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Oct 25, 2012 2:58am
User_img_not_found_04_med yourss12 19 posts

Shunin about questioning, the man walked up, smiled gently asked Xiao Ran:
“Xiao Ran, this point in time, you should not busy now I would like to invite
you to tea, can it?”

“I” coach
Xiao Ran was about to refuse, Shunin busy interrupting

“Of course she will!”

Shunin Xiao Ran Wang Qianmian shook, “go, there is for me.”

Xiao Ran spring finally came, she must help her catch.

I did not expect coach
factory online
is Shunin point standing by her side, Xiao Ran go
back to pretending to be angry Road: “I do not! Your body is not good, the you
hurry back rest, I take care of on the line here!”

Shunin smiled and waved, “My body is very good, do not need you to worry
about. Touches you, since the shop up to now, it has never rested, the store
manager specifically your absence is a half-day go fast, you do not have today
to work! “

coach outlet
Xiao Ran good laughs: “I am also a manager yeah, where you
need to leave of absence.”

“That being the case, that your time is even more freedom. Begone, Xiao Ran
students, I think you Oh!” Shunin chuckled, then also she is very profound
meaning to wink.

Xiao Ran knew what she meant, she hopes she can get the chance.

In fact, she would like to go out with him tea …

“Well, I go out and have something to give me a call.”

“I coach
know, housekeeper!”

Xiao Ran and her jokes for a while, only followed the man to leave.

Looking at their backs, Shunin am very happy.

Xiao Ran a life so bitter, but now, finally, people are willing to come
together with her, give her happiness …

Shunin was about to bow, his eyes suddenly a smoke.

Because she saw Ling Rong pushed open the door.

coach factory
Saw him, her heart is very unhappy.

She strode to the front of him, faint asked: “You come here to do?, You do
not trouble trouble, the three-day time not to!”

Ling Rong eyebrow, thin lips Raising a trace of good-looking radian, I just
drink coffee, do you not allowed here for customers to come? “

“That’s what you like to drink?” Shunin thought, as long as he did not come
to haunt her, she does not care about him so much.

“Whatever, a glass of fruit juice.”

Shunin silent dead, since it is casual, how but also juice. Since we know
there is a coffee shop, and why juice.

Fortunately, the store does have juice.

“You first take a seat, for a while, and our staff will send you juice over
Shunin faint finished, turned away.

Ling Rong looked like she preparedness, and smiled, and find a place to

Shunin let a young girl sent to Ling Rong juice, who knew the young girl says
she want to go to a trip to the bathroom.

No the way, Shunin had sent to Ling Rong.

Ling Rong back to her, he sat in http://www.theenergylife.com/forums/topic.php?id=366737&replies=1#post-386706
a wicker chair, in a look up table magazine.

Shunin walked toward him, just near him when he suddenly turned around and
looked at her, Shunin not psychologically prepared for a time on his black

Her heart suddenly flick, the hand also followed shocked the tray www.coachoutlets—canada.net
out on the floor, glass broken, juice splash in her shoes.

“Ah -” she Di www.coachfactorystorees.org
Hu soon busy flustered squatted down to pick up debris.

Ling Rong quickly grabbed her wrist, low: “Do not hand, careful fingers

Shunin concentrate all, got up the tension and said: “Excuse me, coach outlet
I will give you a glass of over!”

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