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Nov 21, 2012 2:48am
User_img_not_found_04_med yourss12 19 posts

Well, this is trivial, partial collapse is not a big deal, if treatment is
not good, the dramatic collapse would damage human life, a trip to run a trip,
no big deal. Xia coach
factory online
Chenxi said, as an engineer, she hated shabby.

The WPL is notoriously good quality, very few problems.

Xia Chenxi competent engineering to facilitate all the work, proficient and
very proficient.

Xia Chenxi pack just a walk WPL Asia-Pacific president Chen Yang came coach
factory online
to the office, it is a handsome appearance superior
man. Deep eyes, sculptured facial features, always smiling, looks jade

The “dispatch engineers to Eternium Building?” Chen Yang asked Jiang Hui

“Jiang Hui nodded,” I have let Xia Chenxi past. “

Xia Chenxi it? “The Chen Yang Tiaomei, Xia Chenxi famous, he heard, never
even seen, Xia Chenxi work did not take long, and has been refrigerated, no task
meeting also touched.

Chen Yang Road, “I received a message Eternium Building,
there is some problem, Xia Chenxi come back, you let her to give me a detailed

“Yes, I know.” Said Jiang Hui.

Chen Yang nodded back to the Office of the President.

Jiang Hui frown, Eternium Building, what’s wrong? Worth Chen Yang personally

coach factory
Eternium Building is a 64-story office building, built in
the development of the new district, away from the often water Jiangsan Gong
Road, have been built to the 47th Floor.

Xia Chenxi