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Nov 1, 2012 1:55am
User_img_not_found_04_med yourss12 19 posts

Seven storeys above the dining area, the layer 10 to 20 storeys, the high-end
office buildings more than 20 storeys, upscale club and a revolving

The banquet was held at the 21st floor.

Ye Huang Feng Shen clean and shallow followed in front.

Park the car in the underground car park Shen clean and shallow got the
message according to the elevator directly upstairs.

An elevator door, the person in charge to greet the two men inside.

The so-called banquet, to put it bluntly, but men and women outdo comparisons
boring social occasions.

This banquet is not addition to desktop colorful cuisine can be a little
attracted to her, somewhere else clean and shallow to think it is more

Walking slowly, will go to an indoor plaza.

Looked out the glass, indoor plaza below, full of people.

The Tanabata Festival patchwork large stage program held on Which jewelry
company exhibition background seems quite so concerned.

However, the stage decorations all roses, Shen clean and shallow some

Tanabata is a traditional festival in China, the dress should dress the peony
What’s son.

But this society is too particular about the hand, bad tastes is king.

Closing waist wearing a neck Ye Huang Feng afternoon sent her necklace and
wore a black knee-length dress.

Dress at the banquet is not particularly prominent, and does not cover the
elegance of the host family, but also bring out the goodness of the shallow.

Ye Huang Feng suddenly see her body eyes flashed a stunning dress, The
gentleman let her took her arm Admission.

Instant they become the focus of the audience.

Leaf with Wong maple, she and several commercial Tate greeting was
enthusiastic ladies carried away.

Dinner, Ye www.coachoutlets—canada.net
Huang Feng give full play to his playboy image, making many women around

Moment, grab the the limelight leaves large president and the daughter of the
leader of a group of Taiwanese electronics industry of Sports Liqing children

She happy leisure, if there is no group of pesky flies, she thought, she
would be more pleased.

Rejected one after another men’s invitation, clean and shallow a person went
to the table next took a gulp, picked up a glass of juice.

“Accompany the dance with me, will you?”

Again a fly, clean and shallow looked up about to refuse, “but I …...”

He had done speaking, is come to the invitation of Sports interrupted,
“shallow, remember me.”

Shen clean and shallow recovered, the of Sports goes coach outlet
five years no face appeared in www.coachfactorystorez.com
their own eyes.

“General Lee?”

“Yeah, you Where were these five years? I want to die.”

Of Sports made a disgusting face, continued: “just did not expect shallow now
is secretary of Yeshao, but also to participate in the banquet of the

You see, my house sister the president coach outlet
you to please go, Shen secretary should be able to show up to lose a partner to
me? ‘

Ranging from clean and shallow promise of Sports will her into the dance

“You clean and shallow to want to reject. “If you want to refuse? Shen clean
and shallow, you have to make it clear, to reject consideration of Sports looked
clean and shallow said.

Watching of Sports obvious threat, clean and shallow, the total can not
because of his broken the entire banquet?

Jumping and leaping of Sports clasped her waist to go himself close due
unsuspecting, clean and shallow fall into his arms -

Transform dim and then take advantage of the dance floor lighting, Yun-Qing
Li quickly swept clean and shallow lip to lip.

Clean and shallow stiff body staring and systemic coach factory
blood instantly turn the clock back …

How can he kiss her? Damn! Clean and shallow and burst of Sports of the
embrace, disgusting!

Does he think she would silently let him eat tofu?

Trembling with anger, her hand toward coach outlet
his face to shake off the frustration but the other side to
hang on.

“You can make it clear, you hit me, what will happen!”

Yun-Qing Li said seriously. Then he took the clean and shallow out of the
dance floor.

Standing on the edge of the ballroom, Yun-Qing Li looked clean and shallow,
the eyes reveal lewd eyes, “Shen clean and shallow, we Akito not say dark words,
these years have passed, I still like you.

I want you to be my lover, how? I can assure you need to worry! ‘

“You never expect!” Clean and shallow anger said. “I’m not coach factory
the kind of woman you want, looking for you to find someone

“I do not know you this woman you Shenjia far gone already, go ahead, you

Yun-Qing Li took the clean and shallow, it is necessary to hold arms.

“Bastard, you let me go and then letting go, I’m going to call the” clean and
shallow to break free of Sports said.

“Your name is??” Of Sports satirical look clean and shallow, “that you called
ah! Look at when the time is shame on you disgrace me?”

You! “Clean and shallow tightly bite lip bite lip oozing coach outlet

He was right, on such occasions, she screamed just disgraced itself.

Gathering place in the high society, who would listen to her a little
secretary? Clean and shallow he felt sad.

Of Sports homeopathy but also clean and shallow pull into her arms, clean and
shallow intolerable slapped up, suddenly they are scared to live.

Of Sports staggering looked clean and shallow, and he did not think this
woman really courageous daring to fight him.

While trying to anger. At this time, Ye Huang Feng came over, “General Lee,
how like? Secretary coach
factory online
and I talk okay? I think some things to talk to

Clean and shallow took the opportunity to run away, obviously, Ye Huang Feng
in siege clean and shallow.

Clean and shallow without looking out of the banquet hall, she ran forward,

Do not know where he ran? Until finally, her feet a soft, fell to the

No one around, only the wind and the sound of the silence of the.

Clean and shallow hand, wiping away desperately in the mouth, and you want to
erase the traces of Sports left.

Rub for a moment, his eyes saw not far from the toilet, got up and went into
the clean and shallow, lying in the sink, turn on the water pipes, the water
desperately scrub their lips.

Until it the lips becomes inflamed, but also refused to give up …...

That damn guy, how he can …... too shameless! Slap him be good for him. “

The series of Dizhou escape from the shallow lips at the moment, even
strangers can see her anger.

Cursing …

I do not know how long, clean and shallow before walking from the bathroom,
thin dress has also been filled with water stains.

Footsteps are not heard in the distance, a clean and shallow subconscious
seems people froze to where Ye Huang maple -

He doing here? To reproach himself? Offend his customers?

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