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Nov 27, 2012 1:17am
User_img_not_found_04_med sweety 19 posts

Night in the station, especially cold, on the last bus ghost story is never
lack today, just take the number 13 bus last passengers would not have thought,
they would dance with the devil…...

At this point, route 13 the last bus was stopped at the main

Xu Lu is a work-study program of high school students, in the Internet bar
management of temporary deep into the night, to take over another network
finally came, it also represents her can go home.WWw.QUanBen.COm

In order to prevent missed the last bus, Xu Lu to trot all the coach

way, finally in the departure time of one minute prior
to the 13 bus nearby, she surprised to find that the past now there are still
many people who ride the bus at this time a person all have no, the car is only
a few people can sit.This situation is not normal, but she did not want to go to
it, slowly.

"Little girl, to quickly get in, want to drive."A hoarse voice from the
driving seat ring on the outside of the vehicle, also Xu Lu said, perhaps Xu Lu
slow speed to allow the driver to disaffected.Who would want to finish work,
then goes home, Xu Lu very understand each other.

Sorry.Apology, Xu Lu heard could quicken the steps out to www.coachfactorybagse.net

his car, when she came to the coach handbags

door when the door suddenly oneself, soundless and stirless
opened, not always ugly noise, which gave her a fright.

"Maybe a new automatic silent door, it seems that these bus quality also is
getting better and better."Pat chest, Xu Lu to comfort myself, go up.She always
feels is wrong, because the car—always has a very chilly chill!It is winter,
but the bus at night can not turn on the air conditioner.All in all, is revealed
to strange taste.

"Ha ha ha, you are up, now drive!!!"May see Xu Lu the bus, the driver’s seat
old voice suddenly burst out laughing, his head thrown back, with the car light,
the open shop like a castle, but suffocating atmosphere, more coach factory

like the devil cast vampire castle…...

Why this feeling…...Xu Lu is even more surprised.

The driver position, the black poor saddle greet.A thin figure sitting on top
of a black robe, such as water coach factory

covers the whole body.The car under the dim light, the low head eating
something, some white robe his beard with a little dark red blood…...

The man looked up, eyes to see, the whole mouth are all the black blood, from

the mouth to spit out a bloody and raw pork coach outlet

bones, are out in front of Xu Lu.

When Xu Lu saw the bones, above also has half a piece of pink nails, is
clearly a person’s finger, I felt a shiver, escape one’s lips: "open the door, I
want to get off!."

"Wait a minute, don’t worry!"From the population out of every word, like a
razor, with great dignity, let anyone unable to resist, so Xu Lu had to remain

When the man saw that Xu Lu just stood aside and motionless, is nodded with
satisfaction, picked up in the hands of something to mouth big bite, immediately
issued a ringing sound: "kacha!"

Xu Lu was the voice attracted glanced coach

up at the lovely face, was immediately become pale,
eyes in the pupil to shrink rapidly into a black spot, the entire body coach outlet

being in front of a scene was too shook.Most do not want to
see the scene, finally had to stay in this guy’s command to "enjoy"......

Even if you are not to go up at, the terrorist act like ghostly firmly in his
mind can not be dispersed!That is infinite horror…...

The open shop, in the Yellow suffocating vehicle lighting, ghost drivers are
held in the hands of a about one meter long and bloody boy, put in the mouth.The
boy’s face was distorted with fear, for dead and frames, a desperate look to
look at the world, as if in the cursed what…...

Xu Lutai eyes, and pale boy dead eye.The boy’s arm has disappeared, leaving
coach bags

only the bright red blood is Brokeback office kept coach

tick, the driver of the black robes dyed a dark

Xu Lu saw—black below, is one of the necks of the bloody covered with a
dark black skull skull eyes, which is a piece of green fire, chin having many
white beard, it is covered with blood,......

"Welcome to the thirteenth road public transit bus!Today I’m hell car
passengers, I pray that I will take you to a place!"Skull head mouth hanging
open, it is cold.But somehow, Xu Lu from the no flesh and blood skull, he www.getcoachoutletonlinee.net

felt that a smile.

Around, Xu Lu when found, the car ‘passenger’, all have no feet!

She thought imperceptibly have read the book of Legends: ghosts!!!She looked
out of the window, saw the scene quickly at the rearward removal.

Car, already in the running.

Nov 27, 2012 1:54am
User_img_not_found_02_med eldadickman 1 post

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