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Nov 26, 2012 1:04am
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This year, however, he did seem to have become another man, on time every day
to and from work, and never work overtime, also refused to work overtime, if
someday to see him go out at noon meal the way back to the office with a gift,
must day What special occasions, or wife, son’s birthday.

Occasionally listen to his telephone answering his wife and children, and
will bring out the dash gentle facial features, sometimes put up good and angry
and helpless laughter. It turned out that only those who are outside, he is
widowed lover.

“My son,” Yung Xi Lian explained calmly. Summer holidays, and my wife to
attend classes, but also with my daughter, no time to take care of him. “After
all, here coach outlet
store online
is the office, he can not fail to give your boss an


“I can not coach
trust their children to the outsider.” Yung Xi Lian frankly bluntly.

Old Qiu Desen smile, “I thought only old people can be so nervous kids too!”
Then he went into a small bar where brewed www.coachoutletspursee.org
coffee. Gazed the old Qiu Desen back – it, like the back of my father, Yung Xi
Lian silence for a moment. “My son was supposed to have a sister …...”

Old Qiu Desen startled, turned around, “I got it!” He thinks understanding.
“I feel sorry for you, she died of it?” Sad?

No lost children, can not truly understand the pain of losing a child.

“No, only eleven months old when she was …” Yung Xi Lian whisper. Killed!

“Huh?” coach outlet
The unexpected answer old Qiu Desen not help surprised.
“Harm … to kill?”

“That day, my father and my wife were not at home, I am responsible to take
care of my daughter, but ….” mercy lotus took a deep breath. She been pushed
under the crib fell to the brain dead, then taken to heart, because of the need
for heart bigger than her baby boy … “

A baby boy for heart killed coach outlet
his daughter to get a healthy heart, that is how cruel people
had a hand ah! Old Qiu Desen tongue-tied, incredible.

“My daughter is dead, my father stand stimulation stroke died within the same
day, I lost a father and daughter, and I …...” Yung Xi Lian closed his eyes
closed, and smoked several breaths. “I will not let the same thing

He’s not tell unhurried, the sound is very plain, but his tone old Qiu Desen
can feel As a father, tryin heartache and remorse. Because, he is also a

“I, uh, I understand you …... old Qiude Sen wanted to comfort him, but also
know any coach factory
words to comfort not he. “Uh, let your son follow you, I
think he should not interfere with your work or when your too busy, but also
allows him to come to me, I …...”

“No!” Yung Xi Lian firmly, even a little vicious rejected.

Old Qiu Desen stay to stay immediately if cries out and coach
looked slightly changed. “Do not kill your daughter, are you familiar?” Yung Xi
Lian slowly lowered his eyelids to, Cover Mouzhong hatred. “I know from her that
day, to the daughter of my father died that day, we recognize the full twelve
years, after every day, every hour, every moment, every minute, every second, I
regret, why should Let her close to me? “

“She?” Is a woman?

“Take away my daughter’s heart, she even puts me understand her …...” Yung
Xi Lian sneer. “Sympathize with her as coach factory
a parent, you can not watch his son died mood …” good
selfishness woman!

”......” Completely speechless.

“Kind of woman, I really hope that I never even knew her!”

Kind woman, but fortunately he did not know!

Old Qiu Desen secretly glad. “I understand, in any case, the child is the
most cheap coach
important, you are the vice president, vice president, the
vice president of the privilege, at this time, use your privilege!” He is really
able to appreciate the www.buycoachoutletfactorys.org
tolerance Xi Lin being a human being parent’s mood, but most important, the
company ultimately his. “Thank you, Officer.”

“You’re welcome, I just have one thing to please you.”


“You know my third son, Stuart, right?” Old Qiu Desen emotion sigh breath.
“After the car accident, he lived in seclusion in an unknown town, do not want
to let people see that he better not see myself, I am very distressed, but could
do nothing …...”

Speaking of which, Hu look to pick up, smiling. “Fortunately, in more than a
year ago, he met a Japanese woman and her two children-one, is a widow, and his
good old, but is indeed a a tenderness sensible good woman, her patience
encouragement, Stuart decided to be brave enough to stand up and face the
reality …

“Congratulations to the president.”

“Thank you.” Old Qiu Desen pleased to accept congratulations, board are face
Xuanyou. “However, to do business in this area, Yate really have no experience
in, at most, in the summer of college, to the company played a few workers., So

“I will make every effort to teach what I know to him.” coach factory
Yung Xi Lian lightly, and know that this is old Qiu Desen
want to hear. “Then thank you!”

“This is what I should do.” He gladly do.

Best Yate as soon as possible to learn how to control a company’s know-how,
and as soon as possible to take over the company that way, he would be able to
get rid of Qiude Sen to go back to Taiwan. Be able to return to Taiwan, the
family in peace, living together, and this is his greatest expectations.

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