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Nov 1, 2012 1:41am
User_img_not_found_02_med reply 20 posts

”... Is really, really jade flower ring!” Her from the hands of the white
comity to take over and look at it carefully, touch Youmo, http://salonecollegemeet.com/blogs/entry/www-buycoachoutletfactorys-com-dcwae3234
dropped the lantern, the tears fell down tightly grip forward ring, emotions
finally collapsed, fell to his coach outlet
knees and cried.

“Grandpa … Grandpa … I find the ring, I find the ring …... Grandpa …
I’m sorry … I’m sorry you … I finally found the ring …”

Dream as if she is a Jew in a dream, in the past often doing this dream, wake
up they always get the job, she only has repeatedly, repeatedly walked from one
town to another town, stop looking, to find that her should one be able to
recognize them, already changed look like teenagers.

Her journey was finally able to end, she found her grandfather’s flower

Grandpa …...

“Flower sparse, brittle Yujie, first into the box.” White courteous to pull
her from the ground up, to open it up to the hands of the wooden box at her.

Yujie Retriever difficult to spend sparse abnormal carefully, put back the
ring, watching that he had built the wooden box, she reached out to the wooden
box -

White comity closing the wooden box into his arms, laughing, looking at

She hesitated and a look of confusion, a puzzled look on his.

“Flower sparse, the decade approximately belated, I will honor.”

What …...

Yujie is the tokens of the two of us, I will be careful collection, waiting
for the day of marriage, personally for you to wear. “

White comity … what he said … he meant is it …

“Are you going to marry me?”

He nodded, a pair of gentle hand on her, spend sparse, although I have
forgotten in the past, but I will comply with your agreement, the practice of
marriage. “

Spend sparse body stiffness, quickly throw off his hand.

“White boss, you are mistaken, I just want to get back to the ring with you,
I do not intend to get married.” She hesitated a moment, finally he opened his
clenched hands and pleaded: “white boss, you put a ring back to me. coach outlet

White comity just looked at her, no action in sorrow.

“White bosses?”

Spend sparse, Tang boss everywhere obstruct www.get-coachoutletonlines.org
me to meet with you, this time can not see you, I miss you deep, you already
know the feelings. Decade covenant between me and you, now reunited, which is
destiny -

“White boss!” Spend sparse heard red in the face, he quickly interrupted,
Chilled said: “long past decade about the two of us, and now have their own
life, the past should not mention I tho