stepped into the boudoir of the youngster Iraqis silently
through the embroidered a Samuume silk screen, came to the boudoir deep

Yurou is to help people to wipe hair, the Mushu shuttle gently and carefully
out of glossy black hair.

Immaculate Heart is a teaspoon to a teaspoon to scoop up the minced meat rice
soup cook until paste rotten thick patient arrived in the spoon to the bloodless
lips, and then slowly coming down slightly parted mouth, rice soup along the lip
corner overflow, the Immaculate Heart skilled movements to Juanzi hold down the
and rice soup residual juice, rub cloud.

Bed, lying on a girl.

Pale and thin, www.coachfactoryoutletusa2013.com
lifeless, like a flower from the water, are dying to die.

Wu coach
Luo stride forward, rushed to the bedside, “Tong Iraqis for
a closer look.

This world, her surname Tong, maiden name Iraqis, 19 years old, and always
waited on people, pro-fed tea, totally do not do it yourself, even bathing thing
by the maid doing Xijing seven lanes of thousands of wealthy businessmen others
full which …

From time to time people waited?

Pro-fed tea, totally do not do it yourself?

Even bathing thing by the maid doing?

Text Magistrate said, is that so?

Suffered waited care, the people of the daughter of wealthy businessman, is
that right?

A dry bones like slender body, eyes together tightly, even eating can also
rely on people feeding bowl paste of rotten rice soup, her meal, can not chew
food, and are themselves unable to get up, can not own dressing comb – -

Her did not smell angry!

Lying there, just a flesh, no soul!

How could this be?

How could this be!

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